Guarantee Meaning Kannada

Guarantee Meaning Kannada – Congressional Resolutions: Five “Evidences”… The Controversies of the Debates: What Are They? This is the statement that CM Siddaramaiah, who basically agreed to the assertions in the first volume, is trying to make on a regular basis. However, dozens of confusions have arisen about the 5-point plan.

BENGALURU: There is a heated debate on the 5 resolutions announced by the Congress. There was a debate on social media. People are confused about the warranty concept. Many questions arise. They said they would make 5 recommendations the day they come to power, but even after 2 weeks the plan has not been implemented. People do not pay electricity bills in the village. Tickets are sold on the bus. The opposition parties are sitting here insisting that the recommendation will be implemented. Meanwhile, the confused country has many questions and doubts about the bailout plan.

Guarantee Meaning Kannada

Guarantee Meaning Kannada

Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar said that her mother-in-law is a beneficiary of the Griha Lakshmi scheme. So, 2000 will be given in Griha Lakshmi scheme even though his mother in law is already getting salary and old age pension, will he benefit from this scheme even if his wife is working? Confusion ensued.

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There is a lot of confusion about free bus travel. Can you travel from anywhere to anywhere? If there are contradictions, how do we identify them? Can you travel in all buses like KSRTC, BMTC etc.? How many kilometers will you get? Or traveling across the state? Are there free trips for college girls? That is the whole question.

There are many questions about Griha Jyoti. Who gets free electricity? BPL card holder? No.. Is it for everyone? 200 units will be free.. What if we use more units? Do I have to pay for extra space? Don’t need to pay all the bills? Do tenants still get free electricity? The question remains.

When will Annabaghia rice be served? There is confusion that Henry will receive 10 kg of rice in June, but there is still a delay. So, there are hundreds of questions on people’s minds about the 5 recommendations announced by Congress, we have to wait and see if they all get answers . .

JDS has decided to use the bailout delay as a political tool. The JD(S) is said to be determined to fight across the state if it is implemented and will campaign in the name of the Congress party. According to reports, former CM HD Kumaraswamy, MPs, former MPs and activists have been ordered to march to the area despite bail conditions. Sources said that in this campaign, workers were sent from door to door with verification cards and asked them not to pay the current amount.

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CM HD Kumaraswamy was earlier upset over the delay in fulfilling the promises made by the Congress to the people. There is a judgment in the “guarantee demand” of the people who gave 135 seats to the Congress. It is the government’s responsibility to provide insurance, he said. Also, why are you silent on the Prime Minister’s assurance that it is free for me, free for you, and free for all? Certificate Translation India is India’s top translation company providing notarization of Chinese and English birth certificate along with Apostille services for submission to government and international institutions, educational institutions, banks etc. go.

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Guarantee Meaning Kannada

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Guarantee Meaning Kannada

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‘Soap Opera’ for Karnataka Voters: 2 Cr Proof Card Divided by Congress and BJP in Last Round Promises

For example, Bharatiya Janata Party promised 5 kg of rice and 5 kg of millet per month against 10 kg of rice of Congress. Congress promised Rs 2,000 per month to women in Karnataka, while BJP women will contribute Rs 10,000 in fixed deposits for five years.

Guarantee Meaning Kannada

Since Rahul Gandhi assumed office last month, an LPG cylinder has been installed near the window of the press hall in the new Parliament office in Bengal. The building is plastered with placards reiterating the ‘Evidence Card’, the four promises made by the Congress to the voters in the Karnataka elections.

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“We have distributed two lakh insurance cards (signed by DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah) to people in Karnataka in the last two months. This will be the biggest factor in our victory. Traveling through the rural areas of Karnataka, one realizes that the ‘Evidence Card’ has indeed reached many people. These four guarantees include 2,000 yuan per month for every woman, 3,000 yuan for every high school student, 200 free electricity sets, and 10 kg of free rice for every family in the country. The BJP said the “promise” will never be fulfilled.

On Monday, the BJP launched its manifesto, promising some election materials like three free cylinders.

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