Team Building Activities For Charity

Team Building Activities For Charity – Few things can boost morale and foster team spirit like making a real impact together. Corporate philanthropy, or working as a group to benefit your community, has become more popular in recent years. This time of year is especially good for bringing your team together to help others. As the holidays approach, it’s easy to forget about the less fortunate on your team — but the need is greater than ever. Working together to improve the environment around us is a powerful way to create warm and fuzzy feelings in our team.

Whether your team is on-site, off-site or virtual, you can make a difference through corporate philanthropy. Here’s how!

Team Building Activities For Charity

Team Building Activities For Charity

Hunger is one of the biggest issues in the world today. Most communities have organizations that operate food programs such as food banks. Volunteers are always needed to do things like sort packages or work on food. Not only can many organizations accommodate large groups, but they all love to welcome extra hands! It is important for your team to work together to reduce hunger in your community. Do a quick online search to see what’s available in your area and schedule a time to get everyone together around a meal.

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Spend time outside doing things that make a difference! There are likely local parks that can help pick up trash, plant flowers, or remove litter. Beaches often have trash or debris that needs to be picked up. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. The local kids benefit directly, which makes everyone feel good, and who doesn’t enjoy having fun with their co-workers on a beautiful beach?

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity are popular for a reason. “Group Building” is a really fun and hands-on activity that is easy to organize for a group. A company like Habitat for Humanity is used to working with corporations and other groups of people and can help coordinate projects and tasks so that everyone can play a role that matches their talents.

When it comes to special talents, you can share the skills that make you who you are. Whether it’s singing, telling jokes, playing cards, or just listening, there are plenty of people who will be happy to join you. Consider visiting children’s hospitals, homes for the elderly, or other groups that cannot easily leave their homes.

For less fuss, try hosting a cool party. For an activity that doesn’t require much coordination, arrange a trip to your local blood bank. Start by contacting the American Red Cross to find locations in your area. Remind your employees that just one blood donation can help two or more people.

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Education systems can always use more support. Literacy and other learning initiatives are important areas that impact your community, so they very much deserve your help! This is a great activity for a small team, as you can partner students or pairs. Contact local schools and see who could use help with after-school programs, or talk to local universities and see if they have programs that pair students with foreign teachers.

Chances are your city has no shortage of charity events. From benefit concerts to 5K runs to food drives, most nonprofits host such events as part of their overall fundraising efforts. You can help by providing the necessary manpower to carry out these events. They need staff to do everything from collecting money to seating people or printing shirts. Can you give up your time or talents to help these efforts? Working together for a greater good is not only fun, it feels great.

One of the most worthwhile causes is providing toys and gifts to children in need. Especially around the holidays, there are many children whose parents cannot provide the Christmas of their dreams. You can help by making and delivering toys as a group. You can either fundraise and use the money to shop (it’s always a fun afternoon!) or you can make your own toys based on your various skills and supplies. There are many things you can make with materials you probably already have around the house, such as stuffed animals, dollhouses or doll clothes, dolls or letters, or handmade bags. Most societies have institutions that manage these types of efforts. It’s worth doing a little research to see what’s available in your area. You can partner with them and then you know you are offering exactly what you need most.

Team Building Activities For Charity

Cycling is a really fun group activity and very kind to children in need. You’re doing a great job building a bike that kids won’t have, but you’re also using problem solving and communication skills. Assembling a bike isn’t easy – it takes a lot of planning and brainpower – so it’s a great exercise to foster collaboration and critical thinking. You need to make a list of the materials you need (eg bike frame, wheels and tires, pedals, chain, bike levers – there are more than you think!) and then make sure each group has all the parts you need. Work together to build the bikes and be sure to check them for safety before handing them over to the kids. Don’t forget to wear a helmet for everyone – safety first!

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Catering is a very effective yet easy to organize event that can be done anywhere. If you have offices in different locations, you can contact food banks, churches or other non-profits in the cities where you are located. They can tell you what they need most, but non-perishable is usually a safe bet. From there, ask employees for donations and see if they are willing to actively collect more items from other people they know. Remote workers can mail items, or donate money to the cause so people can shop. Either way, it’s something everyone can participate in and feel good about, no matter where they are – even their couch!

There are many difficult segments to adopt, but one of the most difficult factors is that they often don’t have accessories, personal care products, and more. Your team can work with an organization that specializes in gifting these essential items. For example, Together We Rise is a group that provides foster children with packages designed to put a smile on their faces. From birthday boxes to STEM boxes, they explain the components needed and then you can build the kits anywhere.

Professional skills are essential in today’s world, but hard to come by. If any members of your community are looking to upgrade their skills so they can do more, you can help! Free professional skills training is a very powerful way to help those around you. What skills does your team have? Put together a few meetings—a nearby church or school will probably let you use the space for free—and publicize them in advance. Things like carpentry, welding and sewing are all valuable skills that people usually pay for, but you can help them for free!

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Schools are severely underfunded. You can help schools with limited resources by finding their needs and holding collections. Art supplies, paper, markers, chalk and whiteboards are all very valuable and inexpensive. Ask your team – of all places – to collect school supplies and ask others to contribute. Then, they can pack them and take them to their nearest school.

Low-income families often live without many of the things we take for granted. You can make things easier for them by putting together care packages that include personal toiletries, socks, baby toys, books, etc. In the winter, hats and gloves are very welcome, and things like lamps, school supplies, and non-perishable food are always helpful. You can assemble the kits yourself and deliver them to a local food bank, or work with a local organization to meet their specific requests.

Similar to the professional skills we mentioned, your team probably has many skills that others can use. Contact local organizations and see what they have to offer. Your employees can do anything from writing marketing materials to helping with accounting. If your team is based out of multiple locations, you can organize a company-wide volunteer day where everyone can participate in helping an organization of their choice.

Team Building Activities For Charity

Work together (or individually if your team is remote) to make a boxed lunch or breakfast for those in need. Again, you can coordinate with a local food bank, or do it yourself and deliver the food.

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