Fun Team Building Activities For Large Groups

Fun Team Building Activities For Large Groups – Did you know that colleagues who spend regular time outside of work can significantly improve their team’s productivity and effectiveness? Collaboration at work fosters friendships, fun and light team activities provide valuable opportunities for everyone to get to know each other better, break down communication barriers and build trust. This naturally translates into a better working relationship and stronger team output!

If you’re looking for unique ways to bring your coworkers together this summer, group games may be the answer you need. Keep reading for our 20 Most Exciting Summer Team Building Activities to get you excited for the coming months!

Fun Team Building Activities For Large Groups

Fun Team Building Activities For Large Groups

But before you do, check out this post if you need ideas for focusing your team building efforts in specific areas (like health and wellness).

Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Actually Want To Do

As the pandemic restrictions are slowly easing, it is much easier to meet and enjoy your colleagues in person. Check out our 10 favorite summer office games and activities for intramural teams. Note that most of these ideas can work well even if your team is far away!

This summer group activity will immerse your team in a world of flavors and spices like never before. Participants will create hot sauces, taste them for flavor and heat, and submit a final vote for the category’s “Tear Hot Sauce Champion”! They’ll enjoy connecting and walk away with some new sauce-making skills to impress future party guests.

Led by a master pizza chef, by the end of this event your team members will understand the basics of creating an authentic Italian pizza. Hold this meeting together in the office or online – it’s up to you.

Taking bubble tea with friends is a classic summer group activity that’s fun right from the start! Participants will cook tapioca pearls, create recipes, and learn some fun facts and history of Taiwanese boba. This activity is a great way to enjoy a cold drink together as a team while respecting another culture.

Hole Tarp Team Building Game 85 X 57 Inches Learning Fun Team Building Games For Work With 8 Pcs Team Building Ball For Teamwork Group Activities (blue)

Designed for adults, this summer group activity will enthrall your team in intrigue, suspense, and wit — all in a fictional town setting. Some participants play innocent and respectable townspeople, while others act as shady mafia members. Innocent members of the town must expose the imposters, identify them and vote them out. But clever disguises and psychological tricks make the job more challenging than innocents expect! The townspeople need to work together to solve this mystery.

If you want an outdoor summer game for large groups, look no further than Corporate Survivor. Participants must split into two or more “tribes” stranded on a deserted island. Each tribe must collect points and advantages while playing the game to survive. However, it’s not as simple as just collecting points. Twists and turns require participants to outwit, outwit and outwit others. Which team combines their strengths and overcomes their weaknesses most effectively?

This summer team activity challenges your employees to unleash their artistic creativity while working in small teams. It’s not as easy as it sounds! Participants are tempted to work on their own, but soon discover that the only way to successfully complete a masterpiece from a giant blank canvas is to collaborate. This activity will not be a cake walk, but it will be worth it!

Fun Team Building Activities For Large Groups

Another fun team-building game for the summer, Golf Simulator offers participants a unique opportunity to improve their golf skills while trying new things and challenging themselves together.

Team Building Activities To Avoid (and 7 Activities To Do Instead)

Guided by a true Gold Pro, your team will enjoy short drop-in swing lessons or more structured competitions – whatever they prefer. Enjoy this activity if you have enough space in your office or take it outdoors!

Could your team use a wellness boost this summer? Aromatherapy can be the refresher that everyone needs. During this activity, participants will explore the holistic benefits and uses of aromatherapy to reduce stress and increase energy levels. They have the opportunity to create their own special, unique blends to use at home or in the office.

Research shows that many employees enjoy volunteering and want more opportunities to do so at work! If you’re looking for an evergreen summer group activity idea, volunteering is the way to go. Take advantage of your team’s generosity and sense of social responsibility by organizing a charity day. For example, your team can pick up trash in a city park or serve at a soup kitchen.

If you want to learn how to plan and launch an organized corporate volunteer program, check out this post!

Team Building Games Your Whole Team Will Love

Nothing beats a picnic during the hottest summer months (usually June, July and August). This team building activity is a simple but effective way for teams to have fun, relax, and enjoy great food and music outdoors. Whatever your budget, this article will guide you through more than 30 ideas to help you plan the perfect picnic.

Even if your team is remote, there are still plenty of fun ways to improve engagement, communication, relationships, and collaboration! Below are 10 of our favorite summer group ideas for virtual teams.

The best way to show you care about your team is to invest in their health. Hosted by an award-winning holistic nutritionist, this summer activity takes your team into an amazing cooking class where they learn how to create dynamic dishes using everyday staples. But that’s not all! He also leaves a wealth of tips to make everyday meals healthy, tasty and easy.

Fun Team Building Activities For Large Groups

This two-week challenge is about building the perfect summer team around a wellness theme. Get your colleagues to exercise daily by setting and smashing personal movement goals. They have access to online exercise videos and receive daily emails and other internal communications to motivate them during challenging times. The Move Forward Team Challenge Pack also includes the tools everyone needs to communicate and track each other’s progress.

Fun Team Building Activities For Teenage Athletes

Introduce your team to a new style of cooking with a classic Chinese dish packed with the tart-hot flavors of Southeast Asia. The Lemongrass Chicken Satay Wraps class will teach your team the basics of Asian flavors, using techniques such as wok or frying pan, frying, marinating and more. A real chef conducts the class from a professional studio – because your team deserves the best!

If your team can’t volunteer in person, Kits for a Cause can be the perfect summer group activity to make a difference in the community together! The hosts of this event will match your group with a local charity in need of support and create a tailor-made tour. Your team gets to talk to the chosen charity, learn about the challenges they face and ask questions about the cause. They then pack personalized packages complete with much-needed items from the charity of their choice.

Some say that knitting is as relaxing as meditation or yoga. The best part is doing something creative and practical at the same time! This is a fun summer team building activity hosted by a professional instructor who guides your team through all the steps of knitting a chunky blanket from start to finish. By the end of the class, your team will enjoy some relaxing time together and have their very own handmade blanket to snuggle up in during the colder months!

Paint Nite is another fun virtual summer team activity that helps your colleagues relax while exploring their creative side.

Fun Team Building Activities And Trust Games For The Classroom

The activity host guides your team to create their own version of the image in question without any previous experience. Previous participants have described this class as very easy, fun and relaxing.

This hypnotic and soothing activity will help your employees relax by creating mandala art. The host provides step-by-step instructions so that each team member can follow along socially and create their own piece of art. And with a premium package, no one needs to bring anything – except maybe their favorite drink.

Beat your team to a Magic of the Mind session, an interactive, fast-paced mind show hosted by professional performers. What can your employees expect? Nothing less than an epic combination of misdirection, dramatic deception and illusions! Your team will leave the show and talk about the experience for ages to come – we promise.

Fun Team Building Activities For Large Groups

This one-of-a-kind summer group activity for adults provides an interactive and entertaining oracle card reading experience via Zoom. Each member of your team receives an oracle card and the host teaches them how to interpret the meanings behind the symbols. By the end of the session, your employees will know how to solve tricky problems, strengthen their intuition and tell each other fortunes with a deck of oracle cards.

Benefits Of Team Building Activities At Work

We all love nature, but how many of us really understand how the creatures around us live? This summer team building idea will teach your team about the secret lives of some of nature’s greatest wonders – bees! Live at the Hive is a fun group summer activity where your colleagues join expert beekeepers for a virtual tour. Participants will be able to view the interior

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