How To Answer Your Phone

How To Answer Your Phone – Have you ever been on the phone with a great prospect and wondered, “Did I lose that sale because my dog ​​was barking in the background? Did I explain our services clearly? Was I friendly enough?”

You are not alone. A print job where you answer the phones for sales or customer support can leave even an experienced representative or receptionist guessing at times.

How To Answer Your Phone

How To Answer Your Phone

Some business owners are bypassing in-house receptionists altogether, leaving the time-consuming management of inbound and outbound calls to companies such as companies that offer 24/7 phone answering with professional live agents.

Should Ai Answer Your Phone Calls?

If you’ve ever thought about making a phone call to a new prospect, or want to learn more about how such a service can help, read these 10 phone answering tips every business owner should know.

During busy hours, the office can be noisy as customers and deliveries come through the door; You decide. Of course, these are also the busiest times for phones, but you don’t want phone conversations to be lost in the background noise.

A noisy environment can make it difficult for callers to hear, which can lead to frustration and a bad impression.

Find a quiet, secluded area for your reception area, away from business service offerings. For some companies, this may be easier said than done. For example, a law firm is likely to have private offices where lawyers can meet with clients in confidence, while a hair salon is usually an open space.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Phone Etiquette

If you have an open floor plan, try to create a physical distance between the reception and workstations. It can also be helpful to install a sound-reflecting barrier, such as a closed shelving unit. This barrier reduces the background noise of receptionists answering calls.

Some patient callers may wait as many rings as you answer. Others may not try again later if they find an alternative provider. Seven out of ten hang up after the fifth or sixth ring; so you don’t have to ring three or four times to answer the call.

If your company doesn’t have a receptionist on the phone all day, you might want to find another solution to answer calls quickly. For example, you can send several different phones to the office or search for an answering service.

How To Answer Your Phone

The first thing you need to do when you pick up the phone is identify who is answering the call – the company they are reaching and the person they are talking to. It’s important to include your name so they know who to call if they need to call you back.

Tips For Answering Telephone Calls Professionally By Katelynangela

Keep your greetings short and sweet, as long greetings can sound scripted and boring. But it’s not a bad idea to use generic receptionist greeting templates that your team can use as needed, such as training new staff or outsourcing service providers.

A good greeting looks like this: “Good morning! Thank you for calling [company name]. This is [receptionist name] speaking. How can I help you today?”

Communicating on the phone is just as important as knowing what to say. Pronounce your words accurately when answering the phones of customer support or the sales area. Speak more slowly and project your voice without shouting.

Be aware if you have what most people consider an accent when you speak. The caller may not be from the same area or they may not know your local dialect.

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When talking on the phone with a customer or potential customer, choose your words carefully. Use jargon that does not include slang, random expressions, or profanity. Be sure to use “please” and “thank you” as appropriate.

Being aware of the words you use also means proactive alternative expression. Instead of saying “I don’t know”, try saying “Let’s find out”.

Since callers can’t see you on the phone, your voice can affect their impression of your company and you.

How To Answer Your Phone

With training comes the “voice of business” or “telephone voice”. Follow these tips to improve your voice when answering the phones:

People Just Don’t Answer Their Phone Anymore

It is very important to provide the correct information to both new callers and old customers. Although likely unintentional, inaccurate information can frustrate callers and turn prospects from hot to cold. For example, something as simple as entering the wrong email address or misspelling a name can cause you to lose a new potential customer.

Try to repeat the information to the caller before ending the call to ensure accuracy. This is especially important for personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, addresses, dates of birth and email addresses. It may be helpful to use a phonetic alphabet to ensure accuracy.

Before transferring the call to another department, be sure to convey the customer’s information and the reason for the call to the next recipient, as 33% of customers feel uncomfortable repeating the same thing to multiple support agents.

Process, problem, etc. When explaining, don’t be afraid to put callers on hold for a short time to verify information and avoid giving false information.

How To Make And Answer Phone Calls On Your Mac

Before doing this, it’s good practice to ask callers if you can put them on hold. For example, avoid saying “Just a minute” and then leaving them with music. This can confuse or even annoy callers.

If you can predict how long they will be put on hold, this often leads to a better caller experience. Remember: It is always better to overestimate; Avoid saying you’ll be back “in just a moment” when it’s safer to say “in a few minutes.”

If the wait takes longer than expected, be sure to return to the line for a moment to let the person know. Almost 60% of callers consider long wait times the most frustrating aspect of their customer support experience. The receptionist’s job is to ensure that the waiting experience is as painless as possible.

How To Answer Your Phone

Every call you receive has a different purpose. For example, one caller may want to schedule a regular appointment, while another may be looking for your business among competitors. How you end a conversation depends on the reason for the call.

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End the conversation with possible next steps or a statement to follow after hanging up. Here are some examples:

If after reading our guide you realize that you don’t have the time or staff to implement these phone answering tips, try outsourcing your phone answering to virtual receptionists, e.g.

A highly effective phone answering strategy is vital to generating strong leads and growing your business, but it takes time and effort that you, as a business owner, don’t always have.

Remember that in most companies, the majority of sales and customer service is done over the phone. Check out this list of phone etiquette training courses to further strengthen your team’s phone answering skills. Or schedule a free consultation or contact us to learn more about how we can help improve your phone answering strategy.

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Maddy Martin is the Director of Growth. Over the past 15 years, Maddy has developed her expertise and reputation in small business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, partnerships and SEO.

RecommendationBest Net Promoter Score apps for small businesses: tools to help customer service stay on targetRead moreWe were previously taught how important it is to answer the office phone with the customer in mind.

Since the call has a direct impact on satisfying the customer’s needs, we have very high standards in meeting these expectations.

How To Answer Your Phone

I recently called a service provider and was shocked by the person who answered the phone. They were abrupt, ignorant and extremely rude.

When I Try To Call My Mom And She Doesn’t Answer The Phone Iz This\a Tia What Could Be E More Important

The good news is that most companies today understand that exceptional customer service is critical to a healthy bottom line, and prioritizing a positive customer experience is the first step.

It was taught to us in school and we experienced it in life. First impressions mean a lot.

When a customer calls your business for the first time, you have a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression.

You have a few minutes to make sure this person is happy that they called and confident that their problem will be solved.

Creative, Cute & Funny Ways To Answer The Phone

Or it feels like they have a fight on their hands to get what they’re looking for.

The office receptionist who answers the phone must be trained in the correct way to answer the business phone.

Phone training helps employees understand that answering the phone has a direct impact on the customer experience.

How To Answer Your Phone

Give employees a phone script to make sure they always answer the phone the same way.

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We’ve created a sample business phone script that you can use to ensure that all calls to your business are answered the way you want with the customer in mind!

“Good morning Monday morning, thank you so much for calling ABC Company. We are the #1 home appliance company in the Southeast, I’m Tiffany, the receptionist, how may I help you today?”

Nobody wants to hear about the company’s history; they just want to talk to someone who can help them.


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