Assurance Wireless Stands Near Me

Assurance Wireless Stands Near Me – Bellevue, Wash. — December 30, 2021 — Everyone deserves access to high-speed Internet, regardless of income. To help financially strapped households stay connected, Assurance Wireless – Lifeline Assistance’s flagship brand – is participating in the federal government’s new Affordable Communications Program (ACP). With ACP and Assurance Wireless, eligible families can find everything they need to stay connected.

When ACP enrollment opens tomorrow, December 31, 2021, eligible families can receive a monthly discount of $30 (up to $75 in tribal states) for Internet service on certain plans. With this ACP benefit at Assurance Wireless, you can get:

Assurance Wireless Stands Near Me

Assurance Wireless Stands Near Me

In many cities, consumers have little or no broadband choice, and up to 41 million Americans do not have high-speed Internet access at all.[1] In May 2021, the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), a federal temporary program that provides high-speed Internet access to eligible households during the pandemic, will end. ) announced his participation in The Federal Communications Commission recently announced that EBB will be replaced by ACP in a new long-term program starting tomorrow.

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With ACP countries, more Americans will have the opportunity to experience the power of the Internet. Families may qualify for ACP benefits if they participate in programs such as SNAP, WIC, or Medicaid, or if they have incomes up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

It is committed to providing wireless access to all. Connect, Un-carrier’s cheapest plan ever, just in time for the pandemic to help more people get $15 a month for unlimited calls and texts and stay connected, plus up to 2.5GB of high-speed data with 5G. Included on capable devices and annual update of 500 MB/year for the next four years – both at no additional cost. In Project 10, a $10.7 billion investment to close the homework gap, the Un-carrier is offering free Internet access and free mobile hotspots to families with preschool-aged children, which aims to reach up to 10 million eligible households throughout the year. five years.

Households currently enrolled through EBB Assurance Wireless will continue to receive monthly EBB benefits until March 1, 2022. Before March 1, households who are still eligible will receive personalized information to transfer to or inquire about ACP. Starting tomorrow, December 31st, new households can sign up for the Assurance Wireless ACP benefit at During the application process, applicants will have their eligibility verified by a national verifier.

Program Description: The Affordable Connection Program (ACP) is a government program to provide discounts on broadband services and increase consumer access to broadband Internet services. One ACP discount per eligible family and is non-transferable between families. Eligible consumers may obtain ACP services from any participating provider and transfer their ACP benefits to another participating provider at any time. Details about the ACP program are available at Unlimited in our network. During peak periods, heavy data users (>35GB/month) and customers opting for Accerns Wireless or similarly prioritized plans (eg Essentials, Metro from ) may notice slower speeds than other customers with data prioritization. Mobile hotspot up to 10 GB 4G LTE. A competent instrument is required. Coverage is not available everywhere. Visit for details. Attachment: Taxes and fees included. Indoors only. Details on pre-paid .. Project 10 Million: Student Eligibility Based on National School Lunch Program. 1 per family. 100 GB per year for free on our network. See /business/education/project-10-million for details.

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U.S. Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS ) is America’s top energy carrier, delivering advanced 4G LTE and a transformative 5G network that delivers reliable connectivity for all. The company’s customers benefit from an unmatched combination of value and quality, an obsession with providing the best service possible, and the disruption that drives competition and innovation in wireless and beyond. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, it provides services through its subsidiaries, and operates its flagship brands, Metro by and Sprint. For more information, visit https://

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