Thank You For Lunch Note Sample

Thank You For Lunch Note Sample – Here’s a list of 40 examples of thank you notes for a boss lunch to show how much you appreciate their thoughtful gesture.

#1 Thank you for hosting such a lovely and delicious meal last week. You are a great person to work with and I look forward to doing my part to bring as much value as possible to this team.

Thank You For Lunch Note Sample

Thank You For Lunch Note Sample

#2 It was nice to get to know you and the rest of the team better during the lunch you organized for us. Thank you for the meal, the experience and for doing what makes this a great place to work.

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#3 I am thrilled that you introduced me to one of my new favorite restaurants. I would never have thought to try it before. Thank you so much for taking me there for lunch and taking the time to talk to me about your experience and our office.

#4 Our lunch together made me feel like a truly valued member of the company. It was such a positive experience for me and made my day. It meant a lot to me that you took a break from your schedule to invest your time in me. Thank you.

#5 Thank you for your incredible leadership and incredible lunch. Everything was simply exquisite and extremely tasty. I was very happy to have the opportunity to speak with you one-on-one.

#6 Thank you so much for taking me to lunch today. It was a needed boost and a welcome change of scenery. You are truly the greatest and most thoughtful boss in the world.

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#7 It was an honor to spend time with you at lunch. Thank you for the invitation and for the nice time spent.

#8 I feel extremely thankful and grateful to be my own boss. Thank you for fitting me into your busy schedule and making lunch. I am very lucky to work with someone like you.

#9 Your offer to take me out to lunch the next day was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Thank you for knowing how to inspire and encourage your employees.

Thank You For Lunch Note Sample

#10 I want to say that I really enjoyed going to lunch with you. It was an extremely pleasant, refreshing and enjoyable experience. Thank you for your insight and guidance on how I can improve my work.

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#11 Thanks for taking me to lunch. You made me feel valued and recognized for the work I do, and that goes a long way in motivating me to double down and do more.

#12 This company means a lot to me and I want to thank you for letting me know by taking me out to lunch. Thank you for lunch.

#13 I hope you understand how much I appreciate this lunch. I feel humbled that all my hard work is being appreciated. It really makes me feel even more motivated and encouraged.

#14 Lunch the other day was a great time and a fantastic team building experience. Thanks for taking the time to make this all happen.

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#15 I was happy to work for you, but now that we’ve had this lunch, I’m even happier to go more. Thanks for all.

#16 Little things like the lunch we just had make employees like me feel valued and important in ways words can’t. Thank you for the meal and your efforts for your staff.

#17 The conversation is free, but I know there was no lunch. Thanks for dropping by and for a great and productive conversation.

Thank You For Lunch Note Sample

#18 Thank you for lunch the next day. I definitely appreciate it. While it may not seem like a big deal to you, it certainly was to me and I appreciate spending time talking with you.

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#19 When your boss recognizes you, it’s a humbling feeling and inspires you to work even harder. Did you know that before you invited me to lunch? Thanks for all.

#20 I want to thank you for taking me to lunch. I will burn those calories by working a lot harder for you. Thanks again.

#21 Thanks for taking us to lunch with the team. I appreciate it and I’m sure everyone else does too.

#22 I enjoyed hanging out with you and everyone else at lunch. Things like this make this such a great place to work.

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#23 It was expensive to take us all out to lunch. I really appreciate it. Thank you for the delicious meal and the opportunity to connect.

#24 Few things can inspire a team like good food. You have produced excellent results with this. Thank you for being a boss who knows how to motivate us.

#25 I appreciate the lunch you provided for everyone. It was a delicious meal and everything was pleasant. We are lucky to have a boss like you.

Thank You For Lunch Note Sample

#26 The lunch you treated us to will not be taken for granted. Thanks for everything, including keeping us happy at work.

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#27 This is the only place I’ve ever worked that has lunch as often as we do here. I think it’s because you haven’t been in charge of all the other places. Thank you for the benefits that make this company special.

#28 Thank you so much for taking me out to lunch recently. I appreciate you taking the time for this thoughtful effort. You are truly a great boss, colleague and friend.

#29 Lunch was great yesterday, thank you. I really enjoyed our conversation. It was fascinating. I am very happy to be part of your team.

#30 Thanks for lunch. I had a great time talking to you and I hope we both find time to do it again soon. I am grateful that you gave me this opportunity to get to know you better.

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#31 I had a great time at lunch with you. It is a memory I will look back on fondly. I found our conversation thoughtful and intriguing, thank you.

#32 The food and time I spent with you at lunch was amazing. I really enjoyed connecting with you outside of the work environment and getting to know you better.

#33 Thank you very much for lunch. Thank you for your efforts and recognition of my work and achievements. Honestly, it really meant the world to me.

Thank You For Lunch Note Sample

#34 We should definitely have lunch together more often. The experience was completely welcome and enjoyable. I want you to know that I feel privileged to be my boss.

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#35 I want to express my gratitude for treating me to a delicious lunch. Thanks for organizing. That was very thoughtful and generous of you. As a result, I feel more relaxed and comfortable working as part of your team.

#36 Leaving the office to have lunch with you was a nice break, thanks. Spending time talking with you was fantastic and I will definitely visit this restaurant. Thank you very much.

#37 I’m so glad you invited me to lunch. It was such a nice surprise. I really appreciate your great company and the time to get to know you better.

#38 The conversation at lunch was fascinating and really helped me understand the new project. It was a pleasant surprise to realize the value of letting a brilliant mind like yours work.

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#39 I feel extremely honored to be invited to lunch with you. Thank you very much for your precious time. This was greatly appreciated and please know that I am even more motivated to add value to the team than before.

#40 Thank you so much for taking me to lunch and picking up the tab. I hope I will be able to repay the favor as soon as possible. I enjoyed every part of the conversation and the meal.

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Thank You For Lunch Note Sample

If so, just stick with me because today’s article offers a unique list of 80 great ways to say thank you for lunch!

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I’ve collected only the best ideas to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts, so just keep reading for inspiration!

1. “Every time we meet for lunch is a truly amazing experience. Despite our busy schedule,

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