Assurance Kilometre

Assurance Kilometre – Car insurance per kilometer or “small rider” insurance is an insurance formula that allows you to pay according to the number of kilometers you travel. An advantageous product if you rarely use your car, because the amount of your car insurance premium is proportional to the use.

Car insurance per kilometer comes to us from Anglo-Saxon countries where it is called “Pay as you drive” (PAYD), literally translated as “pay as you drive”. As the name suggests, car insurance per km is an insurance formula that allows the insured to pay a premium according to the kilometers he has traveled, and according to the use of the car he will have, his car. A very attractive formula for “small riders”, or people who ride very rarely. A formula for policyholders looking for cheaper car insurance.

Assurance Kilometre

Assurance Kilometre

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L’assurance Au Kilomètre, Qu’est Ce Que C’est ?

The principle of car insurance per kilometer is to calculate your premium amount according to kilometers traveled. Instead of paying for the annual insurance with monthly payments that are too high for the actual use of your car, you pay for it according to the actual driving distance. In this way, you adapt your coverage level to the use of your vehicle.

Regarding the formula of the mileage package, drivers contractually and in advance promise that they will not drive a certain number of kilometers within a year. Therefore, insurance companies make calculations to determine the rate. To ensure compliance with the obligations made, odometer readings are carried out annually, usually with partner garages. But it is also possible that the insurance will be satisfied with the declaration of respect of the driver.

With the PAYD formula you pay for the number of kilometers actually traveled behind the wheel of your car. To do this, the installation of an electronic box is essential, as this device will allow the geolocation of the vehicle and, in deduction, determine the number of kilometers traveled for real-time communication with the insurance company. This allows the insurance company to adjust its rates. If the mileage is exceeded, the insurance charges the excess mileage.

If you take out your car insurance per km, you must determine the maximum distance you plan to travel in a year. If you are wondering how it is possible for you and your insurance company to check whether the number of kilometers has been respected or not, here is the answer: the electronic box is installed in your car. This box will only be used to calculate the distance traveled by your vehicle to determine the appropriate rate. At the expense of the insurer, this tool transmits in real time the following information related to your trip:

Comment Fonctionne L’assurance Auto Au Kilomètre ?

With such a tool it is normal to ask about data protection. But you can be sure. Indeed, when an insurance company offers a car insurance system for every kilometer, it is because it has first received the approval of the CNIL (Commission for Information Technology and National Freedom). The latter regulates the collection and use of the policyholder’s personal data. Therefore, your data is perfectly protected.

Although mileage insurance is an important source of savings, it requires real vigilance.

Indeed, drivers who subscribe to the formula with a mileage package must carefully monitor the number of kilometers traveled on the wheels of their car to check that it does not exceed the planned kilometers. Although there is little a priori risk with a minimal excess, the disappointment can be great if the number of extra kilometers traveled turns out to be significant. In fact, in the case of a significant excess, the insurance company may decide to change the contract to a less favorable arrangement that will result in more expensive car insurance premiums.

Assurance Kilometre

It is also possible that your insurance company offers a “mileage add-on” that allows you to increase your mileage figures for the year. For the “Pay as you drive” formula, there is no limit on the number of kilometers traveled. ​​​​​​​However, if you use your car regularly, this type of insurance may not best suit your needs and it may be better to switch to a traditional offer.

Puis Je Souscrire à Une Assurance Quad Au Kilomètre ?

If you are under the estimate made during the subscription, you are entitled to a reduction in your car insurance premium. On the other hand, if you exceed this estimate, you will sometimes be charged the full price for each additional kilometer, depending on the terms of the contract.

Offered by the majority of insurance companies, these car insurance formulas generally contain the same guarantees as a traditional car insurance contract:

Car insurance per kilometer can appeal to different types of profiles such as “small drivers”, young drivers, or additional car owners.

You can easily take car insurance online on the website of the selected insurance company or through an online insurance comparator to find the one that best suits your needs.

L’assurance Moto Au Kilomètre Est Elle Possible ?

Per km insurance is car insurance whose premium depends on the number of kilometers traveled each year with your car. It is very practical for small riders and occasional riders.

To be billed per kilometer, the insurance company you choose must have a mileage statement proving the distance traveled. For this, the partner garage reads the odometer every year. Or the reading is done automatically and remotely via a box installed in the car.

The best way to find the cheapest insurance per km is to use an online car insurance comparison. Therefore, it will offer you quotes on the most attractive offers on the market that match your profile and your needs.

Assurance Kilometre

Direct Assurance has just generalized its Youdrive offering, which was previously only aimed at new drivers. This offer is based on the use of a connected device that evaluates driving style to reduce the amount of insurance premiums.

L’assurance Automobile Au Kilomètre Est Une Assurance Payante Au Fur Et à Mesure Que Vous Conduisez

The Senate wants to reduce the maximum contribution of insurance companies to the compulsory insurance fund (FGAO). During the examination of the 2024 budget, senators also voted to reduce this contribution ceiling.

Renault has revealed its plans to launch a new electric car, called the Legend, which will be sold for less than 20,000 euros, excluding subsidies. The model will be available after 2025, according to Renault’s statement ahead of the official launch of its new electric subsidiary Ampere. Are you looking for affordable and flexible car insurance? Find insurance by the kilometer, perfect for small riders. Save money and protect yourself effectively!

In the world of car insurance, understanding all the options can sometimes seem like a real headache. One of these options is car insurance per kilometer, which is an economical and practical alternative for certain driver profiles. In this article we invite you to find out who this insurance is for and how it works.

Car insurance per kilometer, also known as paid as you drive, the insurance premium can be calculated based on the number of kilometers the car traveled in a certain period. This form of insurance has several advantages for certain categories of drivers:

Quel Prix Pour L’assurance D’une Voiture électrique Au Km ?

To provide car insurance per kilometer, it is necessary to equip your car with an electronic box. This device allows you to organize and record the number of kilometers you travel each day. Thanks to this technology, your insurance company will be able to set a tailored rate based on the total distance traveled with your car.

The formula for car insurance per km is often based on a prepaid package system that is renewed according to the needs of the driver. It usually involves a certain number of kilometers that are driven for a certain period of time, which allows you to benefit from a proportional reduction in the insurance premium.

Please note that this category is not complete. Each profile can actually be studied by comparing car insurance options offered by companies that offer packages tailored to your driver profile.

Assurance Kilometre

Car insurance per kilometer includes an important dimension: claims management. In the event of an accident, the reporting and coverage process may be slightly different compared to traditional insurance.

Hausse Du Carburant, Télétravail

The number of kilometers traveled may affect the handling of claims. Low mileage can be seen as an indicator of reduced risk, with a positive impact on speed and support conditions.

It is important to ensure that the purchased plan includes all necessary aspects, such as civil liability, legal protection (defense and recourse), and third party damages or all risks.

Before you sign your contract, make sure you understand all clauses related to claims protection. Detailed quotes and clear explanations of terms can help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of an accident.

Before committing to this form of car insurance, it is important to assess your mobility situation. Carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the system and

Flitter, La Nouvelle Assurance Auto Au Kilomètre

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