Fun Activities For Highschool Students

Fun Activities For Highschool Students – Need a fun party for older students to participate in? Here is a list of fun Christmas activities for middle schoolers.

It can be a little difficult to find Christmas activities for middle schoolers and older students that don’t make them roll their eyes.

Fun Activities For Highschool Students

Fun Activities For Highschool Students

That’s the idea behind this list below. An opportunity for your older students to have fun together and create a classroom memory.

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Tip: We all know that not every student celebrates Christmas. So instead of a Christmas list, I’ve included some holiday activity options. Adjust and adjust as needed to suit your group – you know them best! Christmas activities for high school students

Can you imagine a teenager who isn’t too interested in spending time in class creating their own GIFs?

It’s actually quite simple. Free with Canva’s free gif maker (you don’t even need an account) or free giphy maker.

Look, I created this ridiculous thing in 5 minutes using Canva and my laptop camera while working on this article at Starbucks!

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You can then share your students’ gifs digitally using Google Classroom, your school website/newsletter, or any other tool you may use in your school. And they can text their friends and family!

What makes this game fun for older students is that they sell these supplies to others (or there’s another option if you don’t agree with students giving up the school supplies their parents bought them…).

Or ask the students to choose one of the school supplies they want to get rid of (with parental consent of course…) Or choose random junk school supplies from your closet (maybe other teachers have Can they donate their unloved items?) Use in the White Elephant game.

Fun Activities For Highschool Students

Don’t be surprised if students carry around their unwanted school supplies like badges of honor for a day or two after the event.

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Divide your students into teams and let them play this Christmas trivia game. The winning team? Give them free homework.

The holidays and this time of year provide a great opportunity to teach students about giving and philanthropy.

In addition to these activities to teach your teen about giving, you can also do a classroom volunteer project together.

There are many volunteer projects at home that can also be done in the classroom.

Engaging Back To School Activities For High School Students

These free Christmas tricks and selfie challenges for teens are probably the best things to send home to your teens.

For the first 12 days of December, ask your students to write about one thing they are grateful for each day.

Put your teenage students in a leadership role by inviting elementary or middle school students into your classroom for Christmas activities.

Fun Activities For Highschool Students

You can even have your students come up with ideas and vote on the best ones.

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How do teenagers understand how to read an ad and actually see what the offer is? This is a very important life skill.

You can collect many Christmas ads, both paper and digital, and share them in slideshow mode. Ask your students to bring in an advertisement as well.

Talk about what fine print means. Compare the price of the same product between two stores (online is fine) and see which offer is better (after comparing shipping costs, packaging, features, and more).

Teenagers love celebrities and often put them on a pedestal. Why not celebrate these people for a very good cause – charity at this time of year?

Fun Icebreaker Games For Middle School Students!

Create a quick trivia game around this, with each card saying what a celebrity did at Christmas and students having to match the gesture to the correct celebrity (from another list).

For students who normally look at these guys for reasons other than fame, fortune, and coolness, this can be an eye-opener.

Finally, ask your students to write an essay about what they would give if they were famous and “rich.”

Fun Activities For Highschool Students

With the holidays around the corner, there are many brands that come out with Christmas flavors. Like Oreo Peppermint Crust Sandwich Cookies, Egg Pancake Mix, and Toasty Vanilla M&Ms.

Fun Career Activities To Engage Your High School Students

Ask them to write a few questions on each table, such as whether they think the product is a good idea or not. On a scale of 1 to 10, how delicious is it compared to the original? Do they think it will increase sales? Why do they think the company made this product?

Teenagers often think about how to earn more money, and one of those ways is to get a seasonal or summer job.

It will be a fun activity for teenagers to learn what types of jobs appear at Christmas.

Calculate how much they would earn if they took a seasonal job (seasonal wage calculator) and how many hours they would have to work for that money.

Fun Math Activities For High School Students

Tip: My Teen Job Lab can be of great help in finding a job for teens. 12. Complete the “Evolution of Christmas” project.

Here, you give students a bunch of jelly beans that count as “money” and they have to decide how to divide it up among their spending categories.

Studying the Guinness Book of Records can be fun and interesting. Make it an activity by having your students come to class with at least one Christmas or winter-themed Guinness World Record they’ve researched.

Fun Activities For Highschool Students

If nothing else, everyone leaves for the holidays with exciting news to share at family gatherings.

End Of School Year Activities For High School English

I hope you found some great Christmas activities for your middle schoolers this year, or at least got inspired to create your own. Anyway, share how things are going in the comments below!

Amanda L. Grossman is an author and certified financial education teacher, a 2017 Plutus Foundation grantee, and the founder of Money Prodigy. His money work has been featured in Experian, GoBankingRates, PT Money,, Rockstar Finance, Houston Chronicle and Colonial Life. Amanda is the founder and CEO of Frugal Confessions LLC. Read more here. If you’re an English teacher looking for fun poetry activities for middle or high school students, I’ve got you covered. I’m breaking out my poetry toolbox and sharing some of my favorite (and most successful) poetry games and activities! Whether you’re looking for one-on-one lessons or something more, there’s something for everyone.

Creating pop sonnets is one of my favorite poetry activities that I use in conjunction with reading a Shakespeare play, but it can also be used as a stand-alone lesson. It is noteworthy that today’s songs have become Shakespearean sonnets. You can study one of Shakespeare’s sonnets and ask students to modernize it. Then work in reverse, turning the modern song into a sonnet. Or simply use it as a “hook” to help students become more comfortable with Shakespeare’s language. Check it out and thank me later.

Learning modern songs is a great way to learn figurative language and poetic devices in addition to learning poetry. Try to read the texts but omit or rewrite the metaphors and talk about changing the message/meaning. Look for examples of imperfect rhyme in one of Eminem’s clean tracks. Study the poems as text pairs. Analyze lines from a famous soundtrack. Ask students to bring in and discuss their favorite songs. And so. A lot. Opportunities!

Fun Money Activities For Middle School Students (very Engaging)

Readers should know that poetry is not dead. he is alive. He breathes. He is talking. everything is fine. In April, my classes come alive with the magic of slam poetry as students become writers and performers. They rediscover wonder and learn to let go. They learn that there is an intersection between their stories and the stories of others. They are appreciated. They value others. When I use this fun poetry for middle school students, my classroom really becomes a real community.

This poetry writing activity is FREE if you want to pick up some crayons at your local hardware store, preferably multiple crayons of the same color. Or Amazon sells a great “color chip poetry game.”

This is an oldie but a goodie poetry exercise for middle schoolers. Copy a page or two from the whole class novel. Or better yet, choose a completely different text, perhaps a science textbook or dictionary page. Pupils create a poem by matching the words on the sheet and cross out the remaining words. If they want to go above and beyond, they can create an original illustration to accompany the scribbled poem.

Fun Activities For Highschool Students

Take your students to the library (or have them browse sites like Goodreads) and challenge them to create poems based on book titles. Each title becomes a line in the poem. Optional prompt: students should choose a topic (or draw one at random) and their poem should be about the chosen topic. If you’re looking for FREE templates, I’ve got it for you: Click Here! I created these templates as a quick fun poetry activity for middle school sophomores because the librarian told me that if my class produced so many books,

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