Funny Ways To Answer To A Dance

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Some of the greatest high school memories involve school dances. Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, Winter Ball, Prom are all a chance to seal friendships and make others. But don’t ask or answer a girl or a guy on a text … get creative with some of these awesome dance ideas!

Funny Ways To Answer To A Dance

Funny Ways To Answer To A Dance

My best dance question was when I met with our small town’s local mortician and made the most epic proposal. I had a bunch of helium balloons tied to a sign with my picture on it that said, “Do you want to go to the winter ball with me?” We put the balloons in a coffin and close the lid. The mortician then drove his hearse to my date’s house and told him he had to come to the funeral home to identify a body.

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As my date went to a corbel in a funeral home, he freaked out! At the funeral home, the undertaker led my date to the casket and slowly opened the lid. when the balloons popped, my date became easier. That was the best question!

Instead, he responded by drawing a silhouette of the body on the sidewalk with chalk and surrounding it with caution tape. His message read: “Can’t wait to go with you!”

Another fun thing I did in high school was create about a hundred Old West themed “Eight” posters. I took a funny picture of my date and captioned it with the words, “Wanted: Dead or Alive. Jacob Jones to go to the dance with me. See the office for details.” I posted the posters all over the school and gave the secretary a card with my name and phone number on it to give me the date when she came to the office to ask.

Use the game Guess who to ask your date to a dance. You can replace any magazine or yearbook cutout photo with your photo as the target for your date’s “guess who”.

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This was done by our blog manager Bobbi. Create a custom puzzle and write the message “Do you want to go to ___ with me? Sincerely, ______” Separate the puzzle pieces into a dozen balloons and fill them with air or helium. Have someone deliver the balloons on your date to split the puzzle

Deliver a bouquet of cookies with the message “It would be SWEET if you would go to _____ with me!”

One of Bobbi’s most memorable dance questions was when her date left a medieval scroll on her doorstep, written in Old English, asking her to the dance and telling her when her carriage would arrive. You could take this a step further and deliver the scroll to a trumpet fanfare. How cool would that be?

Funny Ways To Answer To A Dance

Get a watermelon and put the message above! To answer, get a watermelon and put the message: “Honey, I ROUA!”

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Romantic at heart will always fall hard for a message in a bottle. If you live near a beach, plant a message in a bottle in the sand and take a walk with your significant other to find it.

Fans of The Bachelor reality show can take a cue from this wake-up call. Buy a dozen roses and deliver them to your date with the message “I would be honored if you would accept this rose and go to ____ with me.”

If you want to make an impression that will last a lifetime, plan a flash mob. Check out these seasonal flash mob proposals!

Do you want to make Homecoming like a fairy tale? Ask your date to the dance by modeling your favorite Disney prince or princess. A prince might deliver a shiny shoe on a pillow for a Cinderella theme or a rose under a cloche for Beauty and the Beast. Be creative!

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Do you have experience with horses? How about showing up on a white stallion asking your date to the prom. Uh-mazing. You could even ride horses on a date before the dance.

Check with a local home improvement store for the largest appliance box they have. (Many will give them to you for free.) Wrap it up, climb inside, and let your date open the presents with a big “surprise” inside. You can go all out with flowers, balloons or a tasty treat.

Similarly, you can get cute by answering a dance question with the answer “When pigs fly.” Get a dozen pink helium balloons and draw pig faces on them. Put them in a big box, wrap it and write the answer outside: “I will be in the dance with you … when pigs fly.” When your date opens the box, pigs literally fly.

Funny Ways To Answer To A Dance

You could do this in some ways, but the question is still the same: “It would be CEREAL-SLY great if you went to the dance with me.” Give your date a cereal box with your name hidden inside and they will have to send them to find out who asked. Or tape a bunch of mini cereal boxes to a large t-shirt with the message written on the shirt. There are so many possibilities!

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And Kristen Bell, you will totally love this reference!). Fill a large container with plastic forks and the message: “It would be nice if you would go to the dance with me.”

Who can say no to donuts? Give your potential date a box of donuts with the message “Honey, do you think we’d be good at Homecoming together?”

Memes are hot, hot, hot right now and you would be totally on trend with this proposal. Blow up your favorite meme and put the message: “I would like it very much if you would accompany me to Homecoming.”

Fill out the date with Hershey’s Kisses and include the message, “Now that I’ve kissed you, will you dance with me?”

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Mountain Dew soda lovers will swoon over this one. Give them a big pack of Mountain Dew and the simple question, “Would you like to go to ____ with me?” Example here.

For the cuddlers, give them a fuzzy teddy bear with the message “Prom couldn’t do it without you!”

This is super creative. Fill an item box with Swedish fish, fish crackers, gummy sharks, etc. and the message “I would like to ask for Sadie Hawkins.” And respond with a fish theme, go with something like “I’m deprived of you!” or “You made me happy”.

Funny Ways To Answer To A Dance

I absolutely love this brilliant idea and it’s so simple and cheap! Take several car fresheners and stick them on a poster with the message: “We would be the FRESHEST… Bull?”

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Line up a ton of red Solo cups with the message “Don’t let me go SOLO to the Winter Ball.” Example here.

Answer your date with a fun little game. Drop a bag of frozen peas on their doorstep (or come up with your own idea) with the message, “I was so excited you asked me to prom, my pants are FREAKING!”

With her parents’ permission, line up tiki torches or outdoor lights on your date’s sidewalk. Each light has a word attached until it reaches the end: “Let’s … light … return to … together.” You could also try something like this.

And last but not least, a high school dance wouldn’t be a high school dance without a little cheese. Get a cheesy pizza delivered to your date with the message “It may be CHEESE, but will you go to prom with me?” This time of year – putting up your Christmas tree year round – always brings me back to one of my favorite memories with my mom and sisters.

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Come back For YEARS, my mom told us she was more fun before she had kids. And he would tell us the stories of the days of the great things he and his best friend used to do. One of these things: people who make trees.

How do you train someone? Well, it only happens during this special time of the year and you have to be careful. It’s a small window of time when you find trees in the sidewalk. But then you pull them out. And lay all you can muster on some poor soul’s doorstep.

But that would seem…irresponsible? Strange? It’s just weird for mom to randomly take us to hang from the tree. So I did it by asking someone to dance with him. Which is totally socially acceptable in Utah.

Funny Ways To Answer To A Dance

Picking up and delivering the tree that night with my mom and sister is one of those memories that makes you ache just thinking about it. laugh So hard. cry Almost had a laughing accident. I lost my shoe in a snowbank that night. But the memories – so worth it.

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So not only can you ask (or answer) someone in a dance in a totally epic way, but you are pretty much guaranteed a family story that will be told for decades.

So tree-ing

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