The Supreme Law Of Land

The Supreme Law Of Land – The preamble begins with the phrase “We the people…” This means that government is based on the consent of the people.

There were 27 changes in the constitution. The first 10 amendments are called the Bill of Rights.

The Supreme Law Of Land

The Supreme Law Of Land

4 Legislative branch The legislative branch is called Congress and consists of two chambers (parts): the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Landmark Civil Rights Cases Decided By The Supreme Court

The most populous states have the most representatives in the House of Representatives. Members of the House must be at least 25 years old to serve. Members of the Chamber of Deputies are elected for a two-year term. There are 435 members in the House of Representatives.

There are two senators for each state, which of course means 100 senators. Senators must be over 30 years old. Senators are elected for six-year terms.

The president can only serve two terms. The President must be a citizen by birth The President must be 35 years old.

9 Judicial Branch The judicial branch of the federal government is controlled by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. There are 9 judges of the Supreme Court who are appointed for life.

Supreme Court Hands Defeat To Native American Tribes In Oklahoma

11 Federalism Government power is also divided between the states and the federal government. This is called federalism. If the constitution has no law, the states can do whatever they want. State law cannot conflict with federal law.

John Locke would answer this question by saying that government exists to protect our property rights. How would you answer this question?

Regulate trade Create and support armed forces Admit new states Create money Create foreign policy Declare war Create post offices Make all laws necessary and proper to exercise these powers

The Supreme Law Of Land

Establishing local governments Conducting elections Regulating business in the state Establishing schools Making marriage laws Taking all other powers not delegated to the national government or delegated to the states

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16 Montesquieu: In the true state of nature, indeed, all men are born equal, but they cannot continue in this equality. Society makes them lose it and they only get it back by protecting the laws.” Checks and balances

17 Checks and Balances The framers of the Constitution established a system of checks and balances to prevent any government government from becoming too powerful. Example: Congress has the power to pass bills, but the president can veto them, which means the bill doesn’t pass.

18 Other examples If the president vetoes a law, Congress can override his veto with a 2/3 majority. The Supreme Court can declare any law unconstitutional. The law no longer exists.

19 Supremacy Clause: The federal constitution and all federal laws supersede state constitutions and state laws. Constitution “Supreme Law of the Land” This is Article VI of the Constitution

Experts Say Supreme Court Ignores Decades Of Native American Law

20 Dual Sovereignty Dual sovereignty means that even if the federal government doesn’t pass the law, the states can do whatever they want. This is why there are different state laws regarding drinking age, driving, capital punishment and many more.

What are delegated powers? Reserved powers? at the same time? Give an example of each type of power. Who thought that a republic should consist of checks and balances? Where in the constitution would you find the supreme clause?

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The Supreme Law Of Land

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This constitution.

If the original constitution was a system of law with a limited central government, how did the United States get away with it? This is the argument put forward by David Loy Mauch, who claims that the government originally established by the founders of the United States is not what we have now. And in his book The Constitution… Shall Be the Supreme Law of the Land, Mauch argues that events during and after the Civil War led to a misinterpretation of American law that still operates today – that the federal government trumps state rights. This provocative educational guide looks back to before the signing of the Constitution, provides a history of how America’s two-party system came to be, and goes on to suggest that the Civil War was actually an illegal war waged against the Thirteen Southern states inaugurated by Abraham. Lincoln, a president with socialist/communist sympathies. Although Mauch’s book is historical, he also sheds light on the events that shape today’s political discourse, describes how the Constitution remains crooked, and suggests what we as a nation can do to get it back on track. Rediscover the original legal documents that created our great nation and reclaim the America our forefathers envisioned.

This Constitution… Shall Be The Supreme Law Of The Land, Paperback By Mauch, …

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The Supreme Law Of Land

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Sonia Sotomayor Quote: “even Though Article Iv Of The Constitution Says That Treaties Are The ‘supreme Law Of The Land,’ In Most Instances They’…”

4 Articles After the introduction, the framers outlined the structure of our government in seven articles. Each article is divided into subsections called What?

It describes the organization and powers of the national legislature called the ____. It is divided into ____ houses. what are they Their most important authority is to make laws. What is the name of the proposed law?

8 Statutes Before a bill becomes law, it must receive a majority vote

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