Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Loans

Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Loans – If you’re looking for a car dealership with guaranteed credit approval in Connecticut, Frank’s Auto Credit could be just what you’re looking for. Shop at Auto Dealership, we strive to ensure your auto loan approval. We offer our own in-house financing, so we have the flexibility to work with anyone – regardless of their credit score.

Tired of going from dealership to dealership and being turned down because of your credit score? Visit Frank for an easy and hassle-free car buying process. We can get you approved for a loan and a car in the same day!

Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Loans

Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Loans

See why so many customers looking for a car dealership with guaranteed credit approval in Connecticut love shopping with Frank!:

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Everyone is nice and friendly. Do not drive on the same day that you insure the vehicle you choose. I love shopping with Franks auto credit for a motor vehicle, the best local dealer if I could award them 10 stars, but I think the limit of five is really amazing. I recommend them for beautiful, reliable vehicles.

I brought 4 of their cars and I have no complaints. They treated me like family if I had any problems.

I love this place!!!!! This is my second car and they haven’t let me down yet!!!!

Keith made the entire process very comfortable. I have had nothing but terrible experiences at other dealerships. The straight ones are the best because they guide you through everything and don’t beat around the bush about things! Low entry and reasonably priced cars! I was in and out in 2.5 hours with my own car! Go here and ask Keith! He is the best!!!!

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My experience was amazing, everyone there cares about customer service and the experience you want to have in a new car is something everyone should share. I would definitely recommend Frank’s Auto Credit to anyone with a good vehicle, decent down payments, and a great overall experience. Keith was great and very helpful.

Very smooth process, very helpful staff at all stages of the process. Very happy. Bruce and Keith were very helpful and pleasant.

Good fast service. I left in 3 hours and left in my SUV 🚙

Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Loans

The process could not have been smoother. I thank the entire team who were incredible. I have a beautiful SUV that I am very happy with so far, no complaints. Keith has been the best at helping me throughout my process. I was a little nervous as I’m always starting something new, but after a full experience with Keith, I feel great about my decision. I love that even after you purchase the car, they give you free support for any car service as well as oil changes as needed. I mean it doesn’t get any better than that.. but actually here if you refer someone.. Frank will pay you, if you refer 8 people they will pay for your car.. honestly I’m so happy for you all, thank you very much! Keith served in the Navy, I want to thank him for everything and his service.

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Bruce and the whole place are great, second time with the car in the same day. Would recommend to anyone!

Excellent customer service, answered all my questions, everyone was very kind and welcoming. Quick and easy process, I picked up the vehicle on the same day.

The SUV 🚙 that I buy has a beautiful and clean sound. I understood yesterday. Nice people, they tell you how much you earn from your job

I was having financial problems, I bought a car from Franks in January, they are very polite, efficient and respectful. I was in and out. needed a small repair…

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I challenged the credit. I got a 5 year car loan from Frank. Low down payment and easy weekly payments. no…

I got into serious financial trouble and the only people willing to work with me to get used car financing were the folks at Frank’s….

Our number 1 goal is to obtain financing for your vehicle. We guarantee that we will do everything in our power to get you financing, regardless of whether your credit score is bad or bad! Due to our high approval rate, many consider us the leading secured credit approval dealership in Connecticut!

Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Loans

Like any car dealership with guaranteed credit approval in Connecticut, Frank’s Auto Credit provides all financing in-house. Instead of a traditional car dealership, where you buy a car and then pay off the loan to a finance company, everything is done on our buy-to-let lot. We strive to provide guaranteed credit approval to all of our applicants.

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When you buy a used car from us, you can make monthly or bi-weekly payments in most cases, and payments go directly to Frank’s Auto Credit. No intermediaries, no third-party financing, transaction simplicity and low cost.

Like other car dealerships with guaranteed credit approval in Connecticut, the car selection at Frank’s Auto Credit makes our Pay Car Lot here for anyone looking for a reliable purchase. The cars we have fit any budget. Whether you’re looking for a sedan, SUV, crossover, or minivan, we have an inventory to meet your needs.

Looking for a car dealership with secured credit in CT? Visit Frank’s Auto Credit at 285 Broad Street in Manchester, CT, call (860) 649-3000, or send us a message here and we’ll be in touch!

First time coming here, very respectful and the sales rep is right! I couldn’t be happier that I chose to go to Franks! Thank you very much, I will send more people to you.

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I can’t believe how quick and easy it is to buy a car. Very professional and friendly people. Thanks Bruce!

All the staff were wonderful, this is my second purchase with Frank. I recommend taking a car here! Thanks for the help Bru!

I had the best experience with Frank. This is my fifth vehicle I have purchased from them. The customer service is excellent and the atmosphere is friendly.

Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Loans

I had a good experience. They told me how and who to contact if I had any problems. Everyone was friendly and professional

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After being rejected by other places, my credit was not good because Franks Auto came in and helped me and went above and beyond. I had a problem with the battery and they fixed it immediately. I recommend them to everyone.

I just bought my second car! It’s a great place to go when you’re stuck, and they’re always willing to work with you when income is low. Ask Keith!

Great customer service and car selection. This is the second time I have done business with Frank Auto Credit. My first car lasted six years. If you need a car, come to Frank Auto!

Super easy to work with! I got my first car! Very happy with my purchase! Keith was very helpful and patient in helping me choose the best car for me!

Guaranteed Auto Financing

Bruce, great guy, recommended and helped with everything, great guys helped me get the car the same day

Great experience working with Bruce and Frank’s team. I recommend coming here for a kind and friendly experience.

Great store! And be sure to talk to Bruce! He will always help you no matter what your situation is

Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Loans

Very welcoming…my family has done a lot of business here during this process and Keith has always been excellent and simply everything here has been great and I will definitely be back again.

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Franks Automatic Credit is incredible! The staff is very friendly and the clearance process is quick and easy. I will definitely go back to them!

I bought a car from Frank today. Bruce was amazing!! I have never purchased a vehicle so quickly and easily!! Thanks Bruce! I’m beyond happy!!! Definitely recommend!

Excellent service. Friendly and professional staff. Bruce was great and Giselle, the accountant, was very helpful. She would recommend them to friends and family.

I went in without any hope of getting a car. It was my fault for keeping the car. I couldn’t believe it. Thank you Bruce, you made everything easier and made me feel welcome at Franks Auto Credit.

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