The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd – For more than a century, Great Eastern has been at the forefront of Asia’s insurance industry, providing security and peace of mind to millions.

A trusted name in insurance, we continue to grow from strength to strength in an increasingly competitive landscape.

The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

Founded in 1908, Great Eastern is the most established life insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia. With more than S$100 billion in assets and more than 15 million from government policies, we provide insurance solutions to clients through three successful distribution channels: affiliated companies, insurance banks and financial advisors, the Big East financial firm.

Great Eastern Properties

The group also operates in Indonesia and Brunei and is located in China and has a representative office in Myanmar.

Big East is a subsidiary of OCBC Bank, established in Singapore since 1932. Our insurance subsidiary, Lion Global Investors Limited, is one of the leading management companies in Southeast Asia.

Great Eastern Life Credit Limited and Great Eastern General Insurance Limited have been assigned financial strength and counterparty credit ratings of “AA-” by S&P Global Ratings since 2010, which ranks it as one of the largest life insurance companies in Asia.

The group’s general insurance business is under a wholly owned subsidiary, Great Eastern General Insurance Limited (GEG), formerly known as Overseas Insurance Corporation Limited (OAC), established in 1920.

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Great Eastern General Insurance Limited (GEG) offers a wide range of commercial and personal product lines and distributes its products through banks, agents, brokers, financial advisors and direct channels.

GEG tries to make it easy for clients and intermediaries by providing them with responsive, innovative products, fast claims and hassle-free registration. Our portfolio of insurance solutions includes auto, home, travel, personal accident, home for retail clients and packages for small and medium businesses as well as various property and casualty insurance for businesses.

Great East is also one of Singapore’s top 3 insurers in the group insurance market and we provide insurance to nearly half a million employees and their families through our group insurance system.

The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

With more than 40 years of experience in the insurance group and subsidiaries of OCBC Bank (Singapore’s longest established bank, established in 1932), our products are well recognized and trusted by HR professionals in the field for their strength and financial stability.

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Great Eastern Group became the first insurer to establish a bancassurance network in Singapore in an exclusive partnership with OCBC Bank in 1992. Since then, we have strengthened our partnership and continue to be the market leader in bancassurance, while developing new growth opportunities in this sector to provide our quality solutions and timely customer service to OCBC customers.

The property is an important part of the life assurance of the Great East Co. Ltd, portfolio. We offer a selection of residential, commercial and retail offices for rent all over Singapore. Great East plans holders can use Great ID to access the services of the plans, and anyone can use it to access Great East Malaysia rewards.

The Great ID is the unique login identity used to manage your Great East Digital Services. Big ID is available for Eastern and Big Eastern and non-Big Eastern strategies.

Yes, you can create your Great East ID account to access the Great East Rewards Malaysia mobile app, but you will not be able to access exclusive features for Great East plan holders.

Mong Lam Kua

We encourage you to have a unique account ID to gain access to the Services.

Here are the steps to take to create a great ID account. Please review our privacy policy before registering:

Note: If you receive a message that an account is ready for you with an email address, it is possible that the account has already been created. Please go to “What should I do if I forget my password?” For instructions on how to get your ticket.

The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

Certifying yourself as a Great Eastern Policy owner will help us access the right digital services.

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I tried to verify my account, but it said that my owner’s policy could not be found. What should I do?

There may be inconsistencies in our records. Please update your details or contact our developer.

For Great Life East Coasters, download and print this form and email it to: wecare-my@

For Eastern General Insurance policy holders, please download and complete this form and email it to:

Ocbc Premier Banking Asia Solutions

You can also enter with a great ID account and great Eastern rewards Malaysia mobile app. Cancer can strike anyone at any time in their life. While early detection and treatment is the best way to give you the chance to recover, it’s also comforting to have the security of knowing that you have the financial protection to treat the cancer if it comes back later. You can depend on a GREAT Multi Cancer Care comprehensive care plan to help you through every stage of your cancer battle. From early to middle and advanced stages, GREAT Multi Cancer Care provides you with financial security when you need it, whenever it happens. With coverage up to 85 years of age and a total payout of up to 360% of the basic sum assured, you can continue your journey with your loved ones safe in the knowledge that you will be protected at every stage of life.

This policy provides coverage from the first stages of cancer, up to the age of 85. Next year.

In the diagnosis of an advanced stage of cancer, an increase in the rehabilitation to acquire the benefit of 50 of the basic amount guaranteed with the benefit of an advanced stage of cancer. In addition, an additional 50% of the basic sum assured will be paid one year after the date of diagnosis of advanced stage cancer.

The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

If you undergo surgery for a benign tumor suspected of malignancy from an organ or site or anatomical location, an additional 10% of the basic insurance will be paid, subject to a maximum amount of RM25,000 per lifetime.

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If death occurs, your loved one will receive a death benefit of the higher total salary or cash value, in one lump sum, and also, an additional basic sum assured for the Orphan Benefit.

The application process is simplified as the eligibility of the plan only takes into account your medical conditions and family history related to cancer.

Please note below, make sure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, please contact a Great Eastern Life Planning Consultant or we will call you back.

I Terms and Conditions of use. 2 The plan will be closed later. 3 The debt benefit will be paid according to the term of the life insurance policy of the next birthday. 4 percent of the basic annual sum assured of the plan will be paid as Orbus Benefit.

Great Eastern Group Structure

BIG Multi Cancer Care is a non-participating whole life plan that matures at the next birthday of 85. Awards are payable up to the age of 85 years on their next birthday, or until the advanced stage cancer is claimed or at the time of termination, whichever occurs first. You should be satisfied that the plan will best serve your needs and that the premium you pay is under the target amount that you can afford. A free trial period of 15 days allows you to check the suitability of the plan. If the policy is returned to the company during this time, the full premium will be refunded to the policy owner less expenses incurred for medical examinations, if any. If you change your plan from one company to another, or if you change your plan with another plan in the same company, you can submit your request to get the terms and conditions to take effect. when changing or changing the plan. The plan will not have a minimum cash out guarantee on terminations until after you have paid the premiums for two years. If you give up the plan early, you will receive less than you paid. If you stop making premium payments before the end of the premium payment period, the premium payment under your policy will have the effect of paying future premiums as long as the cash value is greater than the total liability. The company will collect interest on the loan at the interest rate that the company will determine from time to time. General benefits are available on the company’s website. Checking premium payment before the end of the premium payment term may lead to early termination of coverage. This is for general information only. Not a contract of insurance. You are advised to refer to the sales illustration, product release document and sample document for specific details and benefits of the plan before purchasing the plan. The exclusions and limitations of the above benefits are not exhaustive. For more information,

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