Assurance Technology Corporation

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Managing a rapidly growing network with hundreds of customers and thousands of services can be demanding. But it can also give you a lot of information when used with the right product. This can secure your services and help grow your business.

Assurance Technology Corporation

Assurance Technology Corporation

Imagine having easy access to all the information you need to anticipate and even resolve potential issues before services are interrupted or service level agreements are breached. Or consider the benefits of dynamic network reconfiguration and optimization so the quality of your video content never suffers – no matter how many users are online.

Fabryka Obrabiarek Precyzyjnych Avia S.a

Since introducing vSure (now part of Blue Planet’s UAA), it has enabled us to not only meet our carrier customer SLA commitments, but also to expand our mobile backhaul and reduce operating costs.

Blue Planet UAA is an open, vendor-agnostic software suite that uses end-to-end monitoring and advanced analytics with the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) to provide unprecedented insight that simplifies your network and service assurance and puts you on the path to AIOps. UAA is built on a cloud-based architecture and offers flexible deployment options, allowing for installation in a flexible SaaS model or deployment in your cloud or on-premises.

As part of Blue Planet’s intelligent automation portfolio, UAA complements and works with other Blue Planet products, including inventory, multi-domain service orchestration, and route optimization and analytics products, to enable full service lifecycle automation across multiple layers and stages. vendor, multi-domain networks.

UAA provides a solid foundation on the journey to the Adaptive Network™ – an AIOps-driven network that can self-configure, optimize and dynamically heal itself according to real-time demands and pressures. All this while maintaining human control as a core part of the product, allowing you to decide how much autonomous action is required.

Assuring Network Services In The Cloud Era

UAA harnesses the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to improve network awareness and control for service providers and help them transform and simplify network operations.

Enables AIOs with intelligent closed-loop automation and adaptive optimization through an open integration policy with subsystems, network orchestrators and domain managers

AI and ML-powered intelligent analytics that cut through the noise, focus on critical issues, and pave the way for proactive and prescriptive assurance

Assurance Technology Corporation

A vendor-agnostic product that collects and analyzes everything—applications, virtual and physical devices, legacy and next-generation technology, and more

Itc Acquires Assurance Systems Incorporated

The UAA platform provides basic functions for unified data collection, processing and storage. It also provides an ML library used by AI-powered insurance applications.

UAA Resource Adapters (RAs) collect real-time multi-source telemetry and confirmation data and provide an interface between the network and the UAA platform. Today, our RAs support more than 1,300 products from more than 135 vendors and counting.

AI-powered insurance and analytics applications run on the UAA platform – you can combine them in any way you want to help solve specific use cases. Applications include:

With Blue Planet’s UAA, you can invest in analytics and assurance projects, taking a step-by-step approach to higher ROI. Our software development and services experts are always available to assist you on your journey with Adaptive Network American Municipal Bond Insurance Corporation (Ambac), which began in 1971 as a subsidiary of Milwaukee’s MGIC Investment Corporation. It was the first company to offer insurance to municipal bond issuers. A municipal bond issuer may purchase insurance coverage to increase investor confidence that principal and interest payments will be made in full and on time if the issuer defaults. Insurance acts as a buffer against insolvency, reduces risk and increases the credit rating of issued bonds. The added security created by this coverage means that insured bonds can command higher prices, pay lower interest rates, and generally have more liquidity than uninsured bonds.

Audit & Assurance Services

Ambac remains among the leading underwriters of bonds and the insurance market continues to develop, although Ambac’s credit ratings fell sharply after the 2008 financial crisis. , a New York-based holding company.

Bond insurance works much like any other insurance policy. Issuers take out default insurance and the bond insurer estimates premium payments according to the risk it perceives from the issuer. If the issuer does not make timely payments during the term of the bond, the insurer must make those payments. This dynamic means that an investor typically holds the same credit rating on a covered bond as the company backing the bond, regardless of the credit rating of the underlying securities. From an investor’s perspective, the only risk of default comes from the possibility that the bond insurer will default on payments. In general, bond underwriters only cover securities with ratings in the investment-grade territory or no lower than BBB.

Although bond issuers must pay insurance premiums, an improvement in the creditworthiness of the debt can provide significant benefits by improving credit conditions, in particular by lowering yields or expanding access to debt markets for the issuer. To the extent that these better credit terms reduce borrowing costs more than the increased costs resulting from insurance premiums, the bond issuer comes out ahead. In practice, investors also end up paying insurance premiums to the extent that they get a lower return on the debt, which exposes them to more risk and therefore yields a higher return than if it were uninsured.

Assurance Technology Corporation

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