Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary

Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary – How Much Do Cyber ​​Security Jobs Pay? To give you a quick answer, the average cybersecurity job pays $120,000 per year, which works out to $57.69 per hour.

The bottom end of the scale is around $90,000, with some earning more than $165,000 annually.

Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary

Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary

For example, a digital forensics specialist’s salary can average $81,680 per year, while a security engineer can average $125,000 per year.

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Due to the high demand and relatively low supply of talented cybersecurity professionals, even entry-level jobs in this field offer very competitive salaries.

Some industries pay more than others because of the high demand for skilled cybersecurity workers. Currently, some of the highest paying industries include:

It’s no surprise that some Fortune 500 companies pay the top when it comes to cybersecurity roles.

For example, Symantec offers a median salary of $185,000 for cybersecurity engineers. Places like Amazon, Fortinet, Radware, KPMG, Imperva, SecureWorks, Carbon Black, Rapid 7, Apple, Facebook and Google are also over $100,000.

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The BLS projects that employment of information security analysts will grow 32 percent from 2018 to 2028.

This demand is explained by the increasing frequency of cyber threats and attacks, as well as the need for companies to adopt new, more effective measures to protect against these threats.

With the growing threat of cyber attacks, the demand for skilled cyber security professionals is increasing.

Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, professionals in this field will become indispensable in securing data and digital infrastructure.

Technology Risk & Cyber Security

Driven by a vision to close the cybersecurity talent gap, I am dedicated to fostering a community where new enthusiasts and seasoned professionals can come together. Join me in building a network where we collaborate, learn and strengthen the digital frontier.

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Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary

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Aiutaci a protegerie dimostrando che sei una persona reale. Ci scusiamo se questo può causarti degli inconvenience. Continue reading email KPMG has made its minimum pay rates public as part of a review of rewards designed to attract and retain staff amid a continued tight job market for professionals.

The firm’s goal is for employees to earn market-competitive rates once they join the firm and then outpace competing firms.

There’s a war for talent, says Dorothy Heasgrove, KPMG’s national managing partner for people and inclusion.

The minimum salary range for KPMG in Consulting is $66,000 for a graduate, $81,500 for a senior consultant, $112,000 for a manager, and $200,000 for a director.

What Working In Cybersecurity Is Really Like: A Day In The Life

The pay rates, sent out in a company-wide email Thursday morning, are for KPMG employees in five key skill areas: tax, consulting, external audit, transactional and data and technology. Employees earn at least that much in each career and may also receive bonuses.

Disclosure details Pay rates for PwC Australia and Accenture employees. Consulting firms are competing with each other and with clients to recruit the same types of staff amid a global skills shortage.

“We want to be number 1 for talent in Australia and globally,” said Dorothy Hisgrove, KPMG’s national managing partner, people and inclusion.

Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary

“I think you’re not going to be No. 1 in talent if you’re not willing to tell people what your employees value, what you’re paying the market. Competitively paid.

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“I think another important aspect of transparency is that it helps you retain the great people you have. It also acts as a talent attraction mechanism. “

The company has shaped its pay and benefits package based on market research and employee feedback, Ms. Hisgrove said. Other key benefits offered by the firm include 26 weeks of parental leave, extended telecommuting in certain circumstances and accelerated career progression.

This “accelerated career path” is very important to the firm’s employees and allows them to take on more responsibility in a smaller and more varied work experience.

“It’s always been that way in our management consulting practice, but we’re increasingly promoting people based on their skills and experience,” Ms Hisgrove said. “Our people are developing relatively quickly and moving before they even show up for [the sequence].”

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He noted that more than 60 percent of KPMG employees were promoted in the company’s most recent promotion cycle before reaching the midpoint of typical experience for that level.

“I think it shows you the speed at which we move people, which is a key differentiator for KPMG,” he said.

Direct comparison of employee pay rates between the three companies is difficult and varies based on typical experience.

Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary

In consulting, the minimum salary for KPMG graduates is lower than PwC and Accenture. But after two years, a senior consultant at KPMG earns more than an equivalent title at PwC.

Hi Guys, Kpmg India Is Hiring For Cybersecurity Professional For Consultant Level To Till Assistant Manager. If Anyone Is Willing To Join Kpmg Or Wants Me To Refer Please Dm Me. I

At the top level of consulting, Accenture earns a higher starting base salary than PwC and KPMG.

“On a personal note, as I’ve spent years trying to close the gender pay gap, I really believe this will help close the gender gap,” she said.

“Especially because women can see and be seen by others, you know what people are doing across the company and our pay gap has narrowed significantly this year. I think there is more transparency on our back end in setting wages and explaining to our people how we set wages.

KPMG has previously reported that men and women earn roughly the same on a comparable basis. However, male employees earn an average of 14 percent more than female employees, and male associates earn about 17 percent more than female employees. The differences are that men make more in the top ranks of the firm.

Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst Jobs In British Columbia

Other experts also agree that pay transparency can help close the gender pay gap and have called on consulting firms, along with private sector companies, to disclose information about employee pay.

Wants to disclose its wage rates. EY has disclosed limited information to employees on pay rates limited to their specific geography and occupation.

“So we look at about 10 benchmarking inquiries in the market and we make sure the rates are consistent with the market data and we’re paying according to the market,” he said.

Kpmg Cyber Security Consultant Salary

“There are other things we look at, of course economic factors, geographic location, cost of living. What you see today are the Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra numbers because that represents the market where most of our people live.

Terrifying Cybercrime & Cybersecurity Statistics (2023)

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