Quality Assurance In Laboratory Ppt

Quality Assurance In Laboratory Ppt – There are two types of errors that endanger patient care and must be detected and avoided at all times: random errors and systematic errors.

This affects the accuracy of the measurements and the data causes so that more random errors are spread as a result: carelessness, when the procedures are shortened, incorrect labeling of samples, incorrect recording of reports, injury to the patient. Incident reporting.

Quality Assurance In Laboratory Ppt

Quality Assurance In Laboratory Ppt

Affects the accuracy of the results causing the average value to differ from the accepted value.

Points To Consider In Quality Control Method Validation And Transfer

The relative systematic error or bias increases with increasing analyte concentration.

One of the easiest methods is to plot the results on a scattergram: draw the best line through the points and determine the slope and intercept lines.

9 Comparison Method Perfect Correlation (hypothetical) Slope (b) = 1 Y Intercept (a) = 0 Correlation Coefficient (r) = 1

11 Laboratory Water Reagent – Water levels must be properly purified and periodically checked for: Electrical resistance (R) of water is a measure of electrical resistance and electrical conductivity (C) of electricity R and C are directly related. The number is related. Inorganic and conductive particles in water with high ionic concentration, high electrical conductivity and low electrical resistance are measured using a resistivity or conductivity meter of a silica solution that is measured by the chemical reaction between silicates and molybdates. becomes Blue complex

Quality Systems In Chemical Laboratories By Chm561fsg

12 Optimum pH of Laboratory Water Measured pH Bacterial contamination with a pH meter Microbiological contamination of water is determined by the number of colonies – forming units per milliliter of water Three recommended methods: One plate (1 milliliter of water) Place in membrane filtration or calibrated. Loop sampling (0.01 mL) If organic free water is desired, dissolved organic matter can be removed using a charcoal filter.

1. Specimen Mixing Specimen removed from patient’s wound Labeled with wound name or accession number Specimen Serum is transferred into tubes broken by misplacing the beaker in the tray and results in the patient’s wound Recorded 2. The sample allows the sample to evaporate it goes it sits in the analyzer to be analyzed. This will collect the sample, resulting in higher values ​​3. Reduction and calculation of errors Correcting sampling error Compensating for loss.

4. Concrete Sample Sampling Errors Short sampling of air bubbles at bottom of fibrin cup test concrete in sample 5. Duplication errors 6. Loss of calibration tool due to: Impure reaction Cavity, or damage to the pump tube; 7. The instrument does not recalibrate when new reagents are placed in the instrument, which may be due to a calibration change.

Quality Assurance In Laboratory Ppt

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Quality Assurance In Laboratory Ppt

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Quality Assurance (QA) in an Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Measures that a laboratory uses to achieve value in its QA operations include… Maintained and calibrated instruments 5. Quality control procedures 6. Documented and validated Methods used 7. Uncertainty of detection and measurement 8. Proficiency testing 9. Regulatory requirements and standards 10. Standard reference materials International standards QA protocols and standards in chemical testing are divided into three groups. and implemented according to the individual needs of laboratories: 1. ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 (International Organization for Standardization / International Electrotechnical Commission 2. ISO 9001: 2000 3. OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) (ECooperation Cooperation Organization) Components of Laboratory Quality Assurance and Development 1. Quality Control (QC) 2. Method Validation 3. Equipment Maintenance Quality Control Laboratory QC Samples Measurement and Control Calibration Instrument or Instrument Performance Laboratory QC Samples a.Laboratory instrument control standard – solution with certified concentration of analyte…

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Quality Assurance In Laboratory Ppt

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Quality Control (qc) Of The Clinical Laboratory

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