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Assurance Garage – Professional garage insurance allows you to get effective solutions for your insurance, as a partner broker of many companies, you can find our advice on the best protection options for your car or 2-wheeler garage in our offer…

We cover garage liability as well as customer cars, company cars and even buildings. We cooperate with three major insurance companies.

Assurance Garage

Assurance Garage

Many professional property insurance policies aimed at auto repair shops and dealerships offer basic coverages such as:

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Is a garage risk insurance company for several years that allows you to insure all types of garages, including garages under construction. also offers insurance for traveling repairers of certain vehicles. , offers Garage liability warranties or insurance for reliable vehicles. The insurance broker has been operating since 1994 and has insured many garages since then.

The following warranties are available: fire, water damage, theft, glass breakage, garage professional liability, entrusted vehicle liability, permanent or actual business losses, PJ’s garage.

Simply fill out our “Garage Insurance” questionnaire and submit the information to receive a survey. We use several of the largest garage insurance companies. can also quote garage insurance for creativity.

Looking for comprehensive help with heavy trucks? , a car insurance broker offers you a very comprehensive warranty included in your contract[…]

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Whether you own or rent, you are responsible for any damage your property may cause to others, even if you have a garage or garage.

Assurance Garage

Liability insurance is mandatory for renters due to potential rental risks. This warranty provides you with coverage in the event of damage to your garage or home.

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Today, the liability of insurance does not belong only to the owner, in the event of an accident, he will bear the consequences. This is why garage insurance is highly recommended, even if not mandatory.

Civil liability is mandatory for jointly owned garages. Homeowner’s insurance comes into play in the event of a disaster, contact your home insurance advisor for more information.

It is recommended that you take out car garage insurance or motorcycle garage insurance and generally inquire about home insurance for outbuildings.

When the garage or box is insured, the local insurance company must pay compensation to any accident victims, such as water damage. In addition, you will also be covered if the items in your garage are stolen.

Tout Savoir Sur L’assurance D’un Parking

Also, in the event of an accidental fire, it covers the cost of repairs. On the other hand, if you choose not to have garage insurance, that entire bill will be your responsibility.

Please note that car insurance does not include garage protection. Your car must have its own insurance.

To choose the right insurance for your garage, it is recommended to first understand your needs. The type of insurance policy that’s best for you depends on your situation and what other than your car you keep in a garage or box.

Assurance Garage

You can also ask yourself what kind of garage insurance you want: this can range from simple civil liability to fire insurance for items stored in your garage. In all cases, it is recommended to compare the offers of different insurance companies to find the one that suits you best.

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In general, insurance companies consider a garage as an accessory building, as long as it is not directly connected to the residence. Your hazardous home contract may have a special clause for outbuildings, so be sure to tell your insurer about this.

If your car is parked on the street in a paid space, we are not in the context of a parking space. If your car is damaged, the insurance covers you up to the amount of the covered guarantees.

However, if you rent or own a parking space in your building or a neighboring building, it is highly recommended that you take out parking space insurance. In the event of an accident, you will not be able to claim compensation for damage to objects located in the garage or parking lot. In addition, if you are responsible, you will have to pay for the damage caused to the third party.

Areas marked in open public parking belong to the common areas of the building. Thus, they are generally insured under joint ownership. The latter intervenes, for example, in the event of a collision or an accident in the parking lot. According to Bercy*, “it is recommended that you refer to the co-ownership regulations and also check the terms of the lease agreement for the space to check that the shared car park is properly secured.”

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If not, be sure to check with your insurance company to review your options.

Box, carport or garage, your minimum insurance should be civil liability (RC) to compensate your neighbors. Therefore, if you are found responsible for an accident that causes damage to third parties, your insurance company will pay compensation to the victims.

Also provide coverage in case of fire, water damage, fire or explosion (depending on what you store in the building): so your insurance will be able to reimburse you for the damage according to the terms of your insurance policy.

Assurance Garage

If you choose an anti-theft warranty to protect what you’re storing (other than your car), you’ll need to secure your premises (proper locks, etc.). Please note that the theft warranty covers you in case of loss of goods stored in your garage.

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If you already have home insurance for your private home, you can contact your insurance company directly. Your insurance company will be able to tell you if your garage is covered by comprehensive home insurance, for example. Otherwise, you can simply ask for an extended warranty.

If you want to insure a homeless garage or box, simply contact your insurance company of choice and let them know its location and the value of the various items stored there, such as your DIY tools.

Home insurance can cover your garage, whether it’s attached to your home or detached; in the second case, it will be considered an addiction later. Your insurance advisor can recommend packages that suit your situation.

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See the contract or contact your advisor for the terms and limitations of the warranty and services provided.

Ipsos March/April 2023 Study of a sample of 500 new customers who signed an annual contract from September 2022 to February 2023. 46% said they saw an average reduction of €149 with equivalent guarantees. Vallois offers a simple and clear car service and professional car insurance that allows you to insure your activity, professional liability, business premises and company vehicles.

Our car garage insurance comes with several coverages to consider based on your needs, the exact nature of your business and the size of your business.

Assurance Garage

Basic coverages in professional auto insurance cover damage and liability to ensure the long-term viability of your business, regardless of the type of accident that may occur in the course of your business. These garage home insurance guarantees also include trust property guarantee (your customers’ cars), operational loss (compensation in case you are unable to run your business after a guaranteed loss) and vehicle parking insurance. company property.

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With our experience in garage home insurance, we offer solutions that suit your business. Take advantage of our competitive pricing and responsiveness

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