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Assurance Services International – This Annex sets out the classification of product types to be used by certificate holders for the purpose of classifying categories of products. FSC products.

This document provides an up-to-date list of countries where the SLIMF standard differs from those approved for international use in the “FSC-STD-01-003 V1-0 SK: SLIMF standard qualified” .

Assurance Services International

Assurance Services International

Please note that the content of this standard document has been reduced to FSC-STD-20-007 Forest Management Assessment Standard (V4-0) Date of Information: February 1, 2023 Effective Date: July 1, 2023 Final Transition Period: December 31, 2024 Subject to the following requirements of ensuring that decision-making bodies have adequate information the certification body bases its decisions on compliance with FSC’s forest management standards and helps FSC to ensure sustainability decision-making between different certification bodies.

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This is a mandatory standard for all FSC certificate holders who are authorized to use the FSC logo and specifies how to use the logo correctly. FSC. The practice includes the use of the FSC logo on FSC certified products, used to promote FSC certified products and promote the company’s position FSC certificate holder. This standard is the basis for the evaluation and approval of the use of the FSC mark by all holders of certificates by the FSC certified certification.

This standard specifies the accreditation requirements for all certified organizations operating FSC certification programs. The purpose of this model is to ensure that these programs are conducted in a competent, permanent, impartial, transparent, strong, reliable and honest manner, and to facilitate their acceptance in the country and internationally, and to encourage international trade and sustainable development.

The purpose of this document is to provide the conditions and requirements for establishing and managing multi-site security codes.

This document contains the certification standards for the certification of forest operations in Chinese Taipei, organized according to the FSC normative document for the development and maintenance of the FSC Forest Stewardship Standards. The revision of the FSC Forestry Standards is in progress and all existing standards will be presented in the Guidelines and Standards hate version 5-2. All standards are valid until changed to the FSC Forest Stewardship Standard.

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This model specifies the process requirements to be followed for the development and review of regional (transnational, supranational), national -national or international FSC standards for forest management through standardized maintenance groups and approved local plans.

This standard is designed to provide greater clarity to certifying bodies and stakeholders regarding the nature and scope of stakeholder consultation required to assess follow the FSC Forest Stewardship Standards.

This standard specifies the specific requirements related to the Forest Management Unit (FMU) standard for forestry enterprises to be presented to a company or a certified third party that manages the wood supplied. It allows forest companies to provide evidence that the wood they supply has been controlled to avoid legal protection, recorded in violation of cultural and social rights, play in the management of forest that threatens the level of conservation in economic activities. in areas where forests are being converted to plantations or used for non-forestry purposes or harvested from forests where special trees are planted.

Assurance Services International

FSC has established a certification process that requires the support of third parties to operate on the ground, maintain independence and integrity, and ultimately to ensure sustainable management of the world’s forests.

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The ISEAL Alliance is a global organization for reliability standards. FSC and ASI are checked regularly according to ISEAL requirements.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) owns the forest certification program. This means that FSC develops standards for sustainable forestry, supports and works with all relevant stakeholders to implement them. FSC does not issue certificates; instead, it is the responsibility of independent and accredited organizations to issue certificates.

Assurance Services International (ASI) is a global FSC assurance company whose mission is to ensure the integrity of financial sustainability standards and plans to ensure that social and environmental impacts. ASI oversees the certification activities of the certification bodies to ensure that standards are being implemented in accordance with applicable standards. set by the FSC.

Certification body: Independent organization authorized to issue and administer FSC certificates. They manage the entire certification process, from pre-certification review and certification, through testing and evaluation, to in suspending or terminating the validity of certificates if necessary.

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Certificate holders: Organizations that have received the FSC certification from an accredited organization after meeting all the requirements set forth by the FSC. confirm status. These organizations obtain the right to claim the FSC label on their products and use the FSC label by entering into a label license agreement with FSC.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sets standards for forestry operations that wish to meet the requirements of sustainable forestry, including best management practices, and for producers and sellers of forest products that wish to obtain from these customers and refer them to their customers. In addition, the FSC sets standards that certified organizations must comply with when assessing compliance by organizations in the forest and supply chain. FSC standards for certified organizations, forestry and the supply chain that form the basis of the certification system.

Each person participating in the FSC certification process has an important role in bringing products from the forest to the market; as well as ensuring the protection of forests for future generations. Certificate holders meet the requirements set by the FSC in terms of certification. According to FSC’s principles, certificate holders ensure that their forests and forest products are sourced and managed in a sustainable and certified manner, bringing environmental, social and economic benefits.

Assurance Services International

Accredited organizations conduct forestry and supply audits leading to the FSC label. They also conduct audits to ensure that certificate holders continue to meet FSC certification requirements. If they don’t comply, their certification body can suspend or terminate their certification and the FSC can block them from the system – more on that here

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Just as business owners check compliance with certificates, the activity of the certification body is also checked by another independent party; Assurance Services International. ASI conducts annual audits of accredited institutions through in-office, remote and field surveys. If the certification body does not meet the requirements, ASI can suspend it. For more information on accreditation body studies, click here.

Impartiality is one of the fundamental principles of any certification program and is addressed in detail by the relevant FSC requirements. , which is mostly taken from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In the FSC system, there are specific rules governing the relationship between certification bodies and certificate holders. These rules are set out in the FSC standard General Requirements for FSC Accredited Certification Body. The standard provides specific requirements for the use and conduct of certification bodies when conducting tests with organizations seeking to obtain FSC certification.

Unbiased results for certification require review of the test report before a decision is made. This means that the certification decision is based on the auditor’s recommendation and review of the testing process by another expert who is not to participate in the audit.

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FSC has no influence on the fees required by the certification body from its audit bodies. However, the general fee schedule of the certifying bodies must be publicly available. In addition, all FSC forest reports are publicly available for transparency purposes.

FSC certification bodies require a committee to ensure impartiality and ensure that they behave in accordance with FSC standards. One of the important tasks of the commission is to find and prevent any situation that can allow businesses or other things to strengthen the impartiality of certification decisions.

In order to investigate and ultimately prevent any allegations of corruption, the FSC has a strict anti-corruption system that can used by any group that wishes to raise concerns.

Assurance Services International

Together with FSC, ASI manages the risk management of the FSC certification program to ensure that FSC’s sustainability standards are properly implemented and that the your customers can trust FSC’s consistent information.

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FSC and ASI work to identify, address and manage risks in supply chains through research. These searches start with a reported incident, which is then combined by the subject to create a transaction verification code. ASI investigates and prioritizes these incidents and decides to follow up directly if there is enough evidence (through planned research) or if patterns are identified. and monitor surveillance in areas and topics at risk.

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