Youtube Saxon Wheels Of Steel

Youtube Saxon Wheels Of Steel – Denim and Leather is the fourth studio album by English heavy metal band Saxon, released in 1981. The title and songs of the album were inspired by the popular clothing of metalheads in the early 1980s, defined by jeans and leather jackets. The song is seen as the band’s tribute to their fans, while chronicling the history of the subculture and the rise of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). This was the last album with the classic Saxon line-up, as drummer Pete Gill eventually left the band to join Motörhead; it was also considered the last of their classic album triptych (the previous two being Wheels of Steel and Strong Arm of the Law). After the release of Denim and Leather, the band went on hiatus for over a year and struggled to achieve mainstream success in the United States.

Although not Sax’s biggest seller, the album spawned two of their most successful singles, “And the Bands Played On” and “Princess of the Night.” This album has nine songs that are familiar lyrics about a wide variety of topics. “Princess of the Night” is a song about a strong train, and “And the Bands Played On” is about the resilience of heavy metal (especially NWOBHM) bands. Other song topics include: partying, the spirit of music, fighting and like many of their songs, motorcycles.

Youtube Saxon Wheels Of Steel

Youtube Saxon Wheels Of Steel

Album—it was the title track—but that was what caught our attention. This was the record that proved we could write a heavy song with a clear melody. It was also one of the first NWOBHM songs to be played on the radio, which was important for us and the genre.

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“Another song that highlighted our ability to mix a huge riff with a strong melody. It was a really big song for us and I love the title that just came out. Because it could mean a steam train or a woman! It stands out

It would be easy to look at the name and get the wrong idea of ​​what Saxon is

“Well, not every country in the world likes steam trains,” laughs singer Biff Byford today, revisiting the song that helped make Saxon big players in the new wave of British heavy metal. “And while people sing along to the chorus, they don’t necessarily know all the other lyrics. For example, in Japan we had to explain what it was about. I think they had their own theories about who the ‘Princess of the Night’ might be…”

“I wanted to write a song about a steam train because it was something I was really interested in growing up in West Yorkshire. Some of us kids used to go down to the viaduct at night and watch the mail train rumble by. Then in our early days the group parked our van on Barry Island in Glamorgan, a steam train graveyard. We also tried to cut something out of them. So I had the idea of ​​making a song that celebrated what was, even in 1980, a bygone era.

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However, it took a while for Biff’s initial scribbles to evolve into the song that Saxon fans know and love today.

“I was supposed to work out a chorus with a melody line and some verses, but it didn’t really come together until Paul Quinn came up with the idea for the riff. As soon as I heard it, I knew I could create lyrics with it. I had to rearrange the reef a bit to get it all in place, but once we figured it out, the rest flowed.

Saxon actually rehearsed the song before recording it without drummer Pete Gill, which caused a bit of a problem…

Youtube Saxon Wheels Of Steel

“I don’t remember why Pete wasn’t with us, but there was a guy called Mark Pinder who came up with a brilliant idea for the bass drums on the second verse. But when Pete heard what Mark had done, he wasn’t too happy about it. We told him forced to do it finally.”

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Album and was released as a single and reached number 57 in the UK charts. Over the years, it has become one of the band’s most popular and enduring songs.

“When we recorded it, we knew it was something special, but we didn’t realize how much the fans would take it to heart,” admits Biff. “It’s still one of our favorite songs to play live. Everyone loves to join the chorus and it’s become a huge anthem for us.”

“I never get tired of it,” she beams. “I’ve never thought we’d have to drop it from the set because it’s getting ‘a bit old’. There have been times we’ve had to miss it, but that’s because of time constraints, not because we have enough to play .

And the album it featured on would prove hugely influential on the burgeoning NWOBHM scene and subsequent generations of bands. If you listen to Metallica

Saxon And The Story Of Denim And Leather

– royalties would be nice! In fact, there are hardly any covers of this song. When you realize it’s such a simple, singable song, it’s amazing.

“I like to think that whenever the band plays it, we do our best to keep Steam Trains on the minds of the fans!” Laughs.

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Youtube Saxon Wheels Of Steel

Wheels of Steel is the second studio album by the heavy metal band Saxon. It was released in 1980 (see 1980s in music).

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Despite the lyrics, “747 (Strangers In The Night)” does not appear to be based on actual events.

The title track appears in the video games Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned and Brutal Legend. It was also covered by L.A. Weapons.

Finding a metal-savvy producer in Pete Hinton, Saxon produced the career-defining 1980 album Wheels of Steel, whose songs had a bright metal sheen and set the template for the band’s most successful albums. One of the greatest benchmarks of the new wave of British heavy metal, throbbing opener “Motorcycle Man” represents the album’s obsession with motorcycles from the start – a recurring theme that returns again in the crazy title “Freeway Mad”. record and on most of the band’s subsequent albums. The nearly eight-minute long title track is another classic that would become a nightly staple for the rest of Saxon’s career. Other highlights include the dramatic, if lyrically strange, “747 (Strangers in the Night), the all-out metal assault “Machine Gun” and their best early ballad, “Suzie Hold On.” Wheels of Steel presented more concert favorites than any other Saxon album.

Saxon was one of the luminaries of the famous British heavy metal New Wave. The 1980s saw many full-length NWOBHM releases, including well-received albums from Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Samson. Of all these bands, it was Saxon that had the most straightforward heavy metal songs (and that’s not a bad thing). We often hear the adjective -blue collar- used by writers to describe the Saxons. Saxon’s metal style really wasn’t flashy or flashy. The music was not complicated and the lyrics were authentic and based on real life. Wheels Of Steel was the first of two albums Saxon released in 1980, the other being Strong Arm Of The Law. I think Wheels Of Steel is a bit more rounded than Strong Arm Of The Law. “

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Album. There’s just so much great stuff in this post. For example, the title track is really strong. But I love

. Biff’s vocals work so well here; he has one of the best voices in hand as far as I’m concerned. It fits so well with what Saxon does and the power and riff here is irresistible too. It’s classic NWOBHM to me. I have seen Saxon live a few times and have always been impressed. I love that they have come through the years and continue to this day. Like us, they are decent, hard working, no nonsense group and have achieved all the success in the early days despite belonging to a small company. Saxon were signed to Carrere, which was not a major label. They didn’t have any huge organization behind them, but that didn’t matter. They still had a lot of success and still do.

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Youtube Saxon Wheels Of Steel

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