Quality Assurance Pkss Adalah

Quality Assurance Pkss Adalah – Implementation of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) ASSURANCE AND QUALITY CONTROL OF CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Construction Works Quality Plan (RMPK), Consulting Services Quality Program and Self-Management

Quality assurance and construction quality control is part of SMKK, which guarantees the implementation of the safety of construction engineers in order to realize quality processes and results of construction services. According to article 59 paragraph 3 of the construction services law no. 02 of 2017, construction safety, security, health and sustainability standards include at least material quality standards, equipment quality standards, occupational health and safety standards and quality standards for construction services execution results. During the implementation of the project it is necessary to control so that the implemented project progresses well according to the plans created in the preparation phase.

Quality Assurance Pkss Adalah

Quality Assurance Pkss Adalah

Any construction work is definitely expected to go well and achieve results according to the plans made. However, it cannot be denied that some unexpected things can happen and ongoing construction work does not go according to plan. To avoid this, good quality control and standards are required.

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The construction world is now more competitive than before, especially in Indonesia. Therefore, many contracting companies try to win the competition in the construction industry by improving the quality of products or services. Achieving this goal requires a series of actions during the project cycle, starting from planning, scheduling, supervision and control. This activity is known as quality assurance. Meanwhile, quality control is a measurable process of inspection and testing.

Using a quality management approach, the principles of quality assurance and quality control of construction work include aspects of human resource management involved in the provision of construction services. Quality assurance and control activities start from the signing of the contract to the date of final delivery of the work and are divided into 3 stages namely:

The quality control team should have technical quality control instructions carefully prepared and in accordance with applicable regulations. This quality management technical instruction covers the background and understanding of project quality management, quality management practices, quality management strategies, quality management objectives, methodology used, quality management phases and performance evaluation. This quality control technical instruction may also be provided with a chart or diagram of the quality control flow and the flow of quality control reports.

The training on quality assurance and quality control of construction works is a reference point for the implementation of quality assurance and quality control of construction works for parties related to the implementation of construction works.

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