Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phone

Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phone – Assurance Wireless is a mobile phone service provider that offers free or low-cost telephone services to eligible customers. If your Assurance Wireless phone is lost, stolen or damaged, you may be entitled to a replacement phone.

If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible for a free replacement phone, please contact Assurance Wireless Customer Support for assistance.

Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phone

Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phone

By following these tips, you can help ensure that you never need to replace your Assurance Wireless phone.

Assurance Wireless. Free Government Phones. Stockton/lodi For Sale In Lodi, Ca

If you need to replace your Assurance Wireless phone, the process is relatively simple. Contact Assurance Wireless Customer Support and explain the reason for the replacement. You may have to pay a replacement fee, but Assurance Wireless can also provide a free replacement phone if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.

The cost of replacing an Assurance Wireless phone depends on the reason for the replacement. If your phone is lost or stolen, you may be charged a replacement fee. Replacement charges vary depending on your phone model. If your phone is damaged beyond repair, Assurance Wireless can provide a free replacement phone.

After paying the replacement fee (if applicable), Assurance Wireless will send you a replacement phone. You should receive your replacement phone within 7-10 business days.

Yes, Assurance Wireless will provide you with a refurbished replacement phone. Refurbished phones are phones that have been repaired to ensure they meet Assurance Wireless quality standards.

How To Switch From Safelink To Assurance Wireless

If you are not satisfied with your Assurance Wireless replacement phone, you can exchange it for a different model. However, you may be charged a restocking fee. Assurance Wireless has a 1.34 star rating from 747 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers who complain about Assurance Wireless often cite issues with customer service, the new phone, and the tracking number. Assurance Wireless is ranked 112th among wireless carrier websites.

The phone I received is broken. I received a broken replacement so I had to pay for an upgraded phone, and they shipped and it was a shocking phone from 1988, 2 mp camera, gets nothing but 2g, dies every 1 1/2 hours, after customer service I can get a replacement phone for a 20 dollar shipping fee That said, I later found out my card was overcharged, no supervisor, because I’m at home, as one rep said, no base, no calling, when they part of Virgin Cell Phones no longer exists in America, and they don’t know what phones they have in the warehouse. I tell you, but they try to sell moto g phones for 50 dollars more and they have people in corners selling acp accounts selling upgraded phones for 50 dollars which they get for free from the company and what should they give you for free but the corners are not good and old and Offers Made in India Shook Phones. Never use a company unless you want your card information stolen, your identity stolen, phones stolen and outdated, and terrible and untruthful customer service reading script. Where is the FCC for Americans to watch? They let the companies do whatever they want while they get rich, dining out on big budgets and waving at the homeless.

I was charged over $100 for a phone that needed activation. After that I received all kinds of wrong information and never a refund. They know the number on their website doesn’t work. Disconnected after 7 months with error. Not even updating the time. I am looking for a way to file criminal charges against them for stealing my money my bank says I should get a refund from them but no one is responding

Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phone

I was charged over $100 for a phone that needed activation. After that I received all kinds of wrong information and never a refund.

Free Government Cell

Disconnected after 7 months on error. Not even updating the time. I am looking for a way to file criminal charges against them for stealing my money my bank says I should get a refund from them but no one is responding

Within a week of receiving the phone the phone dies despite being fully charged. He said he wouldn’t change it. Then the phone completely died and I won’t replace it unless I pay $20 for shipping! What reputable company would do this to an obviously defective product? And it gives poor people the ability to call doctors through the ACP program in my state and my neighbor and sister and they asked for 20 dollars. After reading the rest of the reviews I’m glad I didn’t do this because I was out another broken phone and $20 less.

If they send you something other than a umx phone that makes them 100% better. I’ve owned several cheap 20-30 dollar smartphones and I’ve never owned one worse than the UMX phone. Three of them stopped working in the same week, they all do the same thing, they turn off by themselves and never turn on no matter what you do. I tried everything to fix them so make sure wireless connection, if you read this stop sending us UMX phones they are garbage

No problems since early October. After being a customer for 10 years with no problems, they sent me five phones in a row that didn’t work. I didn’t want to change my number, but I had to. They also lied about returning the 40 dollars in my account. I called one day and was told that the credit was issued on November 17th. A week later I called and was told it was issued on the 18th. You do not want to deal with this company

Free Cell Phone Assistance For 2022

Just when I thought this company would improve after Pandemic and the Sprint merger. It turns out that the Department of Executive Escalations refuses to speak directly with consumers after they file complaints with the FCC. It’s a real shame that companies are paying exorbitant fees for a program already paid for by the federal government to help people get online and get free phone service. Times have changed. It was good company.

Let your Lifeline service expire, then sign up again to get a new phone and a new phone number (# non-transferable). But the Volt phone battery was terrible! Decided on a used unlocked Samsung A11 and switched to TELLO for $10.00/month, unlimited talk and text with mobile data options if needed. I waited an hour for answers from Assurance Wireless as the staff either didn’t know anything or gave incorrect information.

I recently bought a 2020 Galaxy a11 from T-Mobile which is great on Tello, $10 per month, unlimited talk time and online text checker – IMEI supported. Even Assurance Wireless says T-Mobile doesn’t support it after waiting 40 minutes on GSM! Assurance Wireless should be investigated for its lack of transparency. If the government is paying for customer service hours spent on the phone, they should be raising fees

Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phone

“We need a class action lawsuit on behalf of the countless consumers defrauded by T-Mobile.”

Assurance Wireless Application: Fill Out & Sign Online

We need a law firm to represent everyone who has been emotionally abused by wireless and t mobile warranty practices who continue to pursue practices that have earned them ******* million fines. Not to mention the loss of service and complete disregard for the agreement signed with the FCC in 2021. They should be responsible.

He has a Schock phone loaded with malware from the factory. I am writing this on a 4th generation Fire tablet. Its years of use, wifi works, battery is good, these phones go bad and don’t work after 2 months , they want you to buy another shock for 60, they are defective and should not be in the market. They do not maintain manufacturers warranty against defects and they are clearly defective, I would like to know how many have been sent back and paid again, this is Ascom for Tm wireless warranty

Your phones must be updated and used in the past. The last one I bought keeps breaking every 15 seconds, you don’t hear anything, low volume doesn’t increase, they say they will send a new one because it’s under warranty, but they never do, this has happened to me several times, and every agent told me different, different shipping rate and Sometimes you can’t understand them because of the heavy accent.

Bait and switch strategy. Low quality phones, bad service. All foreigners with fake American names. Joy, Ed, Mary, but they all have distinct Asian accents

How To Apply For Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement Online 2023

Cell phones. Many are useless phones that are no longer manufactured by the manufacturer or are not guaranteed due to poor quality.

My mother is disabled and has been without care for about a month. I spoke to six different reps and all six had a different excuse

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