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Site Voiture Pas Cher Occasion

Site Voiture Pas Cher Occasion

You need a car quickly, but you don’t want to spend a lot. You set the bar at 500 euros. WHAT will you find? What problems can be feared?

Quel Site Pour Acheter Une Voiture Pas Chère ?

The Peugeot 106 – and by extension the Saxo – can still be found used. Often they are sold without technical inspection. Photo by DR

AX is one of those wheels that is always easy and economical to maintain. The scope is an area where Crit’Air decals are an option. Citroën’s photo

Xanthia became unloved. It is widely sold, but has such disadvantages as a complex hydropneumatic suspension that provides significant comfort on the road. Citroën’s photo

When you bet that much when you look for a sales site, you have the right to say you can’t find anything. However, Boncoin has over 15,000 ads for €500 or less. Many listings state that the vehicle is in poor condition after being hit, but more often than not, the listing states “no inspection” or “sold as-is”, cites repairs that need to be done, or mentions that the car is driven daily. However, there are exceptions.

Volkswagen Monospace Pas Cher

For the price, you don’t have to be picky about your mounts. The car will be stale and you definitely won’t get a Crit’Air vignette to go downtown. You can find a Citroën AX 1995 for 106,000 km with MOT (technical inspection). For 500 euros, petrol Clio 2 year 1999. Early finishing treatment calculated for 175,000 km. Then, a 2001 Xantia 1.8L (120,000km) petrol is available for €500, as is a high-mileage 2002 Mondeo diesel for €400. For 490 euros, this is a 2004 Zafira with less than 6 months MOT.

When buying a used car from a private person, look for the latest technical inspection. They tell you about the condition of the car, as well as the mileage between each inspection; this allows you to check a well-rejuvenated meter. The general condition of the car will also tell about the care of the previous owner. Besides the cars we’ve already mentioned (usually disliked), you can find gems for enthusiasts; a colleague found a Subaru Forester for €300…

A small reminder at “If you sell a car over 4 years old, you must pass a technical inspection, unless the vehicle has not undergone a regular inspection in the last 6 months. You must provide the future owner with a document on passing the technical inspection. Indeed, proof of MOT is essential for buyers to register a car. The sale of a used car “as is” has no legal effect.

Site Voiture Pas Cher Occasion

Espace 3, like all minivans, is no longer in demand. You should pay attention to its general appearance, because many details (upholstery, equipment) are no longer available. Photo by DR

Une Voiture électrique D’occasion à Moins De 5 000 €

The Zafira was not a model of reliability in the early 2000s. If he survives, he still has a long way to go; enough to transport the family cheaply. Opel’s photo

Adding the inscription “sold as is” to the registration document does not at all cancel the seller’s obligations in case of problems after the sale. Likewise, additions to disability certificates are not legally binding, even if they are signed by both parties. Currently, the law does not yet provide restrictions on sales without inspection. However, the sale of the car can be canceled by the buyer, who can also notify the seller.

By buying a car without a technical inspection, you are taking a risk. The seller cannot confirm the sale on the ANTS website and you will not be able to register the vehicle in your name. This system is designed to destroy dangerous vehicles. You risk going out of business. It is up to you to sue the seller for hidden defects, etc. At your simple request, the sale is cancelled. Advice, without inspection, go ahead!

Placing or keeping in circulation a vehicle that does not meet the technical inspection requirements is punishable by a 4th class fine (fixed fine from 135 EUR to 375 EUR). Immobilization and confiscation of the vehicle can also be ordered.

Trouver Citroen C3 Occasion Grise Toit Noir Moins Cher Que Le Neuf En Boite Automatique Finition Shine Au Garage Citroen Brice Autour De Moi

Since May 20, 2018, technical inspection does not allow driving for two months if critical damage is detected. If this happens to you, you must have it repaired within 24 hours or risk losing your ability to drive. Only major failures get you a two-month grace period. Did you know? The average price of a used car is almost 14,000 euros. Yes, that’s a lot. Too much for you! Given that your current budget is 1500 euros. For this price, you can own a new 50cc scooter, but you can also drive a car! Yes Yes! give you proof.

Whether you’re a young person (or not so much) who just got your license, a “little retiree” whose car just broke down, a very modest household in need of a second car, or even… an artist budgeting for his art, not in his car, there are many buyers who want to invest as little as possible, or who cannot invest more than 1500 euros in their car.

But what can you get for that price? When we know that the average price of a used product is around 16,000 euros for professional sales (source L’argus) and less than 12,000 euros for private sales (source La Centrale), we can legitimately assume that for the price of a 50 cc Chinese scooter, we only will have a broken car on 4 wheels, a damaged car, or at best an old and “washed” city car…

Site Voiture Pas Cher Occasion

Still. Despite the height of the Lilliputian budget, it is certainly possible to find a good car. And not just small. Of course, it will obviously have a few years behind it and/or some miles in that time. It’s not the last generation of this or that model, and it’s not the safest car, given its age. But many can still provide faithful service for many years.

Les 20 Meilleures Voitures D’occasion à Petit Budget En 2022

We have identified and selected for you the most attractive and most reliable models on the market. And there are a lot of them: at the time of writing, 23,700 ads for cars for sale for less than 1,500 euros and with mileage less than 200,000 km (the limit we set ourselves) are displayed in the right place for example . Much less in La Centrale (less than 500), which offers more advertising for professionals. And the latter avoid vehicles priced at less than 1,500 euros because the resale margin is too low.

Many French models, some foreign models that are either too rare, or more expensive due to rarity elsewhere, or just less reliable over time. Yes, less reliable. Because the reputation of one-off French cars is often hijacked. And many models age very well if, of course, they are regularly serviced. However, regardless of the model on our list, choose a model with a traceable history, at least as much as possible, and use our dedicated “buy used” checklist, but be more lenient with mistakes. A car costing €1,500 cannot be perfect, at least not as much as a car costing €5,000, much less €10,000.

1/ Of course, as we often repeat, this selection is by no means comprehensive. Definitely limited that way. Many other cars are great budget options if they’ve been looked after. The point is simply to show that you can drive a good car, even on such a small budget.

2/ For those who often drive in restricted traffic zones (ZCR) such as Paris or Grenoble, this option may cause problems. Indeed, in Paris Crit’Air 4 and 5 vignettes (and those without vignettes, of course) can no longer circulate during the week. This fits petrol cars up to 1997 and diesel up to 2006!

Citroen C3 Puretech 1.0l 70 Cv Collection Pack

This is very important in the selection of this cheap car. Their big flaw today? Passive safety is a thousand miles from what we know how to do today. But their active safety (driving, behavior) is still at a good level. On the contrary, it is not surprising that we still find many of them. The maintenance and repair budget is small, the reliability is very good. So there are still many on the road.

Even comfort and performance are good qualities for these two

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