It Security Project Manager Salary

It Security Project Manager Salary – Average Security Manager Salary $97,285 To create our salary estimates, start with data published in public sources, such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC) Show more.

The average security project manager salary in the United States is $97,285. The typical security project manager salary ranges from $63,000 to $148,000 per year. The average hourly rate for a security project manager is $46.77 per hour. The salary of a security project manager is influenced by location, education, and experience. Security project managers earn the highest average salaries in Washington, California, Rhode Island, New York, and Massachusetts.

It Security Project Manager Salary

It Security Project Manager Salary

Average security project manager salaries in Washington, California, and Rhode Island are the highest in the United States, while South Carolina, Ohio, and Florida have the lowest average security project manager salaries.

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Security program manager salaries range from $63,000 per year at the 10th percentile to $148,000 at the 90th percentile.

The highest paying categories of security project managers are director, special projects, security manager, and senior project manager.

Apple and BNY security project manager salaries are among the highest according to our latest salary estimates. Additionally, the average security project manager salary at companies like MD and Insight Enterprises is highly competitive.

The average security project manager salary has increased to $11,977 over the past ten years. In 2014, the average security project manager earned $85,308 per year, but today, they earn $97,285 per year. That works out to an 8 percent change in pay for security project managers over the past decade. Compare security project manager salaries for different cities or states with the national average for each period.

Project Management Statistics (2023)

Washington has the highest paid security project managers in the United States, with an average salary of $117,008 per year, or $56.25 per hour.

You know you are being paid fairly as a security project manager if your salary is close to the average salary for the state in which you live. For example, if you live in California, you should pay closer to $115,195 per year. Whether you’re considering a career in project management or preparing to negotiate a raise, understanding the salary landscape can help you make informed decisions about your future. So, we thought we’d help you do your homework by providing a snapshot of average project manager salaries on a few key factors.

There are many sources for project manager salary information, and they all provide different information. Here’s a quick overview of where we got the numbers for the infographic and why.

It Security Project Manager Salary

The average project manager puts in more than a typical 40-hour week and brings home under $89,000. It’s important to note that this average base salary for project managers covers a wide range, and many different factors contribute to your salary.

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Let’s take a closer look at how your salary can be affected by your career path, type of workplace, location and your PMP status.

Your job title may have the biggest influence on how much you make as a project manager. And it makes sense: the more experience you have—and the more promotion points you get—the higher your salary. Set your attitude towards leadership, and your salary outlook is very bright. 🌞

Should you go into IT, marketing, healthcare, or construction project management? If you are just starting out in your career, you have many options. It helps to get a sense of which industries offer better paying opportunities for project managers.

Of course, money should not be the only deciding factor in important life decisions. You should love what you do. But this is how the different fields typically stack up for project managers. These numbers will vary depending on your career level, but it gives you a basic idea of ​​where you can land based on what you choose.

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It’s no surprise that where you live affects your earning potential. We’ve selected some of the most popular metropolitan areas in the United States to see how average project manager salaries compare.

One trend that caught our eye was that project managers in large coastal cities tended to have higher salaries. Just remember that cities like NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle still have a high cost of living. Do your research before packing up and moving across the country with big bucks.

If you don’t have a PMP certification yet, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. PMI’s 2021 Project Management Salary Survey shows that earning your PMP can make you a project manager.

It Security Project Manager Salary

But perhaps the biggest lesson here is simply the value of education. If you actively pursue opportunities to learn how to be a better project manager, you are going to see your salary increase. 📈

Pmp® Certification Salary: Increase Your Earning Potential In 2023

Do you want to improve your chances for a salary increase? Worry less about what others are doing, and focus on improving yourself.

You can prove your worth by using project management tools that make it easy to track project success and share your wins with others. Plus, you’ll have all the features you need to ensure projects are completed on time and under budget.

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Project Management 2022 Salary Range: How Much Do Project Managers Earn? Find out how much project managers make annually, and view project management salary ranges by job title, industry, location and PMP credential. The PMO manager, director, or project management officer is the head of the organization’s project delivery department. The PMO manager is responsible for the leadership of the project manager, ensuring the successful project management process, governance, and delivery of the project. There are many factors that influence the salary of a PMO manager such as the industry, organization, experience level, and skills of the PMO manager. We have explored the PMO manager salary in detail.

As seniority increases, salary and compensation should increase. It depends on the industry and company. This is the same for the Director/PMO Officer as well. The average project management salary in the United States is $218,000, but the typical range is between $193,000 and $248,500.

It Security Project Manager Salary

Salary levels can vary widely based on several important factors. These include education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your career. For example, if a PMO manager or executive has extensive proven experience in managing enterprise-level project delays or project cost overruns, this will affect the PMO manager’s salary. We will explore these topics one by one in the next section.

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In some industries, such as IT, defense, and pharmaceuticals, the salaries of PMO managers are higher than average. If you look at PMO manager jobs in the financial industry, you will find that PMO managers are offered salaries of up to $229,000. The IT industry also pays very high salaries to PMO managers. Research shows that the IT industry is willing to pay PMO managers up to $204,000.

Similarly, the pharmaceutical company is paying $194,000 to the PMO manager. Although the projects managed in the food manufacturing industry may not be technical or very important, PMO salaries are still very high. A PMO manager in a food manufacturing organization can easily secure a job with a salary of $200,000. The defense sector is also one of the highest paying industries for PMO managers. There are also jobs in the defense sector that pay PMO managers up to $196,000 a year.

We have mentioned only a few industries that pay high salaries to PMO managers. There are also many industries where PMO managers can earn similar salaries. Due to the increasing need to establish project management offices and PMO managers who run this department, more and more jobs are being listed for PMO managers every day. PMO managers have primary responsibility for organizations and projects that are managed by other project managers. That is, they must advise and ensure the success of the project within the organization. Because of the important responsibilities that PMO managers carry out, they earn higher salaries than other project roles.

In addition, studies have shown that PMO managers who work on high-profile projects that typically exceed $10 million receive salaries that are 40 percent higher than the average salary. Moreover, year by year, these salary figures are also expected to increase. As the demand for project managers increases, so do salaries

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