Assurance Velo

Assurance Velo – We compared the prices of such guarantees (theft, assistance and damage) from 13 companies for an e-bike worth €1,000 and €2,000. With the vast majority of companies, you can also take out individual guarantees according to your personal needs.

*The police report 25,000-35,000 bicycle thefts every year, but that’s only 35% of thefts, 65% of cyclists don’t file a complaint, so the real number of bike thefts in Belgium is 100,000 bikes a year.

Assurance Velo

Assurance Velo

Buying a classic or e-bike is a significant investment and bike theft is common, not to mention a flat tire or breakdown. Bicycle theft and assistance insurance is a wise choice.

Pourquoi Protéger Votre Vélo Grâce à L’assurance Casse Vol En 2022 ?

The Ethias Bike&More bike insurance is attractively priced, as it is an extremely comprehensive package that offers peace of mind and many benefits if you are already an Ethias customer, for example with car insurance.

Axa offers Comfort+ bike insurance for bikes less than a year old and worth less than €4,000. This is a set that combines steal, damage and help. If you have multiple vehicles (bike, electric scooter, segway, unicycle, hoverboard, electric skateboard or electric wheelchair), you can combine them all into one contract and pay extra for each vehicle. You get a €12 discount if your family insurance is arranged with Axa. Billing, subscription and online payment: Your contract is sent by email.

Qover is a digital insurance agent offering bike insurance from NN Insurance. This insurance is a package consisting of theft insurance + cyclist assistance. You get a discount of almost 20% if you install a GPS tracker on your bike (€10 per year without purchase and installation). Qover Me goes further than the competition by compensating you 100% of the purchase price of your bike for 3 years. The disadvantage is the 10% co-payment, but its limit is 200 euros.

Yuzzu (formerly Touring Assurances) is a direct insurance company offering bicycle insurance with no excess against theft. With Yuzz, your bike will retain its new value for 2 years. The icing on the cake: €0 deductible at Omnium if the amount exceeds €100. Advantage: you can choose the bike theft warranty yourself, which rarely happens with competitors. On the other hand, assisted cycling needs to be taken with a different guarantee.

Safer Cycling With Kbc’s Bicycle Insurance

Allianz Assistance bike insurance is great value as it’s affordable, prevents theft and covers your bike 100% for 3 years. You can calculate, subscribe and pay online by credit card. Used bikes less than 3 years old are also accepted, which is very rare. Assistance does not apply to dead batteries. Surplus is only on mountain and road bikes in Omnium (€50 and 20% in case of total loss)

No, if your e-bike only has pedal assist (i.e. you still have to pedal), an “RC bike” is not required, but in case of an accident caused by others riding your bike, you are of course responsible and it could cost you dearly. So what kind of insurance will cover the damage you may cause? It will be a classic family liability insurance.

From 2 June 2019, all vehicles with a maximum autonomous speed* of 25 km/h are covered by your family insurance, so you no longer need to insure your bike or e-scooter.

Assurance Velo

* Autonomous speed means the speed the vehicle can achieve using engine power alone without pedaling or pushing.

L’assurance Vélo Est Elle Obligatoire ?

Why insure a bicycle? As the number of thefts in our country increases every year, theft insurance can be interesting if your new bike costs at least 1000 euros and you have just bought it. Below this purchase price, we recommend not to arrange theft insurance, given the necessary conditions and the rapid depreciation of the other (loss of value) it will not be interesting.

An accident, technical fault, battery problem or just a flat tire can quickly become a problem on a road trip. The bicycle assistance service is available 24 hours a day in the event of an accident, breakdown, flat tire, battery problem, vandalism, theft or attempted theft.

To meet your needs, not all companies offer full coverage, some only offer full coverage or even just assistance.

When riding on two wheels (classic), your liability is already automatically covered by family liability insurance if you cause an accident while riding on public roads. If you don’t already have one, we strongly recommend that you take out insurance that covers you and the people who live under your roof. Do you want to arrange bicycle insurance with Decathlon? What are the guarantees, prices and how to apply?

Assurance Vélo électrique Erv

When buying bikes in store or online, Decathlon offers insurance that covers the bike against damage (breakage guarantee) or theft for two years. This insurance is arranged when buying a new bike, but in some cases it is also possible to take out it for a used bike.

Decathlon offers insurance focused on the essentials (breakage and theft) and does not cover civil liability, assistance or welfare (death, disability) of the cyclist. Prices are competitive, especially for bikes over €2,000, compared to specific bike insurance.

Bikes bought new are covered by a ‘damage and theft’ warranty, while bikes bought second-hand from Decathlon are only covered by a ‘damage’ warranty.

Assurance Velo

Theft insurance is included in the Decathlon bike breakdown and theft insurance formula. It must be prepaid within 6 days of purchasing a new bike. Theft of a bicycle is insured for two years according to the formula “breakdown and theft 2 years” in the following cases:

Assurance Vélo: Partez L’esprit Léger, En Belgique Ou à L’étranger

In case of insured theft, you will be given a voucher for the value of the bike (and lock) after deducting an overpayment of 15% from the price of the new bike including tax. The statute of limitations does not apply.

In the “failure” formula for a new bike, it must be collected within 5 days of the purchase of the new bike. There are some interesting guarantees:

This warranty only applies to BTWIN bikes from Decathlon. The technical diagnosis of the bicycle, which determines its value, is carried out by a Decathlon specialist before the subscription. The bike must be in good condition. The warranty does not cover the theft of a used Decathlon bicycle.

The warranty “against failure” applies to used Decathlon bikes. This only applies to Decathlon Rockrider mountain bikes and insurance must be purchased in store only.

Quelle Assurance Choisir Pour Son Vélo

Decathlon insures only those bicycle brands that the brand sells, both new and used, and excludes any repairs that are not carried out in one of the 260 workshops located in France. This formula seems restrictive, especially since the breakdown and repair service is not available on weekends and only has to respond to your request within 48 hours (working days).

However, the guarantees offered are very clear and not too restrictive, with the exception of the exclusion of guarantees that apply in the event of theft of a bicycle on a public road or in the yard of an unsecured building between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. For a bicycle with an electric assistance system (VAE) with a power not exceeding 250 W and a speed not exceeding 25 km/h, damage caused to third parties is covered by your household’s civil liability.

For other types of e-bikes, special insurance must be arranged (New mobility insurance or 2 bikes depending on the type of machine).

Assurance Velo

Depending on your situation, there are several insurance options for e-bike theft or damage. Home insurance can cover you, but there are also special insurance plans depending on your needs.

Assurance Vélo De Route

Your electric bike (VAE) is covered by the warranties you have taken out as part of your housing contract, which includes:

Choose from level 2 window or other property breakage and level 2 theft and vandalism in your home policy to protect your bike from the outside in the event of breakage and theft.

An electric bicycle is a bicycle that is equipped with a battery-powered motor that helps the cyclist pedal. The motor does not work autonomously and stops when the speed exceeds 25 km/h or when the cyclist stops pedaling.

If your electric assist bike meets all of the following criteria, it may be covered by your home insurance:

L’assurance Vélo Giant Store

However, if one of these criteria is not met, it is considered a land motor vehicle and is subject to compulsory insurance, like all motor vehicles.

EDPM is not covered by the civil liability guarantee from household insurance. That is why it is absolutely necessary to take out special insurance: find a new insurance

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