Zurich Extended Car Warranty Phone Number

Zurich Extended Car Warranty Phone Number – 2 You worry about more important things and let us take care of your car. With the protection of a car service contract in Zurich, you will only pay a small deductible for covered repairs. Without protection, you can expect to pay expensive repairs. Repair Cost Analysis $3, $2, $1, Air Conditioning (estimated repair costs) Engine Covered Component Electric Transmission

3 Protection for the road ahead There is always a risk of mechanical damage to your vehicle. And when it does, the cost of the accident will surprise you. Car repair costs increase every year and can add up quickly. You only pay a small deductible for each maintenance trip covered by the Zurich car service contract. So, even if your car breaks down, it won’t break your budget. Enjoy the benefits. Financial protection Zurich car service contracts cover parts and labor costs for repairing or replacing major components. Flexible options The cost of your service contract can be purchased individually or easily added on for a small monthly fee. This will help eliminate unexpected high maintenance costs. Higher resale value Your Zurich contract can be transferred to the next owner of your vehicle for a better resale value. You can even get a part of the cost of your service contract back after using its benefits. Nationwide Acceptance Dealers and repair facilities in the US and Canada will follow vehicle service contracts in Zurich. You can get your car repaired in your city or away from home. If you’ve ever experienced an unexpected mechanical breakdown, you know the inconvenience and expense. If you don’t have a car service contract in Zurich, a single major repair can cost you a lot of time and money. Zurich offers five program options. You choose the best protection level for you. You choose the level of protection that suits your needs. Tenant a these allow a six-day rental. Rental Plus allows for two days of coverage. + Additional ingredient.

Zurich Extended Car Warranty Phone Number

Zurich Extended Car Warranty Phone Number

5 Rental Plus Rental Plus Rental Plus offers more peace of mind. You get the benefits of rental refund, trip interruption cover and emergency roadside assistance, which provide an unexpected safety net. Leaseback There’s no need to worry a friend or family member when your car needs manufacturer’s warranty repair. You simply rent a car and we pay you for the use of the rental car. The plan will pay $30 per day. Trip Ruin Nothing can ruin a trip faster than an unexpected accident. Our trip interruption coverage makes it a little more bearable. If you travel more than 100 miles from home in three days, the plan pays you up to $100 per day for food and lodging. Emergency Roadside Assistance Rental Plus also offers emergency roadside assistance. Services include towing, tire changes, gas and fluid delivery, jump starts, freeze lockout and lockout services. You don’t have to worry about having money on hand. Zurich will allow expenses of up to $100 per disability. You sign and drive.

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6 Powertrain Includes rental return, trip interruption and emergency roadside assistance benefits. In addition, Powertrain offers coverage for the following components. Engine Gasoline engine: including all internally lubricated parts: pistons, piston rings, wrist pins and bushings, connecting rod and connecting rod bearings, crankshaft and main bearings, camshaft, chain rings, cam rings and cam cover, timing chain, gear pulleys, tensioner and guide, variable valve timing parts, rocker arms, shafts and bushings, rocker arm swivels, adjusting screws, spring and tension adjuster, valves, valve seats, valve springs, valve spring brackets, valve guides, valve push rods, hydraulic valve lifters, oil pump, oil pump transmission, shaft and gears. Seals and gaskets.* Also the following non-lubricated internal parts: water pump, fuel pump, valve covers, oil pan, engine and pipe, timing belt, timing chain/belt cover, engine mounts, flywheel, rings – gear, flex plate, harmonic. balancer, belt tensioner and pulley(s), intake and exhaust manifolds. Factory installed supercharger / turbocharger. Cylinder head, engine block and rotor housings.** Coolant, lubricants and oil filters.*** Diesel engine: all previous parts, plus diesel injection pump, fuel injectors, fuel lines. Transfer case All internally lubricated parts inside the transfer case. Additionally, the following oil-free internals: electronic and vacuum alignment parts, automatic/semi-automatic four-wheel drives and manual axles. Seals and gaskets.* Transfer case.** Lubricants.***

