Assured Gift Meaning In Hindi

Assured Gift Meaning In Hindi – A GIFT CALLED GODAAN This translation of Premchand’s Godaan is a majestic interpretation of a Hindi classic. I declare that it is one of the most moving and authentic representations of India that I have read.

From Amazon I was a little worried. At 437 pages of fine print, this book was a challenge to read in a week, filled with an assignment and various other commitments. Still, I think I did it justice and came away with great respect for both the legendary writer Premchand and his accomplished translator.

Assured Gift Meaning In Hindi

Assured Gift Meaning In Hindi

I loved this translation so much that I was often reminded of the late Gregory Rabassa’s beautiful translation of

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The translator, the late Gordon C. Roadarmel, was a professor in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Languages ​​and Literatures at the University of California, Berkeley, “a pioneer in introducing modern Hindi literature to the Western world with his critical articles and are translations of important figures like Premchand, Jainendra Kumar and Mohan Rakesh.”

Meaning ‘a cow gift’ is a rich delineation of India and the life of the poor Indian farmer. It’s a timeless story from a country that, even today, is 70% agricultural. Almost ninety years after its original publication in Hindi,

Is relevant and current. Since 1995, India has suffered nearly 300,000 farmer suicides due to exorbitant interest rates charged by moneylenders and private banks.

Tells a story of the real India in a way I have rarely read before, of an India that few Indian writers writing in English have managed to capture with humor and openness.

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Set in Indian Uttar Pradesh during the British Raj, the novel revolves around the dream of a poor farmer, Hori Ram, who longs to own a cow. According to Hindu custom, it is believed that those who donate a cow to a Brahmin during their life on earth will never fall into the dreaded Vaitarni river when they go to their afterlife. The helpless soul clings to the cow’s tail and successfully crosses the river and enters heaven.

‘Like all householders, Hori longed for a cow for years. It was his life’s ambition, his greatest dream, as any idea of ​​living off bank interest, buying land or building a mansion was too grand for his twisted mind to comprehend.

Protagonist, the peace he never achieved in his life on earth will be assured when he passes to the other world. The arrival of that cow, his ‘goddess’, in his life will be the ultimate sign that he has arrived – not only in his village, in the present, but in the kingdom of heaven, in the future.

Assured Gift Meaning In Hindi

These scenes are common along Indian highways. This photo was taken during a drive to the village of Esayanur in Tamil Nadu

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Is in turn a submissive servant of the English who rule the country. Hoping to obtain the Holy Grail, Hori works on his

Piece of land, day after day. The country is as temperamental as all those who rule it – his

His agents, his wife and his numerous creditors. Early in the story, we hear Hori tell his wife in colorful terms that he doesn’t have much to choose from

When Hori realizes he has to pay off what others in the village owe, he can’t stop daydreaming about buying a cow. To achieve this, Hori falls into all kinds of false promises and dark unwritten contracts. Hori’s wife Dhaniya is his foil. If he is gullible, ambivalent and spineless, she is whip smart, skeptical and fearless. But while Hori is hesitant and thoughtful, Dhaniya is fierce and drives a wedge between people. Hori’s worst qualities are his best. He is fair and honest to a degree; But as his first-born son, Gobar, notes, his honesty and gullibility only drive him deeper into debt to moneylenders whose survival depends on robbing poor farmers. Hori believes that kindness and decency will prevail, but as his son argues, in a world of cunning villains and jealous brothers, the unwary will perish and drown.

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Premchand succeeds in elevating this family story into a sweeping portrait of India’s struggle with social reform. Hori often laments the deterioration of his ‘caste position’ in the village after Gobar fathers an illegitimate child with Jhuniya; But when the woman arrives at his door, Hori and Dhaniya welcome her, though they’re not sure how to reciprocate. Hori and his village’s concerns about caste do not seem to be raised in the city, at least not openly; there, social pressure is often rooted in money and prestige. The man with the most money is the man who rules the day. When his sugar mill burns down, Khanna realizes within a few hours how his many millions of rupees have been razed to the ground, leaving him a pauper. Rai Sahib is constantly worried about marrying off his children, but the joy of that also fades when his daughter’s marriage to the licentious Digvijay Singh ends.

The author often begins monologues, especially when he is concerned with the rich and the educated. These sometimes feel tired and unnecessary. Premchand also tries to establish that life goes well for people with a moral center even though things may not turn out exactly as anyone imagined. In the case of Hori, for example, the cow comes as a gift in the most poignant way.

The novel seems to deify women. They love and hate with equal ferocity. Every female character in the

Assured Gift Meaning In Hindi

Dhaniya, Jhuniya, Malti, Mrs. Khanna, Puniya, Siliya, Sona and Rupa – are faithful and morally upright. Even Nohri, portrayed as a flabby woman, comes to the fore, as a woman who knows what she wants. The town’s Malti has all men wrapped around her little finger. But even though she knows that none other than Mehta is the right choice for her, she shows the philosophizing professor in the clearest terms that their mutual love will make them materialistic and selfish and actually stand in the way of selfless service.

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I never thought I would really enjoy a book about rural life in India. Although the novel is a story about a poor peasant’s search for what he wants that will make his life complete, it is also a commentary on the intangible that we all, regardless of our station in life, yearn for. For many of us, this ambitious “cow” will elude us for the rest of our lives; whether and when it actually arrives does not matter because we may not recognize or enjoy its presence at all.

Is not always tightly written; there are many passages as bombastic and turgid as some of the filthy empires that populate its pages. Yet the writing is unique and endlessly memorable. Each page dazzles with imaginative proverbs and sayings from the local Belari dialect. I conclude with a line that appears in various forms throughout this moving work of art.

Beautiful frescoes of local life can be seen along the alleyways of Benares, and of course the cow is omnipresent.

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