Disney Vacation Package Cancellation Policy

Disney Vacation Package Cancellation Policy – Payment plans are available with low fees (the earlier you order, the longer you have to pay!)

A $200 deposit is required to reserve a Disney vacation package, with the balance due 30 days prior to check-in. All funds paid for the holiday are fully refundable up to the last payment date (30 days before arrival).

Disney Vacation Package Cancellation Policy

Disney Vacation Package Cancellation Policy

No! I order directly through Disney. My commission is included in the package whether you use a travel agent or not. If you don’t use a travel agent, you end up paying for a service and not getting it. Why pay for a service and not use it?

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Yes! I can book all guests. Some discounts may not be available at the time of booking, but I will keep an eye out for any discounts that apply to your booking.

Yes! I actively monitor available offers after booking. I’m always looking for ways to save you money!

Yes! Prices are always subject to change, but you can change resorts (subject to availability) and tickets. If lunch plans are returned, they can be added to your package in the future.

Everything you paid (minus the cost of travel insurance if purchased) will be refunded in full up to your last payment. No refunds for ticket purchases only.

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Are you ready to plan your Disney vacation for 2023? Please contact me as soon as possible to book the resort and dates before they sell out! There are (broadly) two ways to book a Walt Disney World Resort vacation. The room and tickets can be booked separately or purchased together as a package from Disney. In this post, we’ll discuss how to evaluate these options and decide which is the best way to book your Disney vacation.

This post is a little deeper (or deeper) dive into how to book a Disney vacation. In particular, you can book everything – basically tickets and a hotel – as a package through Disney, or you can book the hotel and tickets separately through third parties or Disney.

This post explains in a few thousand words that two factors determine when you book a trip:

Disney Vacation Package Cancellation Policy

Along the way, you’ll learn the terminology and details of different booking methods, but if you’re looking for a summary of all situations, you won’t find it here. Instead, you’ll see us stress over and over again that you should compare the prices (and terms) of all your options and book the best one.

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Second, this post discusses the different policies regarding things like deposits and cancellations. You should always confirm your booking policies with Disney or the booking agent/site. For example, Priceline often uses a non-refundable reservation feature for its deepest deals.

Before continuing, I would like to make a few important points. Most of the great perks you get when you stay at Disney World depend on which hotel you stay at

. The Pop Century guest receives the same benefits whether they book through a travel agent, independently through Disney, or through Priceline.

Similarly, ticket types and options won’t change much. All guests with Park Hopper tickets are subject to the hopping rules, regardless of where they purchased those tickets (although importantly, ticket return policies vary between retailers).

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Finally, this post only applies to Disney hotel reservations, meaning Disney owned and operated hotels. We fully support staying at other hotels and sometimes even Airbnb, but in the context of this post the topics are a bit more complicated (eg I don’t want to spend time debating which status is good for Marriott elite booked. Swan & Dolphin travel agent will have to wait). If you need more information, we have a comprehensive guide to Disney World hotels.

For this post, we’ll explore two ways to book a Disney World vacation. First, you can order the package directly through Disney. This usually covers room and tickets and may include meal plans (if available).

Second, you can book the room and ticket separately through Disney or third parties. As I mentioned above, this includes discounts and more. doesn’t affect that, but it might affect things like cancellation/deposit rules. Those issues aside, it all comes down to one thing – price. So below we’ll give an example of how this pricing works, but first let’s talk a little about the booking methods.

Disney Vacation Package Cancellation Policy

One last note on terminology – when you book a room through Disney that is not spoiled, we call it a “Room Only” reservation. Sometimes it makes sense to separately mention booking a room through Disney (as opposed to a third party), so we sometimes treat it separately from third parties.

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Generally, a Disney vacation package is booked through Disney and includes room and park access for your party. You can easily book a package with or without a dining plan by calling Disney at (407) W-DISNEY or online through your travel agent.

You can book flights through Disney as part of a package, but we don’t see any good reason to do so, and we haven’t for over a decade.

*Meal plans can be added to standard packages subject to availability, but there are also “ticketless packages” which basically consist of a room reservation with a meal plan. We discuss them in more detail below.

The key pricing point here is that sometimes Disney will release deals that are only valid on packages. So you might find a deal that’s $50 off per night when you book a package, but

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Room reservation only. Depending on how pricing works with third parties, booking this Disney package may be your best bet.

If you choose not to book a package, but instead book a hotel through Disney, you are making a “room only” reservation. You can also book a no-ticket package (“No-ticket Package”), which we’ll cover at the end of this post.

Provided that there is no room/ticket/package discount, you can book the ticket and hotel separately, but both through Disney, for the same price as the package booked through Disney. Please note that different terms may apply to you.

Disney Vacation Package Cancellation Policy

I would like to point out right away that Disney World tickets purchased from Disney are usually non-refundable. This means that it rarely makes sense to book both tickets and rooms separately through Disney.

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If there are “room only” discounts, you can always buy a ticket with it. To be honest, I’m not sure if you can check the terms and conditions of the package by doing this or if it’s just a room discount.

Finally, you can book a room, a ticket, or both through a third party. Booking through a third party makes sense if:

While Disney’s hotel and package terms are very generous, you may find third parties with more favorable ticket terms (ie refunds) than Disney.

With our main booking types covered, we’ll now discuss discounts and offers from Disney and third parties, starting with Disney.

How To Determine The Value Of A Disney World Vacation Package?

If there are offers, take note of them. They appear when you search for a specific date range. Alternatively, you can view all available offers on the Walt Disney World Offers page (although keep in mind that they may not be available on your dates).

As mentioned above, offers can be package discounts or room-only discounts. Package discounts require a ticket and hotel purchase through Disney as a package, while room discounts only require a room reservation.

The past isn’t always a good predictor of the future, but Disney tends to recycle the same deals around the same time each year. Check the MouseSavers Historical Deals Chart to see what’s coming.

Disney Vacation Package Cancellation Policy

As with Annual Passholders, Disney occasionally offers exclusive offers to Disney Rewards Chase Visa cardholders. Often they are not special, mostly they are just extensions on the days of public offers (see the Mouse Savers table for more details). However, if you want all the offers, you might want to consider carrying this card.

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Disney World Annual Pass holders often receive exclusive offers. These are some of the best deals Disney has to offer, in fact discounts of 25-35% are common. If you have them, or if you usually have a deal, it may make financial sense to get an annual pass to save on one-off tickets and hotels.

Keep in mind that if Disney offers a competitive price, you can usually save around 8-10% using Disney discount cards. We think you can usually overcome this (or at least get close to it) using other methods, but you should keep this in mind.

Today, there are endless websites that you can use to book hotels online. Disney World is selling fewer tickets, but still more. Here are some of the more important options (ie basically the only ones I’m considering).

For tickets, we have a separate post about Disney World discounts

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