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Quality control rate is a complex issue. It depends on several factors: the qualifications of a QA specialist, the tasks to be completed, the target market for this QA and the project deadline.

Quality Assurance Software Testing Salary

Quality Assurance Software Testing Salary

Of course, you need to make sure you bring a quality product to market, so you need quality control that can ensure it works perfectly. The safest way to achieve quality assurance is to hire them in-house. You can hire in-house QA with the necessary skills, train them according to your goals and tasks, and get a fully functional QA team.

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But you will have to select candidates for each position (one QA may not be enough), provide them with all internal benefits (salaries, bonuses and the like), train them and retain them. The recruitment process typically takes up to 60 days. You need to be able to select the right candidate, recruit them, and onboard your new employees. And so organizing a quality control department can be expensive:

Today, qualified specialists are in great demand and highly valued. Therefore, it is a challenge to hire them in a short span of time. What if your project needs 20 to 40 specialists? And if 50 or 100? Scaling an internal team of this type can be an extremely difficult task. Quality control outsourcing companies already have the teams you need. As an experienced quality control provider, UTOR can help you resolve any quality control issues you have.

So the question is: in-house or outsourced? Let’s discuss this first to make sure we’re on the same page.

Choosing between these two options is always a compromise. Naturally, you’ll want to hire a QA testing team that meets your business needs and capabilities, such as budget expectations. You should carefully consider all the pros and cons before making a decision:

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Control over quality control testing is in your hands. You have physical access to your quality control team throughout the business day. You can set up an effective process, create verification tests without delay, and resolve emerging issues faster. You can always contact their QA team personally and get an immediate response. However, remember that professional quality control companies offer the same opportunities.

The QA team you hire for internal testing will be integrated into the corporate environment and share the company’s values ​​and mission.

In-house quality control specialists require salaries, bonuses, training, and other expenses. The total cost of an in-house quality control department ranges from approximately $200,000 to $500,000 per year or even more. A quality control company can offer cheaper services.

Quality Assurance Software Testing Salary

It is difficult to find experienced and qualified quality control engineers. If you don’t have a QA expert on your team whose experience can help you hire QA engineers and the rest of the team based on your needs, your hiring time will increase significantly. The recruitment process can take 3 to 4 months. On the other hand, a quality control company provides ready-made teams.

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An internal quality control department cannot be expanded immediately as the project requires. Setting up a QA team from scratch takes time and resources. You have to set up new processes and align them accordingly. Your budget and resources for the QA team are always limited. In this case, you can effectively combine in-house and outsourced QA teams or hire a QA company.

Top quality control companies can provide experts in all areas of quality assurance and testing. This option allows you to hire as many experts as needed for your project, for as long as necessary. Your in-house quality control department has just five experts, but now you need a team of ten quality control engineers. Outsourcing quality control allows you to scale your team seamlessly.

A quality control company provides exactly the services you need to achieve the results you want. QA experts determine which tests your project needs based on your specific requirements, budget, and timeline.

Quality control companies already have well-trained teams of quality control experts. They can provide QA engineers and other experts for performance, accessibility, security, and other testing exactly when your project needs them. An experienced QA team will provide insight into the tests and procedures your project may require before you even think about them.

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Outsourcing companies are beyond your direct control. You need more time to discuss problems, develop and implement quality control solutions. This can have a negative effect on the quality control process. Top QA companies offer direct access to the QA team working on your project, so you have the same level of control as an in-house team.

Depending on location, the company and its outsourcing partner can and often do have time zone differences, which in turn can complicate the communication and collaboration process. You can negotiate a time that works for your company and the QA team to avoid this issue. Experienced quality control companies can always help establish an effective work process.

Choosing an unreliable quality assurance partner can compromise your project. Missed deadlines, poor quality results, slow communication due to time zone differences – these are just a few examples of problems you may encounter if you choose to work with an unreliable supplier. The only way to avoid these problems is to choose a quality company, with a reputation, experience and professional portfolio. Don’t hesitate to look at UTOR’s case studies to see what kind of portfolio you should be looking for.

Quality Assurance Software Testing Salary

QA outsourcing is a more effective approach to QA testing. If you need a quick solution that guarantees the high quality of your product, an experienced quality control company is your choice.

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A tester’s salary varies around the world. You can hire quality control in the US, Western Europe, India, Ukraine or other Eastern European countries and get similar results, but at a very different price. Quality control hourly rates in different countries depend on the development of the quality control market, competition and the presence of experienced quality control companies.

In the US, the hourly rate for QA testers is approximately $36 in 2021. The market size is $6.3 billion, making it one of the most important markets in the software testing industry. The market is mature and can meet all needs, but the average hourly rate for QA testers is quite high.

In Western Europe, the hourly rate of quality control testers is highly dependent on the country. For example, in Germany the hourly salary of a QA specialist is approximately $48/hour, in the United Kingdom – $36/hour, in Portugal – $22/hour, in Italy – $40/hour. The market is very mature and competitive, resulting in a relatively high average hourly rate. These figures are provided without quite high taxes in Western Europe, which vary from country to country, but can still add costs if you choose a quality control outsourcing provider in this market.

In India, the industry-leading hourly rate for QA testers is approximately $7/hour in 2021. The average hourly rate is significantly lower than what other markets can offer, but keep the differences in mind cultural and time zone conditions that may impact your work with Indian quality control companies.

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In Ukraine we can find a balanced solution. A specialist’s salary can vary between €5 and €25/hour depending on the company, but the best players in this market will cost you up to €100 per hour. There are many experienced companies on the Ukrainian quality control market. UTOR is one of the best rated companies that can guarantee the highest quality of your final product. If you would like to receive a no-obligation quote for your project, please contact us.

It can cost as low as $5/hour in Ukraine or as high as $48/hour in Germany, but you shouldn’t just focus on the price. The skills of a quality control specialist determine the hourly quality control rate.

For example, quality control experts with 5+ years of experience and 40+ completed projects will cost much more than the market average, but you will understand why.

Quality Assurance Software Testing Salary

If you want to learn more about the quality control engineer profession, read our other article on quality control roles and responsibilities.

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Before choosing a company to work for, you should explore the environment in which it operates. The market must be mature and highly competitive and include companies that have built a reputation as reliable partners providing quality services. Ukraine ticks all the boxes as it has a group of experienced quality control companies with great portfolios. UTOR is one of the main companies on this list.

Choose the top 5 companies on the market and compare their services, expertise and portfolios. Companies that approach each customer flexibly are the right choice. They know that each customer has specific requirements and tasks that only quality control experts with the right skills can fulfill.

The reputation, experience and portfolio of the company you are considering hiring as a quality control outsourcing partner should determine your choice. UTOR experts charge between 30 and 100 euros per hour depending on the platform (web or mobile), the approach required for testing (automated or manual), the testing spectrum (functional, penetration, performance, regression, usability and load) project, documentation of QA processes and other specific requirements. However, the company will guide you through the entire process of choosing quality control options for your project.

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