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Assurance Jeune Conducteur – Car insurance: how to pay less when you are a “young driver”? The cost of car insurance

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Assurance Jeune Conducteur

Assurance Jeune Conducteur

Have you just received your driver’s license and looking to insure your first car? What do you need to know before choosing to insure your car? Find out all the things you need to consider to avoid paying too much for your first car insurance as a young driver.

Assurance Jeune Conducteur, Comment Choisir ?

Also, statistics prove that: those who learn to drive at the same time cause 4-5 fewer accidents than drivers who have received a driver’s license.

“Third party” formula is very cheap but in return for the cost, the coverage is low. Deductibles will be higher and minor claims will be covered (scratches, broken glass, etc.).

The “all risks” option is more expensive but offers better protection (broken glass, no-fault accidents, etc.). In most cases, it also includes: a grant and/or a car loan…

Tip: As a young driver, get “comprehensive” insurance if you’re still paying off your car loan.

Assurance Auto Moins Cher Jeune Conducteur

As a “young driver” you will be given extra money. Don’t panic, these extra costs are covered by the insurance code. So you are controlled.

Some companies have declined by increasing the cost of the license. So you should read all your stuff carefully.

Announcing yourself as the chauffeur of someone you love can be helpful. However, this is not a good thing to do.

Assurance Jeune Conducteur

In fact, depending on your situation, penalties and surcharges may cost you more than paying them yourself.

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From now on, there is a new insurance policy offered to young drivers that allows you to lower the amount of your first car insurance.

This insurance is based on one principle: you only pay for the kilometers you travel. By using the box connected to your car, your insurance changes to lead Use what you make.

It is also based on a communication system that aims to collect data: braking, turning, acceleration and vehicle timing.

In addition, you will benefit from the driving instructions provided through the application installed on your smartphone. They will help you drive flawlessly.

Guide Du Jeune Conducteur

Once you’re done comparing, you’ll have all the keys in hand to choose your deal.

So you understand, choosing insurance for your first car is no small matter. You should start thinking about this before you get a driver’s license (ready to drive) and buy your first car, the newspaper “Les Echos” has announced an increase in car and home insurance prices from January 1, 2011. Based on the same daily. , the price increase should go from +3% for MMA to 4.5% for AXA. Having my driver’s license for less than 3 years and thus being considered a young driver, I got my first insurance contract for €315/year while all other insurers asked me more than €900 a year for the same things. . How do I save €585 a year? I invite you to read the tips I am giving you today!

I got my driver’s license in April 2008, and for about a year I have been driving the second car in the family car. My parents paid slightly higher premiums this time because the insurance covered fewer accidents. Then I bought my car, a small Clio 2 part 1 gasoline 4CV (low power in the range), which I actually sold in the summer for more than the purchase price! I will talk about it again in a new article, today we will focus on car insurance :). Before I went to collect my car from the previous owner, I contacted a major insurance company in the market to do a little comparison and insure my car to avoid problems on the road.

Assurance Jeune Conducteur

On the phone, not a single insurer offered me less than 1,100 euros for third-party insurance (very cheap). So I decided to go and talk to them there. But before I go any further, I need to review the specific guarantees I need.

Combien Coûte Une Assurance Jeune Conducteur ?

Every driver in France must have insurance. There are different types of insurance, third party and comprehensive.

The minimum insurance provided by law also has a limited warranty. Basically, if you get caught by a stranger, bad! There is no coverage and nothing is reimbursed by insurance. Also, if you are the one who caused the accident, you will not receive compensation and you will have to pay for the repair of your car out of your own pocket. Only victims receive compensation for repairing their vehicles.

Also called comprehensive accident insurance, this type of insurance covers more than a third party. In most cases you will receive compensation whether your car is damaged by a stranger or not, in case of a natural disaster, you also receive compensation. In addition, according to the agreement, the insurance covers other risks such as car theft, or driving expenses.

After asking myself a lot of questions, I see that my 1,800 euro Clio should not be insured against all risks, especially since it has no chance of being stolen, vandalized or burned. And worst of all, even if my car is totaled, it’s not the end of the world. And it’s not a Ferrari!

Devis Assurance Auto

So I contacted the insurance leaders in France such as MMA, Direct Assurance, MAAF and MATMUT. Not one of them wanted to give me insurance less than 900 euros after negotiation! Knowing that my parents have been with MATMUT for more than 20 years, I approached them and asked them to reduce the price according to the age of my parents. In the end they gave me €650 in third party insurance, for the whole year. I think it’s worth the price, especially since it still represents more than 1/3 of the purchase price of the car. So I decided to ask them what was included in the contract and I found out that they insure a lot of non-profitable damages in terms of car insurance such as death insurance, travel insurance, etc.

Faced with so many useless warranties, I asked them to remove everything and leave only the warranty for the truck! I ended up paying only €315 for one year! Remember, without negotiation, I would have paid three times! Therefore, even young drivers, it is possible to pay the price of car insurance.

As you know, the cost of insurance usually increases every year. If you get your license, you won’t have to spend a lot of money, especially since you will have to buy your own car. So, how can you save money on car insurance? First car insurance: 5 tips for paying young drivers? Discover 5 tips for paying less on your car insurance. My online chats are fast and free

Assurance Jeune Conducteur

With your license in your pocket, you’re ready to go but you’re missing one important thing: your first car insurance. Which ensures you’re doing well without breaking the bank. In short, cheap young car insurance, but above all take your needs.

Quelle Assurance Auto Choisir Pour Un Jeune Conducteur ?

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right teen car insurance policy for your profile and at the best price.

First, what is a young driver? Contrary to popular belief, it is not age that determines whether you are a fast driver, but the date your license was issued. In this case, you will be a young driver 3 years after you get your license. You can also be considered a young driver if you have never driven a car with insurance in your name (or if you have never started on the agreement of your parent or spouse), or if you have been driving after passing an inspection with a revoked license.

You should know that as a young driver, your salary will be higher. Because insurers consider novice drivers “at risk” due to their lack of experience.

In its annual report, ONISR shows a sad fact: in 20.6% of fatal accidents in 2016, the perpetrators included young drivers. The study also showed that young drivers are four times more likely to die in road accidents.

Assurance Jeune Conducteur En Afrique

This increased risk is explained by a lack of knowledge and the fact that drivers aged 18-24 (who represent the majority of first-time drivers) tend to take risks and drink alcohol before driving.

If you are a young driver, your salary will be higher. avoid arriving

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