How To Answer Leadership Question In Interview

How To Answer Leadership Question In Interview – If you’re looking for a job, the interviewer will probably ask about your leadership style. I’m going to walk you through exactly how to give a great answer to the interview question, “What is your leadership style?” so you can hire. And I’ll cover a few “traps” and mistakes you’ll want to avoid in order to get a job offer.

If they ask you this question in an interview, it means they care about your leadership skills and will likely use that as a factor when deciding who to hire. This is not necessarily direct management. You do not need to have managed or supervised people in a previous role. And you might even hear this question about jobs that don’t require direct leadership. But maybe in a few years they are going to promote you. Maybe they want someone who can lead by example and mentor newer people in a year, etc. For whatever reason… the interviewer wants to know what your direction is, and most importantly – how comfortable you are doing it (this is the real reason they ask here!) So you need to show them that you’re confident in leadership and that you’ve done it before!

How To Answer Leadership Question In Interview

How To Answer Leadership Question In Interview

In retrospect, choose your most memorable leadership experience and try to find the answer to this. It could be on a sports team, a class project, or past jobs. But whatever you do, don’t answer this interview question by saying, “I’m not really a manager” or “I’m not sure, I’ve never really managed people.” To find something, anything. (If you want to rent, that is).

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There is no single “right” or “wrong” answer to this interview question… but the hiring manager wants you to know that you have a system that works for you. When they ask “what’s your leadership style,” they want to hear that you’ve come up with something that works consistently when you’re able to lead. And you also need to get a somewhat reasonable and easy sound. Desired sound. Don’t pretend to be a dictator or someone who controls everyone around you. It’s inefficient and you’re definitely not going to get hired.

Once you’ve answered the basic question and described your general leadership style, I suggest you ask the hiring manager if they want you to clarify. You can say, “Would you like me to give you an example of a time I did this?” They’ll probably say “yes,” and if they do, you can tell them a unique story. (However, it’s always better to ask a question instead of diving into an incredibly long answer when they might be looking for a quick answer. This is a strategy I often recommend as it prevents you from annoying the interviewer or giving overly long answers) . If they want a story, talk about how you used your leadership skills to make a project successful in the past. What is the end result? Have you helped your company make or save money? Did you win a prize at school? etc. Talk about real measurable results.

Now that you have three steps to answer the question “what is your leadership style”, I will give you some verbatim examples and phrases that you can use to describe your leadership style. All these will impress your interviewer.

However, remember what I mentioned above – you need to share stories and examples when they ask this interview question. So don’t lie. Choose something that really suits you!

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Ask people who know you! Ask your parents, friends, other family, classmates, etc. People you were on sports teams, class projects, or worked with. Ask them how they would describe your leadership and try to spot a few themes that many people repeat. It can be taken and used. If you follow the steps above, you should be able to give a great answer when they ask about your leadership style or leadership experience in any interview. Be prepared to be specific and don’t give vague answers like “I’m a hard worker, so it always works out when I’m in charge of a project.” It’s nonsense. Which tells them absolutely nothing. They want real information, results and specific facts. They really want to see if you’ve developed a style that works for you, and they want to see that you can describe it clearly. So Practice your answer at home before going to the interview.

Before we wrap things up, I’ll leave you with a few sample answers that describe your leadership style in an interview.

Sample answer #1: “I would describe my leadership style as direct and lead by example. I like to delegate tasks and lead projects, but I also want to be involved and motivate my team by showing that I actually work to help them as well. For example, at my last job there was an emergency where a client’s website went down. I quickly delegate tasks to my team of four, but then I called the client myself to get my team more information and temporary measures they could take to mitigate the cost to the client while we came up with a permanent solution. When my team saw me working hard to solve this, it made them realize the importance and also to work hard.” Answer example 2: “I think my strengths as a leader are delegation and effective communication. So my leadership style utilizes these strengths. I always try to delegate tasks to the best person who can perform the task well, and I try to communicate clearly what needs to be done and why. This eliminates back and forth, errors and the need to repeat tasks. Spending more time communicating effectively at the beginning of the project and delegating correctly will save time as the project progresses.

How To Answer Leadership Question In Interview

If you follow the advice above and make your answers like these examples, you’ll impress the interviewer and get past the interview question in no time!

How To Answer Leadership Interview Questions (+ Example)

As a final step, make sure you practice your answer. You want to be confident and confident when they ask “what is your leadership style?” You don’t want to hesitate or screw up this question, so use the steps above and practice until you feel ready.

Biron Clark is a former executive recruiter who has single-handedly worked with hundreds of job seekers, reviewed thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and recruited to top startups and Fortune 500 companies. Jobs since 2012 think differently in their job search and get competitive high-paying jobs. Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn When screening potential candidates for your team, it’s important to choose a candidate who fits your company and has the right skills. It’s especially important when you’re looking for a leader who can improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and improve your team’s cohesion.

The key to finding the right manager is to ask the right manager interview questions. But what questions are appropriate?

If you haven’t found the perfect set of questions, don’t worry. In this article, we have compiled the 53 best leadership interview questions ready for you.

Samples To Prepare You For Leadership Interview Questions

In this section you will also find a selection of skills tests, such as our Leadership & People Management test, to make finding a talented leader easy, stress-free and almost effortless.

Ask potential leaders these 15 common leadership interview questions to learn about their leadership experience, knowledge, and style.

Check out the answers to these five common leadership interview questions and use them as a guide to review your candidates’ answers after the interview.

How To Answer Leadership Question In Interview

Applicants may have multiple leadership skills that simplify team and project management. For example, they may say that negotiation and delegation are their best leadership skills, or that mentoring and coaching make their job easier.

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Or they may tell you that their top leadership skill is empathy, which research shows is one of the most important leadership skills.

Check how candidates’ top leadership skills have helped them complete challenging team management tasks by asking follow-up questions like, “How has this skill helped you motivate your team?” Alternatively, you can use our leadership and people management or negotiation skills tests before the interview to assess them.

Leadership can be challenging, which is why only 10% of people are natural leaders. Your candidates may not have mastered all the leadership skills needed to effectively manage projects, but they should be committed to developing the leadership skills they lack.

Say the applicant lacks time management skills. In that case, they can take courses or read time management books to improve their time management skills.

Interview Questions: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Assess their time management skills with the Time Management Skills Test and always ask if they can describe the methods they use to improve their skills.

Candidates with the right leadership skills should have a solid understanding of the four leadership styles. They can mention the following examples when answering this interview

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