Assurance Free Cell Phone Application

Assurance Free Cell Phone Application – Assurance Wireless has a rating of 1.34 stars out of 747 reviews, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their purchase. Reviewers who complain about Assurance Wireless often cite issues with customer service, new phones, and tracking numbers. Assurance Wireless is ranked 112th among cell phone carrier sites.

The phone I bought is broken. Had to pay for a broken replacement then upgraded phone and they shipped it and it was a shock phone from 1988 with a 2MP camera that won’t take anything but 2g dies every 1/2 hour. get a replacement phone then i found out i overcharged the card because one agent has no superior to call as i am at home and they no longer have virgin phones in america so i will tell you which one they keep. They don’t even know it’s a phone but they try to sell you a moto g phone for $50. corners selling acp accounts sell upgraded phones for 50$ which they get for free from the company, hats and corner people who claim to give you free give you a no good, outdated, shock phone made in india. If you don’t want your card info stolen, your identity stolen, hacked, your old phone reading a horrible customer service lie script, never use a company. Where is the FCC that cares about Americans. They just get rich, have big budget dinners, and are allowed to do whatever they want while driving around waving at the homeless.

Assurance Free Cell Phone Application

Assurance Free Cell Phone Application

They charged me over $100 for the phone that needed to be activated. After that I was given all sorts of wrong information and never got back. After 7 months the LINE was disconnected and they know the number on the website is not working. Don’t even update your watch. I am looking for a way to file a criminal case against them for stealing money from me My bank says I should get my money back from them but no one is responding

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They charged me over $100 for the phone that needed to be activated. After that I was given all sorts of wrong information and never got back.

Divorced after 7 months due to ERROR. Don’t even update your watch. I am looking for a way to file a criminal case against them for stealing money from me My bank says I should get my money back from them but no one is responding

Within a week of receiving the phone, the phone shuts off despite being fully charged. They said they wouldn’t replace him. Then the phone is completely dead and they won’t replace it unless I pay $20 for shipping! What reputable company does this on an obviously defective product? Through the ACP program in my state, poor people were given the opportunity to connect with Dr., my work neighbor and sister, and they asked for $20. After reading the rest of the comments, I’m glad I didn’t, because I’ll have another broken phone and less than $20.

If they sent you something other than a umx phone, they would be 100% upgraded. I’ve owned several cheap $20-$30 smartphones, and I’ve never had one worse than the UMX. 3 of them quit. That week they all do the same thing, just turn off by themselves, no matter what you never turn on, I’ve tried everything to fix them, so if you read this, make sure it’s not wireless, refuse to send us a UMX phone.

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No problems since early October. I’ve been a customer for 10 years with little to no problems and sent 5 phones that didn’t work. I didn’t want to change my number, but I had to. They also lied about refunding the $40 that was in my account. I called one day and was told that the loan was issued on November 17th, a week later I called and it was issued on the 18th. You do not want to work with this company

While I think this company will be better off after Pandemic and the Sprint merger. The Department of Enforcement refuses to speak directly to customers after FCC complaints. It really stinks for companies to charge exorbitant fees for a program that the federal government already pays for, a program that’s supposed to help people stay connected and get free phone service. Times have changed. Used to be a good company.

Allow your Lifeline service to expire and reapply and you will get a new phone and a new phone # (non-transferable). But the volt phone battery was terrible! Picked up a used unlocked Samsung A11 and switched to TELLO for unlimited talk and text for $10/month with optional cellular data. Waited an hour for Assurance Wireless to get a response because the staff either didn’t know anything or gave incorrect information.

Assurance Free Cell Phone Application

I recently bought a used 2020 Galaxy a11 with unlimited talk and online text checker on T-Mobile’s Tello for $10 a month – IMEI matches. Assurance Wireless says no match after waiting 40 minutes on T-Mobile GSM! Be sure to check Assurance Wireless for non-transparent. If the government is paying them for the time they spend on the phone for customer service, they should be held accountable

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“We need to file a class action lawsuit against Tmobile on behalf of the countless customers who have been defrauded.”

We need a law firm to represent all those who have been emotionally abused by wireless network and cell phone security practices. They continue to do what they paid ******* million in fines for. I want to sue them for emotional distress. service was lost and the 2021 settlement with the fcc was ignored. They must take responsibility.

They have a factory loaded schok phone, written by on fire tablet, 4th gen wifi works good battery, these phones have bad shocks and stop working after 2 months. Buy another shock for 60, they are defective and should not be on the market. They do not support the manufacturer’s warranty against defects and I would like to know how many have been returned and refunded as they are clearly defective.

The phones they were using before should be upgraded. The last one I got cuts out every 15 seconds, can’t hear anything, no hums, they say they’ll send a new one because it’s under warranty, but they never do, it’s happened a few times. Many times, and every agent tells me different things, different shipping fees, you don’t understand it sometimes with a lot of importance.

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Bait and switch tactics. Bad phone, bad service. All foreigners with fake American names. Joy, Ed and Mary, but all Asian

Mobile phone. A small number of scrap wires are of such poor quality that manufacturers no longer manufacture them or no longer offer warranties.

My mother is disabled and has been out of work for about a month. Six different agents were interviewed and six had different reasons for not providing service. They said they would send a new phone. The idiots sent the phone to the wrong address. It is now the fourth week and he has no service. Trying to use the internet is a nightmare. It is slow and always freezes. The phone call was interrupted. Message not sent, please try again. This company is part of it.

Assurance Free Cell Phone Application

Worst customer service ever. They won’t help you hang up, and if you want to talk to a supervisor, they’ll blow you off and put you on hold. I have an unlocked phone that fits any phone and they won’t let me use it. I would be happy if it wasn’t for the customer service, but this company is run by Asians who barely speak English.

How To Transfer Lifeline Service To Assurance Wireless

Worst customer service ever. The phone call is going to the Philippines, they are talking so fast, I can’t understand what they are saying. Each responding agent gives a different answer. When I tried to get a leader, I was stopped and never came back. It’s funny when you call voicemail and someone says they’ll be with you in 30 seconds, ? Ha ha ha ha ha more than 30 minutes. I will cancel my contract and sign with another company. T-mobile is providing poor service to poor customers.

Assurance wireless is doing a terrible job of providing phone service to this segment of the population. And they don’t care. They can make more profit because they serve the worst customers they contract with the Philippines and it doesn’t matter how they treat the customers.

I bought a phone from them

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