Audit And Assurance Associate Deloitte

Audit And Assurance Associate Deloitte – We caught up with Felix, Alicia and Guido from the Swiss Audit & Assurance team to find out what they want to do in an audit and what they do.

Felix: I grew up in a small village. near Bern and moved to Zurich a few years ago. In the summer I like to grill and swim in the lake. I am interested in finance and am also enrolled in CFA.

Audit And Assurance Associate Deloitte

Audit And Assurance Associate Deloitte

Alicia: I’m from Bonn. Germany I moved to Switzerland in 2014 and over the years I embrace the value of the Swiss outdoors. weekend I like to go hiking with friends. and play tennis Lately I’ve grown to like Pilates and cycling more! After the travel restrictions of the past 2 years, I hope to travel again in 2022.

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Guido: I live in sunny Lugano. But I grew up and studied in Turin, Italy. I am a retired ski instructor and athlete. I like cars and trees – at my house there are more than 50 trees in Lugano!

Guido: I joined Deloitte Italy in auditing 10 years ago, then left the company for 3 years, during which time I moved to Switzerland, and in 2017 I returned to auditing. and joined Deloitte Switzerland to further my career.

Alicia: I joined Deloitte as an intern in 2017 and earned my CPA certification, which takes four years. During this time I worked in the Corporate Audit team. At the end of 2021 I moved internally and joined the Quality Audit and Risk Management team. My role is the point of contact for the engagement team for mandatory/voluntary consultations. I am also involved in running risk awareness activities for our Swiss companies within the network. Deloitte North South Europe

Felix: I joined Deloitte about two years ago. and am currently attending summer school to earn my CPA. My clients are mostly US companies in the hospitality and fashion industries. If I’m working as part of a larger team My job is to assist the Assistant Manager with their assigned tasks, such as testing and auditing various financial reporting lines. For small projects The team will also be smaller. Therefore, you must take additional steps yourself, such as risk assessment. You can learn these skills in small activities. Then apply that experience and knowledge to larger projects.

Professional Opportunities In Audit & Assurance

Felix: Previously I worked as a customer advisor at a Swiss bank. After completing a bachelor’s degree I thought about what I should do. Should I pursue a master’s degree or should I stay in finance? I want to work in finance but not in banking. I still think the Swiss CPA offers more value than a master’s degree. This is because you can work while studying and gain deeper financial knowledge. When completing a master’s degree You will learn all the theory. But you don’t have the opportunity to put it into practice right away. With a CPA, I now work with very experienced people who are experts in their field. And I learn from them every day.

Alicia: I chose a career in auditing because I believe it is a great way to learn difficult skills. All you need in the business world You will gain great confidence in your career with experience and qualifications in this field.

Guido: I think auditing has exposed me to many different companies and exposed to different business environments. Meanwhile I like meeting new people. speaks many languages and likes to travel

Audit And Assurance Associate Deloitte

Felix: What surprised me most was that most of the work was done by hand. I think verification these days is done by computer software. But in reality It’s much more complicated than that. You must use your own judgment. We cannot test every account. Therefore, we must take a risk-based approach. And the approaches differ for each business model. It seems reasonable that a computer could do everything. But when you think about it You will find that humans still have to do this work. In the end Auditors must decide how to approach the audit and how to manage risks. Then choose the software that will help them get the information they need.

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Alicia: I am amazed to see the technological changes taking place in this industry. Because I don’t know how important it is to our work. At Deloitte, we recognize the opportunity for change and introduce new audit tools every year, allowing us to automate small tasks. But it also works with large data sets and manages data-driven audits. It ultimately makes our work more efficient and accurate. Many of the inspection tasks you do as a first-year assistant are now automated!

Guido: What positively surprised me was that every team member was very critical in the review. It doesn’t matter if you are an assistant or a senior manager. The proportion of work performed by each team member depends on the auditor’s opinion. We are all part of the success of a business. And everything we do affects others. We help each other and learn a lot from the different experiences we have.

Felix: You can start in auditing and work at the same time. with reading CPA books and Deloitte fully supports them. There are always jobs and opportunities to investigate. It’s really up to you. What are your interests and what do you want to do? During the first two years You can be an assistant. And in the third or fourth year You can become a senior assistant. If you are a small or medium sized business like me. You will be the primary point of contact for these customers when on site. Progress can be slow But it depends on you and your strengths.

Alicia: Working under scrutiny You may be on your way to becoming a CPA (Swiss) on this journey. You will gain a wealth of knowledge about accounting, reporting, auditing, tax and law, all of which are relevant to your day-to-day work. I hope you are technically strong especially in the first 3-4 years.

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But even so, learning never stops. Laws and regulations The same applies to inspection standards. There is continuous development. According to the latest developments Including amendments to Swiss company law. and implementing sustainability standards Even now, after joining the quality audit and risk management team, I still learn new things every day.

Guido: A career in auditing focuses on individual development. Deloitte supports everyone with annual training and webinars. Young auditors can start an audit academy with stable support and work/study towards professional qualifications. Personally, We need to improve technical, organizational, and personnel management. and many other skills, personally It depends on the stage in our career. There is always a place and time to gain new knowledge in work.

What is the most challenging part of working in audit? And what do you like?

Audit And Assurance Associate Deloitte

Felix: The biggest challenge I would say is peak season. When there is a lot of pressure And you have to learn to keep your emotions in check. You must manage between performing high standard tasks while performing the most demanding tasks. And for me personally I learned to say that nothing is difficult. Because there is always something to be done. If you always agree to work People will think you have many options.

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What I like most You are responsible for your own time and actions. It’s great to see how much you can contribute to a project. I also feel that there is a clear and transparent hierarchy in reviewing. as an assistant You are valuable and your work matters.

Alicia: Especially in the early years of your career, your role changes very quickly. When you learn new roles, handle tasks, responsibilities and more complex customer disclosures. You will need to adapt to the changes you expect. Although the audit sector is famous But it is a rapidly changing environment. You must be flexible. Regularly adjust priorities based on customer needs. and act quickly Sometimes you are thrown into the deep end. But you learn to swim and look back on a great career stage every year. Although this is difficult But it can be very rewarding.

I love the diversity of this work. This has increased since joining the quality and risk management team. We see a variety of business models. From players in the industry From “old economy” to emerging technology companies, each company

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