7 Transmission Automatic transmission: all internally lubricated parts including: belts, pump, pump housing, carrier assembly, planetary gears, drums, reaction shaft and governor, internal linkage, valve body, servo joints, vacuum modulator. Seals and gaskets.* Also includes the following non-lubricated internals: torque converter, transmission support(s), oil pan, dipstick and fill tube, vacuum modulator. Transmission Case.** Fluids, Lubricants and Filter.*** Powertrain Manual Transmission: All internally lubricated parts including: main shaft, center shaft, all gears, input shaft, shaft joints, synchronizers, slide rails, shift forks, internal linkage and bearings. Seals and gaskets.* Also the following non-lubricating parts: drive bearing(s). Transmission Case.** Fluids, Lubricants and Filter.*** Drive Shaft All internally lubricated parts including: Bearings, Gears, Wheel Washers and Spacers, Limited Slip Duty Drive Rear and Front Axle Assembly. Also the following parts: axle shafts, axle bearings, constant speed joints and pulls, universal joints, center stand. Seals and gaskets.* Final drive housing.** Lubricants.*** * Seals and gaskets will not be covered if your vehicle has more than 100,000 miles on the odometer on the contract date. ** When damaged due to failure of sealed internal lubricated part. *** When required in connection with the repair of the closed part.

8 In addition to Standard Rental Refund, Trip Break and Emergency Roadside Assistance benefits, our Standard Plan offers coverage for the components of the Powertrain plan as well as the components listed below. Suspension Front and rear suspension: upper and lower control arm(s), upper and lower control arm shafts and housing, double joint, upper and lower ball joints, wheel bearings, steering knuckles, torsion bars and bushings, track rod and bushings, stabilizer bar rods and bushings, stabilizer links, axle and axle support, springs and leaf springs, electronic level control compressor, sensor and limiting valve. Seals and Gaskets.* Steering Steering box, rack and pinion assembly, power steering pump, pitman arm, arm, radius arm, tie rod adjustment arm, tie rods and center ring, steering column shaft, shaft coupling and bearings. Seals and gaskets.* Fluids and lubricants.*** Brakes Master cylinder, vacuum booster, hydro booster and accumulators, disc calibrations, wheel cylinders, flexible hydraulic lines and accessories, compensation valve, load distribution valves, guard plates, self-adjusters, parking brake links and cables. Seals and gaskets.* Brake fluid.***

9 Heating and Air Conditioning Compressor clutch, coil and pulley, dryer/accumulator, condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, fan. Engines and Gaskets.* Coolant and Oil.*** Electric Alternator, Voltage Regulator, Starter Motor, Starter Motor, Starter Solenoid or Starter Relay, Wiper Motor(s) (Front and Rear), Factory Sunroof Motor, Power Window motor. / regulator, electric seat motor, electric mirror motor, electric door lock actuator. Standard * Seals and gaskets coverage does not apply if your vehicle has more than 100,000 miles on the odometer on the contract date. ** When damaged due to failure of sealed internal lubricated part. *** When required in connection with the repair of the closed part.

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10 In addition to Preferred Rental refund, trip cancellation and emergency roadside assistance benefits, our Preferred plan includes the components of the Standard plan as well as the components listed below. Steering Power steering pressure and return lines, power cylinder valves and bearings, adjustable steering column/tilt wheel mechanism, and four-wheel steering system parts. Electronic Brake Control Unit, Anti-lock Computer Module, Wheel/Speed ​​Sensor(s) and Exciter(s), Proportional Valve(s), High Pressure Hydraulic Pump, Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Control Valves, Relay(s). Engines & Gaskets.* Brake Fluid.*** Heat & A/C Temperature Control Programmer, Blower Motor, High Low Switch(s), Pressure Circuit Switch(s), Heater Core. A/C line filter.** Cooling system Radiator, engine cooling fan and motor, cooling fan clutch, cooling fan relay, coolant temperature sensor. Inner/Outer Bonnet Release Cable, Trunk Release Cable and Actuator, Hood, Door and Trunk Hinges.

11 Electric Manual switches, convertible top engine, factory installed clock, wiper relay, wiper retarder, headlight motor, distributor, electronic ignition system, distributorless ignition system, computerized timing control unit and sensors, electronic fuel injection components, rear design windows . switch and relay, rear window tilt net, cruise control system, horn(s), factory installed power antenna and power antenna relay, power point accessory outlet, wiring harness, fuel

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