What Is A 4 Bet In Poker

What Is A 4 Bet In Poker – There was a time when 3-bet and 4-bet were so rare that they would be reraised or

. Now, you will often see a 3-bet or 4-bet when you play poker, so being able to use them yourself and how to counter them is very important.

What Is A 4 Bet In Poker

What Is A 4 Bet In Poker

3-bet is another term for a reraise, or a second raise after someone else has already raised.

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The reason it’s called a 3-bet is because even though it’s the second raise, the big blind counts as one bet and the preflop is considered the first bet of the betting round. If someone bets it is considered a second bet (or 2-bet, as that term is rarely used), then if someone raises it is considered a third bet (or 3-bet).

Therefore, a 4-bet is another raise after the person 3-bets because it is the fourth bet that person has placed preflop. It goes up to 5-bet, 6-bet and 7-bet, but it’s unlikely you’ll find one in your game!

The most common reason we want to 3 or 4 bet is to get value with our strong hands. Hands like AA/KK/QQ benefit from getting as much money as possible, and the easiest way to do that is to 3-bet and 4-bet.

If there are players at our table who we think make a lot of mistakes preflop and post-flop, we want to play as many hands against them as possible. Another way we can do this is to 3-bet them when they raise preflop. By 3-betting we make it easier for other players to catch, which means we face a weaker player in a bigger pot.

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Another reason you might want to 3-bet is to take advantage of someone opening too wide preflop. If someone opens or 3-bets too wide, it will be hard for them to continue against our 3-bet/4-bet. This means we always reduce the pot, which makes us more money.

Anytime before the raise the player gets the chance to 3-bet, which means he’ll be willing to 3-bet a lot! But how to choose the right conditions for a 3-bet?

It may sound simple, but the best times to 3-bet are when you’re dealing hands that fall within your 3-bet range! It is important to have a clear idea of ​​your 3-bet strategy before you start playing so that you can apply it properly in the game. If you don’t know which hands you’re going to 3-bet before you play, how will you find out when you play?

What Is A 4 Bet In Poker

While you should have a clear 3-bet plan before you play, it’s also important to adjust based on the opponents you play. If you’re playing against people who often 3-bet, you’ll want to increase your 3-bet range and call some hands that 3-bet for value.

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Similarly, if there are players who often continue against a 3-bet or 4-bet, you should focus your 3/4-bet on value and discard your 3-bet ‘bluffs’.

Part of the advantage of a 3-bet ‘light’ or a bluff is that when you have your strongest hands, you have the ‘image’ of a free player, so you are more likely to make a move.

Your ‘image’ at the table is the opinion of other players at the table about how you play. For example, if you sit at the table and fold each hand for an hour, people will think you’re waiting for cards, and your image will be a solid player – even if your entire hand is 72o. !

However, if you 3-bet and 4-bet preflop, even if you don’t show your hands down, people will think you’re a free player and be more inclined to ‘back up’. When you 3-bet them.

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It’s important to be aware of your image at the table, as some profitable hands like 3-bet or 4-bet bluffs may not be profitable if you protect yourself too much based on your image.

There can be two types of weak players – players who fold to 3-bet often and players who are usually bad and make a lot of mistakes before and after losing. Against two types of weak players, targeting them with a 3-bet can be a profitable decision.

Against weak players who often fold to 3-bet, we like to use 3-bet limit. This means we want to 3-bet our strong hands for value, and limit hands like bluffs. The reason we want to 3-bet is because of how we think they will fare against our 3-bet.

What Is A 4 Bet In Poker

If we 3-bet hands like AJs/KQs against such players, all value in the hand is lost as they only continue when they hit and fold when they hold. Instead, we like to use weak hands like A5o/K5s that don’t call, but can make opponents fold better hands.

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Against weak players who make a lot of mistakes pre-flop and post-flop, we like to keep the 3-betting range high. These players are likely to continue against our 3-bet and a much weaker range than usual, meaning we don’t want any pure bluffs in our range, instead 3-bet above value in our range.

Because they make a lot of mistakes, expect them to call up a much weaker roster than the average player. We want to make sure we value betting on our strong hands and not get too crazy when it gets wrong.

When we play in the blinds, we start at a disadvantage as we are forced to post full blinds or half the big blind before the cards are dealt. To get some of that money back, we must protect our blinds – which often include 3-bet and 4-bet.

In particular, we will aggressively 3-bet against the late opening position because they open up a wide range, so they will fold every 3-bet. We want to 3-bet stronger as the rise comes from late and late positions (ie we 3-bet tighter against early positions and wider against late positions).

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We can protect our blinds by 4-bet, light and value, then comes to position analysis (for example the button opens with SB 3-bet) Another similar situation, BB 3-bet vs. 4-bet from SB.

The reason these slots are profitable on bluffs is because we know that the range of 3-betting against the late open is higher, so expect more bends than 3-betting against the open.

We’ve covered how and why we should 3-bet or 4-bet, but what if we’re dealing with a 3-bet or 4-bet?

What Is A 4 Bet In Poker

These are the places we dream of as poker players when faced with significant action, hands like AA or KK – but how do we best respond? It’s hard to go wrong with placing another preflop raise, and with strong hands, we want to try to get as much money as possible by showing the best hand.

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The reason you want to slow down is because your opponent may have a 3-bet or 4-bet range too wide to fold aggressively but continue to flop after flop.

However, many times you’ll want to place another preflop raise – if you 3-bet, 4-bet 2.2-2.5x when you’re in position and 2.5-2.75x when you’re out of position, and if you -4-bet, the hand is 100pp or less. To begin with, the best ratio is to move everything.

Another temptation for people facing a 3-bet or 4-bet is to call multiple hands and think, “If it’s good, it must be good to call.” However, this is a misconception, we are up against a list that still has 100% all hands when we raise, while we are up against a very fortified list when it comes to 3 challenges. That is followed by several unprofitable hands.

We like to call hands that hit a good amount of equity against a strong range; Right ax, right connectors, right Broadways and right pocket pairs etc. When we are out of place we need to call more strongly because we cannot understand the relevance when we are in place.

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