Assurance Yuzzu

Assurance Yuzzu – Up to 40% discount if you travel a few kilometers, up to 25% discount if you have an electric car and an additional 15% discount if your car is equipped with driving assistance. These discounts are already calculated in your price offer.

Your RC includes free breakdown assistance if your vehicle is immobilized after an accident. We will take your car to the garage and bring you and your passengers to your home or, if possible, to your original destination (in Belgium and up to 50 km from the border).

Assurance Yuzzu

Assurance Yuzzu

An engine that won’t start, a flat tire or an accident? We help you quickly and efficiently in any situation, day or night.

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If people other than you are injured in an accident where you are at fault, you will have to compensate them… and those costs can be high.

This is why car insurance is required by law: you are confident that other parties will be compensated without paying you large sums.

We offer unlimited coverage for any injuries to your passengers or other people after an accident… even if you were driving under the influence (drugs, alcohol, etc.). Of course, we reserve the right to request this compensation from you later.

Any damage to the clothes and belongings of your passengers and others involved. We also compensate others for material damage. This compensation can reach up to 100 million euros.

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Do you have a trailer and it has damaged other people? Here too you are safe. If your trailer weighs more than 750 kg, you must notify us.

Have you had an accident in Belgium or within 50 km of our borders? We will take your car to a garage in Belgium and bring you and your passengers to your home or, if possible, to your departure destination.

Material damage to your vehicle after an at-fault accident is covered by comprehensive insurance.

Assurance Yuzzu

In certain cases (driving under the influence), we have the right to demand full or partial reimbursement of damages.

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Our civil liability car insurance covers the costs you cause to others. But who pays for the daily damage to your car? Your Mini Omnium!

As this popular car insurance policy covers general loss but not total loss, we recommend Mini Omnium for cars older than 4 years.

We pay for chip replacement or repair of front, rear and side windows or panoramic roof.

Of course, we only cover damage that does not result from poor maintenance or insufficient protection.

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Damage after collision with animals on the road. We also intervene if rats damage your vehicle.

Damage caused by wear and tear, construction defects, lack of maintenance, incorrect supply of fuel, insufficient protection, overloading or transport of animals, transport of goods.

(attempted) theft from someone living with you, if the vehicle is not properly locked or if it is left in a dangerous place.

Assurance Yuzzu

Is your car getting old? A full open may no longer be necessary. But do you want a mini omnium to cover you on a daily basis and compensate you in case of total loss?

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Omnium Essentium is an ideal intermediate solution! We recommend this car insurance for cars at least 3 years old.

We intervene if your vehicle is declared unrepairable after an accident or the repair costs exceed the market value of your vehicle, due to fault or after an accident without a counterparty… and If you were not driving. time. facts.

Are you investing in a new vehicle? You want to protect it as well as possible so that the costs in the event of a disaster are as low as possible.

Better to choose our Complete Omnium! Omnium Comprehensive Insurance covers all damage to your vehicle and is therefore the ideal car insurance for new vehicles.

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Damage to your vehicle due to vandalism, an at-fault accident or an accident caused by the other party is also covered (with a deductible).

Damage due to fire, short circuit, explosion, electricity or fire extinguisher. Of course, we only cover damage that does not result from poor maintenance or insufficient protection.

Are you injured after an at-fault accident? We pay for hospital costs, recertification and expenses associated with your inability to work.

Assurance Yuzzu

Damage caused to you if you drive without meeting the conditions of the Belgian laws and regulations in this area is not covered.

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We ensure that the other party pays you the compensation you deserve after an accident. We also defend you if you commit a traffic violation.

Damages that arise from events before the contract comes into force or that you do knowingly are not covered.

If you encounter a problem on the road, our tour partner will help you so that you can continue your journey. You also benefit from our support for vehicles and people abroad.

Not sure which car insurance suits your needs? Our comparison will help you make the best choice. Compare the formulas.

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Pssstt: Already a customer? Good news! Thanks to the bonus, during the next first year, you will benefit from 2 free months for each new additional contract. Request your free quote

The less you drive, the less you pay! You can take advantage of a discount of up to 40%, depending on how many kilometers you drive each year.

Our calculation is based on your driving experience in the last 5 years, very easy! We also reward safe drivers with a joker or safe driver bonus for safe driving.

Assurance Yuzzu

A deductible allows you to lower your premium. We lower your contract value and in return you pay less in the event of a claim.

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Your premium is tailored to your personal situation based on various criteria. Find out how we do it!

Verkeersouders is a voluntary organization that educates children about safety in Flemish schools. When you take out insurance with us, you also contribute to road safety.

Car insurance is a non-life insurance product of the SA which expires for a period of one year. The insurance contract is renewed flexibly, unless you cancel it at least 3 months before the expiry date. You can get an insurance quote by calling 02 505 66 00 or via our online simulator at /fr/auto-insurance/simulation.

Do not forget to consult the information sheet and general conditions before signing the contract. You will learn more about the extent of our guarantees, but also their limitations and possible exclusions.

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In case of complaint, you can contact SA, avenue du Port 86C Box 117, 1000 Brussels. If this is not enough, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman Service, Square de Meeûs 35, 1000 Brussels. You also always have the option to request an intervention from a judge. SA products are subject to Belgian law.

SA is an insurance company authorized under code 1455 with branches 1a, 3, 10a, 10b, 16, 17, 18 (A.R. 30-06-1996, M.B. 31-07-1996) and branches 8, 9 and 13 (A.R. 22) 05 -2000, M.B. 16-06-2000) of the National Bank of Belgium. But we give everything for you. In a time when everything is becoming more and more expensive, you still pay less for your motorcycle insurance with us. Very easy, because we insure you directly, without intermediaries!

Fast, easy and affordable motorcycle insurance. And always a colleague to personally help you with questions or problems? Look no further, this is it!

Assurance Yuzzu

In addition, motorcycle insurance provides driver insurance and can also cover your motorcycle equipment. So you don’t need to worry anymore.

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And personalized bonuses. Your civil liability premium will be adjusted according to the capacity of your engine. Plus, our omnium prices take into account the age of your motorcycle, from the first year! Therefore, the standard rate decreases as your motorcycle ages.

60% discount on your motorcycle liability insurance if your car is already insured with us and you are 30 years or older.

Simulate online and discover your personal rate! It’s free and without any obligation on your part.

Do you have another question? Contact us quickly and easily through our online contact form, call us or visit one of our stores. We will do our best for you. Ask our 150,000 customers who gave us a satisfactory rating of 4.5 out of 5 (*). We owe a good score to our quality motorcycle insurance and our great service.

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(*) Customer satisfaction rating, for all products combined, carried out by Ekomi (Customer Satisfaction 2021). In 2021 received a satisfactory score of 4.48 / 5 from users

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