How To Answer The Conflict Question In An Interview

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A question often asked in job interviews is “how do you manage conflict in the workplace?” Read our guide for top tips on how to prepare the perfect answer to this question.

How To Answer The Conflict Question In An Interview

How To Answer The Conflict Question In An Interview

Conflict in the workplace occurs when there are disagreements between colleagues. These disagreements may be due to opposing ideas, interests or beliefs. Workplace conflict can take many forms, including

Interview Questions For Managers (with Example Answers)

There are many reasons why conflicts can arise in the workplace, such as disagreements over leadership styles, poor coordination between groups/individuals, conflicting work styles, and cultural differences.

“The quality of our lives does not depend on whether we have conflicts or not, but on how we respond to them.” –Thomas Crum

Most professionals will encounter conflict at some point in their professional lives. Although conflict in the workplace can be unpleasant and stressful, it offers great learning opportunities and is a good test of interpersonal skills. Therefore, how a candidate answers the question “how do you manage conflict at work” can reveal a lot of useful information about their skills and personality.

From a positive point of view, the candidate’s response can demonstrate strong communication and conflict resolution skills, empathy, willingness to compromise and balance. On the other hand, his responses may also reveal poor communication and interpersonal skills, selfishness, poor emotional regulation, and a general lack of professionalism. This is a valuable insight that allows the interviewer to assess how well the candidate fits into their team and the broader company culture.

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“Behavioral interviewing is a job interview technique in which candidates are asked to describe their past performance and behavior to determine whether they are suitable for a position. Behavioral interviewing provides a more objective set of facts for making employment decisions than other interviewing methods. ~ University of Missouri-Kansas City

“How do you manage conflict at work?” is an example of behavioral questions in job interviews. This style of questioning is based on the concept that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Behavioral interviewing involves asking candidates to talk about their past experiences to demonstrate their skills. Behavioral questions are easy to recognize because they follow the same format and usually start with “Tell me about a time…” or “Give me an example…”.

The golden rule when answering behavioral interview questions is to adhere to the CAR Principles: Context, Action, Decision. Remember these three steps and you will be able to completely impress your interviewer:

How To Answer The Conflict Question In An Interview

As part of your interview preparation, you should brainstorm an example of workplace conflict. Ideally, the example you choose should have a positive outcome that is a direct result of the action you took. Additionally, the story you choose should also highlight important learning moments for you in your career.

How To Answer Interview Questions On Conflict Resolution

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Based on my professional experience, I think I deal well with conflict. I think conflict naturally arises when people care about their work and have strong opinions about the best way to do it. I will first admit that I get defensive when I try to express an opinion.

This situation can cause stress, so I also have to pay close attention to my feelings and behavior. If I notice things getting intense, I use calming tactics like mindful breathing and meditation to reflect on the issue and readjust my attitude. This helps me actively listen to others and better understand their point of view without becoming defensive or confrontational.

When I encounter conflict at work, my top priority is to find a mutually beneficial solution for everyone involved. To achieve this goal, I need to calm down and start meaningful dialogue with other people.

Top 8 Answers To Expert Questions

In one of my previous roles, I had a colleague who never finished his work on time. Given the fast-paced nature of the work, this causes delays and delays. I often find myself overcompensating and working harder and later to cover it up. This lasted about two months and I realized that my colleague would not change his attitude if I continued to protect him.

Therefore, I have reserved a meeting room so that we can tactfully resolve this issue and find a solution. Ultimately, it became clear that he agreed to work more than his job description actually specified. To resolve this issue, we agreed that he needed to have a frank discussion with his line manager to clarify expectations.

Eventually, his manager agreed to transfer some of his workload to more relevant people. This has really helped to reduce the pressure on me, my colleagues and our team and we no longer have difficulties meeting deadlines.

How To Answer The Conflict Question In An Interview

When preparing a report on past project performance, my manager asked me to delete data about unsuccessful projects. I am reluctant to do this because I know that ignoring this information will distort the report. I expressed my concerns to my manager, but he insisted that I move forward with removing the data.

How To Resolve Conflicts

After careful consideration, I decided the best course of action would be to escalate my concern to the next level of management. They sided with my manager and supported his decision to remove the data.

So I did as I was told and removed the data. However, I added a line to the report saying that the data shown only represents successful projects. Throughout the incident, I made sure to document the situation with a digital paper log and document the situation in case of a future investigation.

While I understand my manager’s thinking, I’m not ready to fully return to my values. I felt that the course of action I took offered an appropriate compromise. As a result of this performance report, my team ended up receiving a larger budget for future projects.

At my last job, I worked in a team to prepare a presentation for a new client. There was disagreement within the team about the best way to tackle this task. Some people like to have daily meetings, while others, including me, think there is no need for it because we have a login that can easily report and track our progress. I feel like any other approach would take up a lot of valuable time.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Instead of arguing, we all come together so everyone has the opportunity to argue their side. Finally, we contacted the group members and decided to hold short daily meetings, lasting no more than ten minutes, so that all team members could follow the progress of the presentation.

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How To Answer The Conflict Question In An Interview

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How To Answer The Conflict Question In An Interview

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