Assurant Trade In Portal Xfinity

Assurant Trade In Portal Xfinity – Trade-in offers are an increasingly important part of the economic equation to encourage consumers to upgrade their devices. Phones with optimized trade-in and upgrade programs can offer better value to their customers, drive demand and generate revenue from new devices.

At the same time, the right asset disposal program allows you to monetize reverse logistics by selling old devices on secondary markets. The trend of upgraded devices will accelerate as carriers adopt 5G to improve services and networks.

Assurant Trade In Portal Xfinity

Assurant Trade In Portal Xfinity

The performance of your exchange and renewal program is no room for complacency. That’s why we use an innovative data-driven approach that continuously optimizes results. Through AI machine learning and data analysis, our global pricing engine works at the point of sale, offering an optimal price point that preserves the margin.

Virtual Learning Platform

This approach consistently beats the trade-in prices of competitors’ devices by 20% or more, while still leaving room to optimize the sale of your old devices.

Used phones move quickly at the highest possible prices through our global distribution network. As a result, you get more value from your legacy devices while maximizing the revenue generated by your customer base.

Building or improving a successful trade-in and renewal program requires evaluating all aspects of your mobile business, from trade-in solutions to device processing and settlement.

It is possible to exploit the life cycle of the mobile device. Trade-in programs are a win-win for all parties involved – consumers, mobile operators, OEMs, large retailers and cable operators – and help protect the environment.

Xfinity Mobile Trade In: Complete Guide

The Mobile Trade-In and Refurbishment Industry Trends Report reveals that $999 million was returned to US consumers through trade-in programs, helping to fuel a strong secondary market in demand for pre-owned devices. possessed

With Pete Bremer, VP of Global Automation Engineering, he talks about improving AI automation and decision-making in device care centers.

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