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Assurance Zoominfo – ZoomInfo has announced another data cloud partnership, this time with Databricks. ZoomInfo now provides B2B intelligence through the Databricks Marketplace, including over 100 million company profiles, over 260 million contacts, technology charts and intent data.

“This partnership brings together two billion dollar industry leaders,” said Databricks President Andy Kofoid. “Our customers will love the security and ease of use of the Databricks Lakehouse platform. Access ZoomInfo’s industry-leading data, and they can harness the power of that data to drive their artificial intelligence and machine learning processes. With the latest insights driven by advanced analytics, our customers can accelerate revenue growth.” can be accelerated.”

Assurance Zoominfo

Assurance Zoominfo

ZoomInfo B2B Intelligence provides databricks for data engineering, data science, analytics and business intelligence teams. An open marketplace powered by Delta Share allows teams to exchange data assets and automatically update data. Customers can license pre-built data cubes or work with ZoomInfo’s data services team to design a custom data cube.

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DeltaShare is “an open standard for securely sharing data assets without proprietary platform dependencies, complex ETL or expensive replication.”

“With unlimited access to ZoomInfo data delivered directly to your existing work systems, you can build a reliable go-to-market data foundation for analyzing, forecasting, engaging with the right customers, and driving revenue,” ZoomInfo writes. Comprehensive target markets, identify your ideal customer profiles, improve segmentation accuracy, predict similar customers, share go-to-market insights and more, ZoomInfo Data Cubes provide comprehensive customer intelligence for your go-to-market initiatives.

ZoomInfo is now a certified data provider on the Databricks platform, allowing potential customers to trial ZoomInfo DaaS.

“Seamless access to ZoomInfo data helps teams accelerate the growth of GTM teams by unlocking and focusing insights at scale,” said Sneh Kakileti, vice president of product management at ZoomInfo. Generation Processes – These processes are only as good as the data they have access to. This partnership will help data-centric organizations solve some of their toughest go-to-market problems and win faster.”

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Postal, the offline engagement platform, announced the general availability of Postal ABM, an offline engagement feature for one-to-many programmatic ABM campaigns. New capabilities help marketers target and engage valuable customers and audiences on a one-to-many basis based on intent and CRM data to “personalize content at scale.” Marketers can also run strategic ABM campaigns targeting high-priority ABM accounts.

Postal ABM “is designed to easily target and engage key customers and audiences through offline campaigns,” Postal VP of Marketing Lauren Alt-Kishpaugh explained to GZ Consulting. “It’s designed for marketers with corporate playbooks who need to expand offline engagement into their go-to-market strategies.”

Post ABM supports built-in engagement and ROI dashboards to help sales and marketing teams “make informed decisions on campaigns and throughout the lifecycle of target accounts,” Post product marketing manager Amy Schwartz wrote in a blog post.

Assurance Zoominfo

The new Postal Engage feature triggers projects and experiences for a group of contacts based on ABM signals in Salesforce. Marketers can set campaign budgets and timelines in Mail and Salesforce and track campaign success (eg, customers, revenue generation). Postal integrates its customer engagement data with Salesforce to “better target and track ROI.”

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Post also supports the integration of physical touch points for virtual events. The Post claims to have achieved attendance rates of up to 80% by automating offline marketing campaigns after events. For example, you can send gifts to virtual event attendees, trade show badge swipers, or free trial participants. Post also offers to send a congratulatory gift when the champion changes jobs.

In other news, Postal also announced a partnership with Zoominfo to support GTM Plays. Use cases include turning abandoned chat follow-ups into booked meetings, welcoming back OOO prospects, congratulating champions or decision makers on promotions, and strategic prospecting campaigns.

“In today’s digital economy, it’s easy to forget the importance of offline and brick-and-mortar sales tactics…think about in-person experiences like steak dinners and golf games with potential customers,” blogged Post Content Marketing Manager Rich Pusateri. “It’s standard practice. Now, in the world of remote sales, using a personalized gift with a handwritten note combined with a custom branded kit or digital interaction is a proven method that can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

ZoomInfo started as a technology sales intelligence service and has expanded its technology intelligence to more than 30 million companies worldwide. The technology dataset now contains over 300 million company/technology pairs, technology, platform or programming language.

