Say Thank You In Chinese

Say Thank You In Chinese – Saying thank you in Chinese is just as important as saying hello in everyday life, and it’s a must-have in your survival Chinese toolkit. Whether you’re traveling to China or living in China, thank you in Chinese is a key word you’ll use all the time.

As you know, being polite and appreciative will always bring good things to people, especially if you try to speak to them in their native language. Try to see these expressions!

Say Thank You In Chinese

Say Thank You In Chinese

谢谢 is one of the first words you learn to say thank you in Chinese. But did you know that there are many other expressions of thanks in Chinese? Let’s start with the basic ways to say thank you in Chinese and introduce 3 more ways to say thank you in Chinese.

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Let’s start from the beginning.谢谢 xiè xie Thank you is the most used word to thank someone in Chinese.

As you can see, 谢谢 is a two-letter word. Its pronunciation may seem a bit complicated. To make learning Chinese easier, here’s Nincha’s tip on how to say it like a native speaker: Think of the sound between /s/ and /sh/. Do you understand? Great, that’s how you should pronounce “x” 谢谢 (xiè xie).

Now try saying xiè xie. Note that the second syllable has a neutral tone and you will be grateful in Chinese.

When you receive food, gifts, or anything else you feel grateful for, you can definitely say 谢谢. Here’s an example:

Listen To Me, Thank You. Chinese/pinyin/english Lyrics|hand Gesture Dance 手势舞

It’s good to know that the Chinese don’t use 谢谢 as much as some other cultures do. That’s why you don’t always get to hear them say thank you. Don’t think it’s because they’re stupid, it’s a cultural thing.

In China, people can feel awkward saying thank you because it creates a distance between the speaker and the receiver, and it’s not something they want to do, especially if they’re close. The Chinese simply do not want to keep their distance from each other. Reducing social distance is their way of being polite.

When you’re meeting someone for the first time, or when you’re talking to someone of higher rank or seniority than you, you definitely want to be more formal when saying thank you.

Say Thank You In Chinese

You can use 谢谢你 xiè xie nǐ to say thank you in a slightly more formal way, but when you’re talking to a higher-ranking person, it’s better to say 谢谢你 xiè xienín as the formal form of 您你.

How To Pronounce Yi In Chinese

Sometimes in life you are truly grateful. “Gǎnxiè” “gǎnxiè” is a perfect verb at that time. It emphasizes the emotion, the feeling you are experiencing.

When someone has been very good to you and you feel you owe them, you can express your gratitude by:

But be careful, this sentence is formal, so don’t use it when receiving a gift or food, for example. Save the times when you feel most grateful.

For example, you can use this expression here. Imagine a situation where you have to catch a train and it’s very late – I feel your pain – and someone you don’t know calls to help you get to the train station. And pay a taxi to make sure you get on the train. Here’s what you should tell them:

How To Say “thank You” In Chinese In All Kinds Of Situations

Another form of gratitude used in Chinese is 感激 gǎnjī to be grateful. It expresses much more gratitude than 谢谢 and 谢语. You use the expression when you are grateful. For example, if someone helped you when you were at the end of your rope, you can tell them:

我的消沉时时,你电影了我。 任么我前前感激。 Dong Wao xiāochén de shíhòu, nǐ gǔlìle w. Duì cǐ wǒ shífēn gǎnjī. I really appreciate how you helped lift my spirits when I was feeling low.

哪重哪重 nǎlǐ nǎlǐ You are very kind can also be used to say thank you in Chinese, but only when others praise you. When the Chinese give compliments, they prefer to show humility and modesty.

Say Thank You In Chinese

Therefore, they avoid saying thank you because it can be seen as too direct and it makes them overconfident. So instead of using 谢谢 to acknowledge a compliment, the Chinese say 哪里哪里 to reject the compliment (while secretly enjoying the compliment).

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Now that you know how to thank people, when to thank someone, and how to thank yourself in any situation, you can easily integrate into Chinese society. +1 for basic Chinese survival skills! But what if someone says thank you in Chinese? What can you answer them?

– 不客气 bù kèqì You’re welcome is, as you can guess, a commonly used expression. It works for almost every situation.

– Don’t mention it to bú yòng xiè. You can easily replace 不客气 with this expression. For example, if you are giving something to someone and they say 谢谢, you can reply: 不被谢. You can also say “bú” in “电影客气”.

– 小事一桂 xiǎo shì yī zhuāng It’s nothing. But beware of this as it tends to be more informal. So you can use with friends, family, but definitely not with your boss 😉

How To Say Thank You In Different Languages?

As you can see, there are many ways to show your appreciation in Chinese. Saying thank you is not only polite but also social appropriate. Once you’ve mastered the four expressions you’ll learn here, you’ll be able to show your appreciation and know how to say thank you in Chinese. We are sure that these sayings will be very useful for you every day!

The next step is to use it and see what you get in return. Many smiles I thought. 🙂

For more useful everyday Chinese expressions, check out our Yes in Chinese and Sorry in Chinese posts, as well as this great guide to 20 survival phrases.

Say Thank You In Chinese

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Beginner, Tips for Learning Chinese, Express, Intermediate, Vocabulary Chinese Culture, Learning Chinese, Easy Chinese, Learning Chinese, Learning the Basics, Tips, The word “thank you” is probably one of the first words you learn when you start learning Chinese languages. made by mandarin Of course, this is one of the most everyday phrases spoken in various languages ​​of the world. You will now see all 46 ways to say yourself in Chinese that you can use in different scenarios. You’ll also find a section on how to say thank you in Chinese when you receive a compliment.

While you can certainly say thank you in Chinese whenever you want, there are certainly other ways to say thank you other than the literal word “谢谢 (xiè xie, thank you)”. Below are three ways to compliment someone, a way to show appreciation without saying thank you in Chinese. It’s basically a compliment to people on how kind and nice they are when they help you, not a thank you.

Sometimes people try to help you. In these scenarios, you often say thank you in Chinese, which also shows that you’re sorry for the trouble you’ve caused.

These three thank you phrases are more for Chinese writers. Although you can still say them verbally, people probably don’t use them in everyday spoken Chinese. It would be nice to teach them how to write a thank you card or something formal.

Ways To Say “thank You” In Chinese?

When you receive a gift, there are ways to say thank you other than 谢谢 (xiè xie). Here’s how.

谢谢 is one of the most common ways to say thank you in Chinese. However, this is not necessarily what Chinese people say when receiving a compliment. Before you start responding to compliments in Mandarin, you should know how Chinese culture influences how people respond to compliments.

Well, in Chinese culture, people are taught to be humble and not appear arrogant. Therefore, in this cultural environment, when the Chinese receive a compliment, their first response will definitely not be “thank you”. For example, people compliment you by saying that you are beautiful today. If you say thank you, it means you agree with the definition that you think you are beautiful. In this case, you might be an arrogant person and you don’t want that reputation. Therefore, you will likely say one of the phrases below to show that you are not arrogant and still be polite for the compliment.

Say Thank You In Chinese

After learning the different ways to say thank you, I bet you want to ask – how do you say hello in Chinese? Here are the options for you. When you start learning a foreign language, you need to know how to express gratitude in that language.

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