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In the world of software development, this is an important factor and even a factor in the success of any development project. This is quality assurance where the principle is to ensure the quality of the final product in the sense that it meets all the customer’s expectations. The quality is therefore verified through tests carried out on the level of functionality, compatibility and user-friendliness. Failure to adequately implement quality assurance can lead to missed deadlines, dissatisfied customers, and other inconveniences. Therefore, quality assurance is important and necessary for the success of any software development project.

Assurance Qualité

Assurance Qualité

Software quality assurance in English Software Quality Assurance (SQA) consists of a process that ensures the conformity of processes, procedures as well as any aspect of work to predetermined standards. This comes in the form of a standard or a combination of standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 15504 or the CMMI model.

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Software quality assurance also includes the integration of all software development processes from defining the requirements and expectations related to coding to the publication of the final product, and therefore needs to check its quality with others’ different stages of development.

The quality assurance function performed as part of software testing aims to verify and ensure that the software system meets all the requirements specified by the customer. By implementing quality assurance, it is possible to ensure that the software system exhibits reliability and efficiency according to predetermined standards.

When properly implemented, a quality assurance program provides structure to software development systems while ensuring the establishment and subsequent control of policy. Quality assurance has many benefits, including:

The fact that quality assurance is an important part of software development projects comes from several factors that make it important to bring together experts who specialize in quality assurance in the development of web projects, the main ones this is:

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Quality assurance relates to all planned activities carried out within the framework of a software development system that can be used to ensure the quality of the final product. Quality assurance oversees how software is developed and provides teams with the means to achieve their goals.

As for quality control, it consists of a system that compares results to standards and identifies ways to improve. Quality control checks whether or not predetermined standards are met. In software development, quality control involves reviewing the design and code to ensure that they meet the requirements set by quality assurance. Furthermore, quality assurance can be seen as the tools, methods and processes used to ensure quality. Quality control is about testing results to ensure they are on track to meet requirements.

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Assurance Qualité

At Euro Tech Conseil, we do not see after-sales service as a simple obligation, but as a cement of a long-term partnership.

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Software audits are important tools for assessing compliance, optimizing costs, and improving security within an organization.

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Assurance Qualité

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Assurance Qualité

SSR often talks about its quality and importance. But what about the quality of SSR’s journalistic products? The franchise sets five key quality standards.

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Relevance means preferring the general and comprehensive nature of the material being treated to specific interests. The importance of a topic is primarily based on its topicality as well as its political, economic, cultural and social importance. Local or cultural proximity to our audience is also an important factor.

Professionalism involves handling a subject while respecting the appropriate code of conduct. For example, all the main facts and existing points of view should be considered throughout the tender, presented in a correct and balanced way so that the public can form their own opinion on the issues. Media professionals know legal boundaries, respect ethical standards and basic journalistic principles, even when time is of the essence. Practice is the key to professionalism.

Freedom implies that media personnel are free to choose their topics related to various interests of the state, politics, business life or society in general. They report it without personal interest. In the event of a conflict of interest, they waive all processing. They conduct research on their own initiative.

Diversity means that SSR’s programs and productions respond to and give voice to different groups of the Swiss population 21. The offer consists of diverse content from different genres and formats and shows as wide a range of opinions as possible.

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SSR ensures that its offering is present on the platforms most used by the audience. It should be accessible to the entire public and all members of society without hindrance. The entire offer covers the four official Swiss languages. SSR’s programs and productions are presented in a clear and understandable way, and the archive is publicly accessible.

RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF and SWI, by establishing central coordination, apply and monitor compliance with these principles taking into account the specific characteristics of each company and adapt them by possibly adding of additional rules. .

The quality managers of the company’s units meet regularly with a national quality expert group to exchange experience and knowledge in handling quality standards. The aim of the expert group is to continuously improve quality assurance and align standards with accepted scientific results in the field of media in Switzerland and abroad.

Assurance Qualité

The quality assurance system of SSR’s offer is regularly verified by external experts. The public is informed

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