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Recently focused on sales, marketing enablement technology (eg, conversational sales, chatbots, sales engagement, recruiting/HR) and operations, the company has been quietly expanding its content coverage over the past few weeks, posting about company coverage and technology charts. announcements.

“Knowing what technologies your prospects are using before they pick up the phone can give salespeople a big head start,” said Kirti Patel, senior director of engineering at Zoominfo. “In today’s financial crisis, sales teams are looking for every opportunity. More efficient and your lead acquisition technology stack can transform your go-to-market engine.

ZoomInfo’s technology intelligence is derived from more than two dozen data sources, including company websites, job postings and customer reviews. Its classification covers more than 30,000 technologies.

Assurance Zoominfo

ZoomInfo claims that approximately 90% of active technology and company pairings have been updated in the past three months.

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Technographics helps with prospecting, lead and customer scoring, lookalike modeling and market analysis (eg technology market share, ICP, TAM). It is also common for companies to target complimentary promotions to partners’ customers and takeaways to competitors’ customers. ZoomInfo supports alerting when technologies are added or removed from a potential customer’s technology stack. Also, its workflow module automates sales and marketing promotions.

GZ Consulting provided two ZoomInfo SalesOS screenshots with operational descriptions of ZoomInfo’s technical graphics capabilities:

Technology Alerts: “Customers can subscribe to individual technologies to receive alerts about which companies are adding/removing/discovering that technology. For additions, we know the company has recently started using the technology, and for discoveries, we believe the company already has. The technology has been around for a long time, but our system is discovering it for the first time.”

Company specific profile: “This image is just one technology that ZoomInfo uses. It shows the date we last saw evidence of ZoomInfo using machine learning technology. In the company profile we can only see one technology category at a time. You will see on the left side of the image, you can see all the technology categories where we have ZoomInfo technology. You can hover over each proof to get the date of the last proof.”

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ZoomInfo continues to build its database of companies, tripling its coverage in the past year. Its latest additions are small companies that are not found on the Internet. After acquiring Everstring in late 2020, the company tripled its corporate footprint. The expanded coverage enhances key data assets deployed across the company’s four cloud services.

“ZoomInfo customers have a broader view of their entire addressable market. Teams using SalesOS can build more targeted lists of companies based on the characteristics of their ideal customers, performing more accurate segmentation,” the company said. “Users of the ZoomInfo OperationsOS product experience higher match rates and can build stronger and more accurate company ranges. MarketingOS users can use their campaigns to reach larger audiences and identify more people who visit their website traffic. TalentOS customers can find more qualified candidates in a challenging recruitment environment.”

ZoomInfo provides an enterprise tree display that allows users to expand/collapse nodes and drill down into subsidiaries.

Assurance Zoominfo

Data comes from state registries, commercial registry filings, and licensing data. ZoomInfo has addressed a long-standing gap in its coverage of 35 million “non-headquartered corporate locations” (such as branch offices). Branch offices are critical to accurately measuring the market, routing leads, and performing lead-to-account mapping. For example, if an inbound branch thread (especially a branch thread with a different name than its parent branch) is not mapped to the parent headquarters, it may be incorrectly routed or ignored.

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ZoomInfo continues to build its contact database, which already includes 220 million active contacts, 150 million emails, 65 million dialed calls, and 50 million mobile phone numbers.

“Our enhanced data pipeline brings the best in both worlds: Data engineering of the new information, and the correctness of the new information. Between market opportunity, especially small businesses, it is difficult to reach.

In another news, zoominfo is extended to more than 100 representatives of the Sales of India. Two years ago, all European sales were controlled by US. It is a team of six people in Eastern Time Zone, which began calls to Europe at 3 pm.

Banking interest data, the Mortgage Intelligence (CRE) owned by a sales intelligence provider to focus on the financial services sector, and mortgage intelligence. Both datasets are available as premium products.

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