Assurant Xfinity Number

Assurant Xfinity Number – Pocket Geek Mobile is the Xfinity Mobile app that customers use to manage their phone insurance and protection features as part of their plan. We recently created an experience that allows Xfinity Mobile customers to submit insurance for their phone in our Pocket Geek app.

I was assigned to complete this claims experience so that Xfinity Mobile customers could track the status of their insurance claims after filing one.

Assurant Xfinity Number

Assurant Xfinity Number

I first reviewed our goal with our product team. How can we help Xfinity customers effectively track a submitted claim? Our team then identified some limitations to consider moving forward.

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After coordinating with stakeholders, we prioritized using this site in our program for the first phase MVP. We were then able to deliver these ad features months earlier and build on what we learned.

In a future phase, where we could link advertising details to the customer’s account in Pocket Geek, we thought about what a possible vision could look like.

Assurant’s website would serve as an excellent prototype for understanding what information Xfinity Mobile customers find most useful when reviewing a submitted ad. This experience currently displays a lot of information in a mobile view, which makes the page scrolling a bit long and distracting. I launched a mandatory ranking test to understand what information customers found most valuable and where the current design stood out when reviewing an ad.

We found that the information that was more directly related to the status of the claim and what to expect next was considered most important. Documentation related to the submitted claim was not as important at the time when claim status was checked, but was still identified as valuable to have if they needed to contact someone for help.

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I adapted the style to our design system to promote recognizable interactions and consistency with the Pocket Geek brand. Based on what we learned from testing, I organized the information hierarchy so that the most valuable details were visible and manageable. Other details were properly labeled and condensed with accordions so that they could still be referenced when needed.

I tested each ad status to understand how successful they were. Success metrics we looked for were whether users clearly understood the status of their claim, what to expect for the next step and expectations of how long it would take. We found that if the claim status description was too long, some users would not read all the information. This would result in varying expectations for the next step, so we made sure to keep this description short and manageable going forward.

All design assets aligned to our design system were ready for handover with engineers. I provided feedback and guidance as this experience was built into the Pocket Geek app.

Assurant Xfinity Number

The next phase of this experience is planned on the product team’s roadmap to review all user feedback, analytics, testing, etc. to determine the best path forward to our vision without the current technical obstacles. Assurant has a rating of 1.05 stars from 20 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Assurant ranks 78th among health insurers.

How To Activate Xfinity Mobile Step By Step

Canceled insurance after moving from the state to a private house. We then created a new policy but when guarantor sent the documents they still listed equity homes as a third party! What?! We immediately canceled and were asked to provide even more private information. We don’t have to have any insurance. Equity Residential should never receive our private home address in another state. This whole experience was disgusting. Keep away!

I don’t even know why I use Assurant. My apartment was flooded and my complaint was not dealt with properly. I have contacted admins still nothing or response. My adjuster was awesome, I highly recommend this to anyone. I’ve been trying to get in touch with a supervisor for a week, still no recall check or anything.

After wiping the phone and a suitably awful third party replacement (probably the cheapest parts on the market) it took less than 24 hours before the screen broke again.

Save your time and money and go somewhere else, because these scammers will simply waste both your time and your money. I regret ever using them.

Xfinity Mobile Vs Verizon: Which Plan Is Best For You?

If you have insurance products written by Assurant, such as cell phone, auto or rental insurance, cancel the policy immediately and contact your credit card company and dispute the charges as permitted. They are a sham, and their policies are not worth the paper they are written on. I am filing a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit against them and have filed complaints with many NYS regulators. Sell ​​any NYSE: AIZ stock you may own, this company is going bankrupt.

“Unwilling to compensate even with a police report and documents from the Fiscal Services Agency”

Neighbors stole my third 3EIP check along with other mail. The Office of Fiscal Services sent me a copy of that check that never arrived in the mail with my signature forged and my money lost to their theft. 2 years ago I lost my old driver’s license and suspicious neighbors broke into my home and stole it. I purchased identity theft insurance from Assurant and two police reports of how I believe neighbors committed identity theft with my old driver’s license and stole my stimulus check. ASsurant would compensate me to get a lawyer more or for my stolen check and blame the fact that the police documented it as suspicious activity. I have uploaded both police reports and documents from the IRS. I don’t know what the police need to classify my case as… but they won’t help even though I bought continuous ID theft with a policy limit that states $15,000 coverage. This company does not keep its promises. the insurance I buy.

Assurant Xfinity Number

I recently had a terrible encounter with Assurant, FedEx and Xfinity that left me frustrated and upset. After visiting the Assurant website last Sunday to submit a claim and pay the required fees, I received confirmation that my item had been shipped. But it’s been three days and I still haven’t received my phone or any refund, and no one seems willing to help me solve the problem.

Qui Appartient Xfinity ?

When I contacted Assurant they claimed they didn’t have the phone and advised me to call FedEx. Apparently it is now my responsibility to deal with a shipping issue that Assurant caused. However, contacting FedEx proved futile as I was greeted by a robotic registration that refused to accept the package and urged me to contact the sender. How appropriate! Assurant, on the other hand, refuses to help because they insist they already sent it. They don’t recognize that I am the one who is left without a phone!

To add insult to injury, Xfinity, who I paid insurance to for this particular phone, refuses to issue a refund. They seem to have no qualms about depositing my money while offering zero help. I tried to contact Xfinity three times, only to be put on infinite hold and then disconnected. The classic trick! And when I did manage to talk to someone, it was always someone from abroad.

Despite a glimmer of hope when a lady from Xfinity promised to step in, an Assurant representative broke it down claiming they couldn’t help or issue a refund. Frustrated, I requested a replacement phone through UPS, as FedEx once again proved to be the worst shipping company out there. However, my request was denied.

In conclusion, all three of these companies have proven to be nothing more than corporate thieves, treating customers with blatant disrespect. It is high time we united against such companies. I am now considering getting a lawyer involved to collect five years of insurance money from Xfinity and demand reimbursement for my phone. Also, I am determined to put together a petition and fight against the mistreatment of consumers by these companies. Remember, stand up to corporate America!

Monthly Statement: Balance

I spent too much time trying to figure out my plan, and now I understand why – 1 star rating from others.

My phone had a problem so I paid the excess of £100. The problem was obvious and could be fixed. I sent it to Assurant three times, only to have the phone come back with the problem unresolved. I registered a complaint with them and asked for my £100 excess to be refunded. Their final response was to contact the ombudsman about my complaint, and they ignored my request for a refund.

They do not care, it has been months and the house is not completely fixed, contractors have not paid. Never adjust available they are terrible to work with. Even the contractors have reached out and no luck getting help or anywhere with them.

Assurant Xfinity Number

Assurant is basically a scam. I was sold their plan through T-mobile, but when my screen cracked, I called them and their automated system would just hang up on me. Days and days later with

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