Assurance Wireless Free Phone Near Me

Assurance Wireless Free Phone Near Me – Assurance Wireless has a rating of 1.34 stars from 749 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchase. Reviewers who complain about Assurance Wireless often mention problems with customer service, new phones, and tracking numbers. Assurance Wireless ranked 112th among mobile operator sites.

I can +call and text without any problems or delays. What I like most is that I can watch streams on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and there are no loading delays or waiting. This is literally the best free official phone experience I have ever had (thank God) and I have been getting free official phones for almost 6 years and moving from one service to another for 6 years. Hell, as long as they keep this up, I’ll never change

Assurance Wireless Free Phone Near Me

Assurance Wireless Free Phone Near Me

I was charged over $100 for a phone that needed to be activated. After that I was given all kinds of false information, never returned. They found out that the number on their website was not working due to ERROR after 7 months of being disconnected. And there is no time update. I am looking for a way to file criminal charges against them for stealing money from me. My bank said I should get the money back from them but no one would answer

Assurance Wireless To Participate In New Federal Affordable Connectivity Program

I was charged over $100 for a phone that needed to be activated. After that I was given all kinds of false information, never returned.

Divorced after 7 months in ERROR. And there is no time update. I am looking for a way to file criminal charges against them for stealing money from me. My bank said I should get the money back from them but no one would answer

The phone will turn off even if it is fully charged within a week of receiving the phone. They said they wouldn’t change it. Then the phone completely died and wouldn’t replace it until I paid $20 for shipping! What will a reputable company do with a product that is clearly defective? And through the ACP program in my state that gives poor people the ability to have connections to doctors and my neighbor’s case and my sister’s and they asked for $20. After reading other reviews, I’m glad I didn’t think I’d get another broken phone for less than $20.

If they send you anything other than an umx phone, that makes them 100% better. I’ve had a lot of $20-30 smartphones and none are worse than the UMX phone. I have 3 of them working stopped doing the same thing the same week they all do the same thing just turn it off and never turn it on what do you do I have tried everything to fix it so sure it’s wireless if you read this Stop sending us calls UMX because it’s dirty

Virgin Mobile Assurance Wireless Obama State Phone Small Basic Kyocera Jax Phone

No problems since early October. After being a customer for 10 years with little to no hassle, they sent me five phones in a row that didn’t work. I don’t want to change my number, but I have to. They also lied to me about refunding the $40 that was in my account. I called one day and was told the credit was issued on November 17th, a week later I called and was told the credit was issued on the 18th. You don’t want to deal with this company

Just when I thought this company would be better after the pandemic and the Sprint merger. That’s how the Executive Escalation Department refuses to talk directly to customers when they submit complaints to the FCC. It’s really bad that companies are paying exorbitant fees for programs that the federal government is already paying for that are supposed to help people connect and get free phone service. Times have changed. It’s a good company.

Let Lifeline service expire, then reapply to give you a new phone and a new phone # (non-transferable #). But the Volt phone battery is terrible! Pick a used unlocked Samsung A11 and trade in TELLO for $10/mo with mobile data options for unlimited talk and text if you need it. Waited an hour to get an answer at Assurance Wireless because the staff didn’t know anything or gave the wrong information.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone Near Me

The used 2020 Galaxy a11 I just bought is good for T-Mobile’s $10 per month Tello unlimited calls and online text verification – it says IMEI compatible. Assurance Wireless also claims on T-Mobile GSM that it is not compatible after waiting 40 minutes! The lack of transparency in wireless insurance must be investigated. If the government pays them for call time for customer service, they should cover the costs

How To Switch From Safelink To Assurance Wireless?

“We need a class action lawsuit on behalf of the many customers who were defrauded by T-Mobile”

We need legislation to represent everyone who has been emotionally abused by wireless means and T-Mobile continues their actions for which they have been fined millions of dollars. I want to claim their emotional distress. Not to mention the loss of service and complete abandonment of the 2021 settlement with the FCC. They must be responsible.

They have school phones factory-loaded with malware. I’m writing on a 4th generation fire tablet. His year old wifi battery works fine, the phone will break and not work after 2 months, they want it. Buy another schok for 60 because it is broken and should not be on the market. They do not honor the manufacturer’s warranty against defects and are clearly defective, so many are sent back and get a replacement under the WirelessTM warranty scheme.

Their phones should be refurbished from previously used ones. My last one keeps breaking every 15 seconds, you can’t hear anything, low volume doesn’t come on, they tell you they will send a new one because it’s still under warranty but they never do. Yes, there have been many. I times, and every agent tells you something different, different shipping costs and sometimes you can never understand them with their thick BC accent.

Free Cell Phone For Those Qualifying

Bait and switch strategy. Poor quality phone, bad service. All foreigners with fake American names. Joy, Ed, Mary but all have different Asian accents

Cell phones. some of them are junk phones that are no longer made or guaranteed by manufacturers because of their poor quality

My mother is disabled and has not been on duty for almost a month. Talked to six different reps and all six had different reasons why he didn’t serve. They said they would send a new phone. Stupid people send phones to the wrong address. It’s now the fourth week and he still hasn’t received any services. Trying to use the internet is a nightmare. It’s slow and always frozen. Phone calls reduced. Text message not sent. Try again. This company is a link.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone Near Me

Customer service is the worst. They don’t help, they just hang around and when you try to talk to a supervisor, they push and hold you down. I have an unlock key that is compatible with any phone and they refuse to let me use it. If it wasn’t for the customer service I would be happy but this company is run by Asians who barely speak English.

Safelink Wireless Free Phone In 2023: Guide To Get

Customer service is the worst. The phone call went all the way to the Philippines, they were talking so fast, I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Each agent who responded gave me a different answer. When I asked for a supervisor, they put me on hold and never came back. Isn’t it funny when you call a recording that someone will be with you in 30 seconds? Yes, yes, yes, about 30 minutes. I am ending the contract and will be signing up with another company. T-Mobile provides poor service to poor customers.

Of course Wireless does a poor job of providing telephone service to this segment of the population. And they don’t care. They contract with the Philippines to provide the worst customer service so they can be more profitable and don’t care how customers are treated.

I got a call from them, it works for two weeks I have called about this 4 times no problem resolved and I still don’t have the phone I feel like they are trying to scam people And why should I pay for the company’s mistake?

Thank you very much for the free service and free calls and unlimited talk and SMS and high-speed data and hotspot 10 GB every month I want to thank you very much for your time. Your rep hangs up on time It doesn’t matter if you are late or not but I would appreciate a call service delivery date of 8:00 or 8:00pm. I just love your service, I hope you understand that I will always cover what you need and I will always give back to you. Thank you for making my day. I’m with you. I will organize today. You

Assurance Wireless Free Phone: A Comprehensive Guide

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