Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions And Answers

Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions And Answers – During QA interviews, I keep in mind that the tools of quality professionals are transferable. They can transfer their resources from one company to another in a completely different industry and be productive.

When I’m interviewing quality professionals, my QA interview questions tend to focus more on the interviewee’s quality tools and how they’ve used those tools.

Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions And Answers

Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions And Answers

For quality assurance managers, I hope they have managed an ISO 9001 company before. During QA interview questions, they should be able to describe ISO 9001 requirements. They should know extensively the 8 principles of ISO 9001.

Quality Assurance Interview Questions

For quality engineers they must work in an ISO 9001 environment. They should know basic systems such as document control and corrective action.

If they were management representatives, they should explain the nonconformities found during the ISO 9001 surveillance audit. Can the interviewer explain the corrective action implemented for the nonconformance? Does the corrective action seem justified? Be suspicious of people who say they don’t have an incompatibility.

Known for producing quality professional documents. Did the interviewer create or update a standard manual? What criteria was the manual based on? Common answers are ISO 9001, TS 16949, Mil-Q, Mil-I, ISO 14001 and AS 9100. Can they give an example?

Who approved the guidelines? This lets you know that others have reviewed the manual and believe the manual was a good fit for their business. If there was no approval process, the interviewer skipped important steps to establish a quality system.

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Standard professionals work with sampling plans. They are responsible for creating sampling plans to meet inspection requirements. They should know the standards. They should refer to Mil Std 105e or Ansi Z1.4. They should also be aware of the zero tolerance standards.

This question really tells you that the interviewer understands sampling plans. Both are similar in that they form a sample size based on lot size, acceptance and rejection criteria. However, Dodge Romig includes error % history in the calculation. Dodge Romigs typically have small sampling sizes.

Quality assurance professionals use data analysis to make sound decisions for process improvement. What courses has the interviewee taken on statistics and data analysis? How does change affect process improvement? Do they understand the two main methods of process improvement? The two main methods are changing the mean and reducing the variance.

Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions And Answers

Where has the interviewee used data to improve processes and products? Here I am testing their statistical knowledge and exploring their abilities to apply appropriate statistics.

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Learn SPC in one hour. Train your employees. Improve your processes and products. Prevent defects and save your company money.

Quality engineers and quality assurance professionals must have expertise in SPC (Statistical Process Control). They should be able to give some examples of SPC applications during QA interview questions.

What does SPC do? What computer programs did you use for the SPC? What processes have you established with SPC? How do you determine the limit when the sample size is 1?

In essence, the SPC tool shows when a process is out of control. There are many computer programs out there but the best is Hertzler. With respect to SPC processes, there is an infinite number of named processes.

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During these QA interview questions, I explore their reasoning behind using SPC on these processes. Did they find some unstable processes? Have they reduced the inspection sample with SPC? Did they reduce process variability with SPC? Did they teach the operators how to use it? Did they share the chart with clients?

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This question gives the interviewee a broad insight into understanding the mathematics behind SPC. For most SPCs, a sample size of one is not used. If a sample size is used, the range is determined by the mean difference from previous readings. If they refer to a moving range chart, this answer is satisfactory.

Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions And Answers

Quality professionals use the statistic CpK to assign a numerical number that indicates how well a process fits engineering specifications. A CpK number of 2 means the process is capable of 6 sigma. The key assumption behind statistics is that process data are normally distributed.

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Have you ever dealt with real customers? How do you deal with the customer when there is a quality issue?

The quality professional resolves customer quality issues. These QA interview questions let me see their experience with the customer interface.

What were the topics of conversation? How did the interviewer treat the customer? How did the interviewer calm the customer down when there were quality issues?

Here is one important thing I need the interviewer to look for. It is important that quality professionals deal with quality problems promptly. When there is a problem, they immediately call or send an email to the customer.

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Have you written formal corrective action letters to customers? After starting corrective action, what is the most important thing?

Formal corrective action letters should follow the 8D format. Quality professionals should know this format. The most important thing to take corrective action is follow-up. I have seen corrective actions documented many times, actions taken but consistent action disappears after 2 weeks. Compliance is the most important element of the reform process.

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Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions And Answers

Other QA interview questions deal with calibration because the calibration department usually falls under the umbrella of the quality department.

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Quality professionals should know the calibration requirements. Have they ever established or implemented calibration rules? Have they ever documented the calibration? Can they provide you with an example of a calibration manual? A quality manager, QA director or quality engineer must know the requirements for forward and backward calibration.

Which audits have you attended? What is important to recognize when conducting an audit? Why Audit?

Quality professionals conduct audits on a regular basis. While conducting an audit, it is important to realize that audits are about gathering facts. Audits make people nervous and a good auditor makes people comfortable. The auditor informs the employee that no disciplinary action will be taken as a result of the audit. Audit tools are used for improvement.

If an employee is doing something different then the procedure, what action should be taken against the employee. Do you correct the employee on the spot?

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Unless you know for certain that the employee is doing something that would lead to non-compliance, do not take any action against the employee. Discuss the issue with the employee for further input. Do not take any disciplinary action. Don’t fix them on the spot. You document the results for later review. The employee may have a better process than the process. See below for more QA interview questions.

What is your experience with DOE? Where have you used DOE to improve processes? What is DOE used for? What is the actual statistical test behind DOE?

Most QA professionals do not know DOE. I am wary of people who create content on these QA interview questions. DOE is a systematic way of conducting engineering tests. If multiple factors are being studied, a DOE principle will explore interaction of the factors and engineering minimum runs. The key statistic behind the DOE is the F test.

Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions And Answers

This data analysis video teaches you the basic tools to understand, summarize and predict future predictions with the data you collect. Contains MS Excel templates.

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Again most QA professionals don’t know about reliability. However if they have statistical training they may be able to answer the above QA interview questions. Reliability is monitoring to predict the useful life of a product. Mean time to failure, MTTF or time between failures, MTBF is the key figure. Reliability generally follows a Weibull or bathtub distribution.

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During these QA interview questions, most will answer with Microsoft Excel. Having people who have used Minitab, JMP, SAS and/or Hertzler is an advantage. This shows that they have been exposed to other software and can help the company choose sound software tools for improvement.

Have they used specialized software for optimization tasks such as 8D Manager? Have they used snap sampling plans to create observational sampling plans? Have they used brainstorming software such as SWOT Manager? Have they used flowcharting software to create documentation? Quality assurance professionals must be familiar with a wide variety of software tools that improve processes and products.

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A gauge R&R, (Reproducibility and Reproducibility) study exposes measurement error within any measurement system. It tells us how much error the operator is making, how much error the device is making and the amount of natural error. Machine and operator error should preferably be less than 20% of the total error. Quality Assurance (QA) testing is a fundamental and essential part of software development. Not only that but all important elements must be ensured.

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