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Assurance Gmf – GMF, commonly known as GMF, is a French company that operates in the insurance sector, more precisely, non-intermediary mutuals. Founded in 1934 as an auto insurance company for government employees, the company has expanded its clientele and products since the 1970s to include life insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and even legal protection. GMF is one of the three constituent brands of Covéa (since 2005).

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Assurance Gmf

Assurance Gmf

Mutual insurance of employees and public service employees, mutual accident insurance cooperative. The first president of the GMF was Louis Moncondehoy, the principal of the school in Villers-Cotterets. “GMF has taken the form of a mutual insurance company from its origin”

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. Initially, contributions are determined regardless of results throughout the year. In contrast, MAIF (Mutual Teacher) works on a system of variable contributions

. Most of the financial products that are mutually purchased with the logic of prudent and long-term management are bonds.

In 1964, the GMF withdrew its membership application to the FFSA. He later formed the GSACM with four other mutual associations in the same situation (MAAF, MAIF, Macif and Matmut).

. In 1967, GMF reached one million members. Next year, it will organize a mutual aid fund that can intervene after an uninsured or social event.

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Until the 1970s, auto insurance was mostly mutual. GMF supplied about 10% of the French car fleet in 1974

. Jean-Michel Blancker believes that in 1974 GMF was facing a growth crisis due to poor management that did not suit the large number of policyholders. In the same year, Michel Barwin became the president of GMF. He founded the National Association of GMF Members (ANS GMF).

), acts as a mediator between members and interactions. This allows for “preventing possible opposition and preventing voting” during public meetings, thus allowing Michel Barrow to implement his new policy for mutual relations.

Assurance Gmf

The internal structure of the mutual organization, especially the administrative center of the GMF in Saran (Loire), founded in 1970, is changing. Member files are centralized and computerized there, but productivity is low and the social atmosphere is tense. . Michelle Barwin’s father-in-law, Roger Pauli, organized the service based on a horizontal division of labor. “This leads to very quick responses, enriching tasks, and thus greater efficiency.”

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. Michel Barwin also recruits young students from Sciences Po who become his close colleagues on governing boards. According to Jean-Michel Blancker, the reorganization measures since 1975 have had an effect: complaints and computer problems have decreased dramatically.

. In the following years, personnel management was reformed by introducing participative management based on goals (annual goals are set by managers and employees). An annual interview is scheduled for each employee

In 1975 and 1976, GMF established offices in a number of French cities (Annesi, Bourges, Lyon, Troyes, Niort) to network the territory and seek new clients. The development of mutual relations takes place in difficult economic conditions after the oil shock and economic recession of 1973.

In 1979, the success of GMF members created the first life insurance contract, GMF Vie.

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. Wanting to get closer to social economy players, GMF buys the insurance company La Sauvegarde and acquires a stake in the central bank of cooperatives, BCCM (Central Bank of Cooperatives and Mutuals).

. The economic situation is bad and it is difficult to balance mutual accounts. At this point GMF is connected to MAAF.

And with the French Ski Federation. In 1987, the company established two reinsurance companies, GMF Protection Juridique and GMF Re.

Assurance Gmf

GSACM, the professional association of GMF, became GEMA in 1989. In 1991, GMF launched the first Sérénitude insurance contract.

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Altus and General Water Company. The company later merged with the Azur Group, resulting in the creation of the “Azur-GMF, Mutual Insurance Companies” group.

After merging with Azore in September 1994, GMF left GEMA after being threatened with exclusion by other mutual societies. Joined FFSA in June 1995.

In 1999, GMF partnered with Ethias, the first Belgian mutual insurance company, in Les Assurances Mutuels d’Europe, a European mutual insurance company. They then launched Multéo, the first multi-support contract. A year later, the group established “psychological support” and legacy services, and created a team of specialist advisers.

In 2002, its subsidiaries AMI and Fidelia Assistance (a subsidiary of the Azur Group) merged to form a single entity: Fidelia Assistance. In 2003, lawyer Thierry Drez became president of GMF. In November 2005, the group merged with MAAF-MMA and joined Covéa, a mutual insurance company. GMF President Thierry Drez later became MAAF President

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Come together under the Covéa banner and then all have one CEO. Two years later, GMF subsidiary Fidelia formed the Astrum Assistance Alliance joint venture, a European assistance group that brought together four other operators. In July 2010, the GMF donated €908,000 to the Thôt endowment fund created by Jean-Claude Sis, which it invested in the Presses universitaire de ance.

. A year later, the assurance organization Apgis joined the Covéa group and in September announced the creation of a new division called Covéa Santé & Prévoyance.

. In October 2018, GMF launched an “active prevention” contract that covers loss of wages if employees are fired.

Assurance Gmf

GMF had privileged membership in both FFSA (Federation of French Insurance Companies) and GEMA (Group of Mutual Insurance Companies) and was the first trade union to leave in 1995 and return ten years later. On the occasion of the merger of SGAM with COVEA.

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The objective of the GMF presidency at that time was this dual membership to facilitate close relations with the French Insurance Association, the joint establishment of these two associations. It should be noted that two other Covéa brands, MMA and MAAF, are members of FFSA for the former and GEMA for the latter, respectively.

Since 2016, FFSA (Federation of French Insurance Companies) and GEMA (Group of Mutual Insurance Companies) have been merged into the French Insurance Federation.

GMF is also a member of Amice (Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe), a representative body created as a result of its merger in 2008.

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