Certainty Meaning Contract

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Certainty Meaning Contract

Certainty Meaning Contract

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Certainty Meaning Contract

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Certainty of Terms A contract requires certainty of terms. For a contract to be a contract, it must be clear what the terms of the contract are. A contract is not a contract if no essential time is specified. It was held in Scammell v Ouston [1941] that such a contract is unenforceable if there is an ambiguous term from which no precise meaning can be deduced. Role of the Court: It was held in Hillas v. Arcos [1932] that it is not the role of the court to create the terms of a contract. Courts can only pronounce words based on usage in commerce.

Tags: Scammell v Oston 1941 ambiguity Hillas v Arcos 1932 meaningless term Nicolin Ltd v Simmonds 1953 term undecided social contracts to create legal relationship Balfour v Balfour 1919 petrol commercial contracts Mardon 1976 Purpose Test Lord Bingham J.

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Certainty Meaning Contract

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