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Assurance Retraite Contact – A life certificate allows pensioners living abroad to prove their existence in order to continue receiving their old age pension. This is an important step because if the Pension Insurance does not receive this document, the payment of the pension will be suspended.

To simplify this process, the online service “Provide a Certificate of Life” was created. This allows you to have just one document per year that needs to be completed and returned to prove its existence to each relevant pension fund.

Assurance Retraite Contact

Assurance Retraite Contact

To make it easier for you to find the competent local authority that can issue you a life certificate, Retirement Insurance has developed an interactive map which geo-locates the competent local authorities nearest to you.

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Assurance Retraite Contact

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L’assurance Retraite En 2021

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The Court of Auditors allocates the National Insurance Fund for the Old Aged (Cnav). In his FY 2021 report from the Social Security Department of Old Age Security, he points out recurring errors that will affect the monthly calculations of pensions paid to future retirees. Three-quarters of these mistakes happen to the detriment of policymakers.

Anthony KACZMAREK – June 1, 2022 3:55 pm | updated June 1, 2022 4:28 pm – Reading time:

“One in seven new liquidated pensions contains at least one financially significant error,” the Audit Chamber report said. Photo by Sipa/Murad ALLILI

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The Court of Auditors throws a new stone into the pond in managing the liquidation of pensions by the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav), as liquidation is an important step in the calculation that ‘ determination of the monthly amount of pension that will be paid to the pensioner in the future.

Every year, the sage of the rue Cambon, in a report, confirms the reports of the general social security system by sector: illness, industrial accidents and occupational diseases, family, autonomy and old age. The “Old Age Branch” provides old age pensions to 14.9 million participants in the general system, including self-employed people from 2018.

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Assurance Retraite Contact

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For the fiscal year 2021, the Accounting Chamber “verifies with the preservation of the accounts of the Old Age Branch and the National Old Age Insurance Fund,” indicating “financial errors” in the liquidation of one pension out of seven. If the Court notes progress compared to 2020 (then one in six cases), it refers to a “gross irregularity” and points out that “the situation remains worse”, adding in 2016 that only “one in nine services were in error””

According to the Court of Accounts, the irregularities affect the “occupational data underlying pension entitlements,” which are recorded throughout the insured’s active life in a national directory and arrange before their pension is released.

Two thirds of this data comes from employers’ declarations when the insured was working, or from Pôle emploi and health insurance when the insured was unemployed or on sick leave. The remaining data often relate to equal pay, the universal employment survey, or other social security schemes.

Tentatives De Suicide, Burn Out, Stress Et Fatigue

The court also points out irregularities in the “management” of positions, pointing out that half of the errors that affect the amount of pensions occur due to non-compliance with the procedure -this work, for example, due to an incorrect calculation of the number of quarters worked.

In 2021, 863,000 new pensioners received an old-age pension from Chnav. The Court of Accounts in its report reveals that there was at least one financial error, or one case in seven, in 14% of the liquidation cases of the retired people.

In three quarters of cases, the error contributes to a reduction in the size of the insured’s retirement pension. In total, the court believes that out of the €5.8 billion in benefits paid in 2021, mistakes that will have a negative impact on policymakers will amount to €70 million, or 1.2% of the total.

Assurance Retraite Contact

Not all pension funds are in the same boat. Wise men highlight the “progress recorded in several regional funds”, especially in Hautes-de-France, with a 9-point reduction in the error rate in 2021. However, policymakers need funds in the Southeast, Languedoc – Roussillon and Ile-de-France to be particularly vigilant: the court criticizes that these funds were not transferred to “enough” to ensure the liquidation of the quality of their pensions.

Retraites. La Pension Minimale Revalorisée

At the same time, in the case of self-employed pensions (that payment is made according to the general scheme from 2018), the frequency of financial errors also worsened by one point in 2021, rising from 2.9% to 3.9%.

To eliminate these errors, the Government Accountability Office analyzed a sample of just over 4,500 pension fund files from the general system.

In their report, the soldiers condemn “weaknesses in the overall internal control structure”, citing the implementation of the current control system in pension funds, which is considered “uncertain”.

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