Assurance Fire Exit Lethal Company

Assurance Fire Exit Lethal Company – 220 – Guarantee is a month in the Lethal Company. It is the Trial Twin and is in the light category. Although it is more challenging than its counterpart, the risk level is “D”. The certificate has a fire exit that can be reached without an extension ladder. The small size of the outer map and the high scrap rate make Confirmation attractive not only to new recruits but also to more experienced ones, although Hold is in the light category.

The guarantee is the month of the desert. There are many high hills and big rocks. Like Trials and Defences, there are abandoned machines scattered across the map, indicating that some sort of industry existed this month at some point.

Assurance Fire Exit Lethal Company

Assurance Fire Exit Lethal Company

The exterior map is very small, and both the main entrance and the fire exit are very close to the ship. The fire exit is on the right side of the map relative to the ship. It can be reached by using the long ladder inside the stand in the center of the map. Just above, to the right is a set of pipes leading from the rock to the fire escape.

Location Of Offense Fire Exit In Lethal Company

Offensively, Assurance gets all weather except for fog. The abundance of dust and rock particles in the lower atmosphere is suspected to make it impossible for the air to become dense enough to form the dense fog that the rich months like March and the Oath are famous for.

In Confirmation, flooding starts below the average ground level, although many small battles can be seen alongside the ship in the morning when the ship descends slightly below the average ground level. The Flood continues to rise up to Y 2 , which is slightly less than the length of the work.

Authentication will create at least one external and one internal object when hidden. Despite the smaller outdoor map size, the increased prevalence of Earth Levathans and eyeless dogs make Eclipses a real challenge for Confirmation. Workers are advised not to stay this month during the monsoon season.

Snare Fleas and Hoarding Bugs are the most common pests in Assurance. While not the most dangerous of facilities, they can be a pain, especially for multiplayer, if not handled properly. Just like the Experiment, workers are advised to bring a shovel to kill any entities that get in the way.

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Earth leviathans are the biggest problem for Confirmation, as they can create a deadly combo with eyeless dogs if they both happen to spawn at the same time. Running away from worms can be a real challenge if you’re trying to hide from dogs. It is not advisable to visit this moon during a solar eclipse as the chances of fertility will increase.

Although more common than during the test, bees are also rare here. However, due to the small size of the map, it is easy to find them, but it may be worth paying attention to them.

In Confirmation, foreign bodies begin spawning around 3 p.m. After 20:00 PM, the chance of spawning increases significantly, with a short decrease around 10:00 PM. After that, the rate rises gradually before rising at 12:00 p.m. The chances of spawning entities during the day gradually decrease over time, and the highest recurring chances are at the beginning of the game. Crime is the month in Lethal Company and is of medium difficulty. It has one way out of the fire and is the only snowless month that does not support any insects. Without risk classification “B”, this is considered more difficult than testing with the same risk classification.

Assurance Fire Exit Lethal Company

Crime is the only month where fire escapes are not accessible without an extension ladder or a little parkour. It is possible to jump from the large pipe across the map at the dock to reach the fire exit. This allows workers to visit this month even during dangerous blackouts, while the risk of death is greatly reduced. Just be careful not to fall, as the sound of bones breaking will attract vicious dogs nearby.

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CONDITIONS: Considered a spin-off from its cousin Affirmation, Offense has similar choppy and dry conditions, but a different ecosystem.

HISTORY: The 21-Asteroid Offense is classified as a moon and does not appear to have existed alone for over a century. Industrial graphics here are damaged; It is believed that they were built long before the 21-Offense broke up.

FAUN: A competitive and dynamic ecosystem supports aggressive life forms. Those who travel to 21-Offense should know that it is not for the faint of heart.

Violation has a lot in common with Assurance. Both are similar in appearance and supporting climate. Crime features a large map with many machines. This may indicate that the business was successful this month. However, it is not certain what kind of business can provide for such a difficult situation.

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There is a line of pipes stretching across the map, with the help of which you can quickly reach the Moon’s fire exit. It is possible to jump into the pipes when the ship is in landing stage. Alternatively, the fire exit can be accessed via an extension ladder.

Crime, like Confirmation, supports all types of weather except fog. The abundance of dust and rock particles in the lower atmosphere is suspected to make it impossible for the air to become dense enough to form the thick fog that the rich months like March and the Oath are famous for.

Floods in Crime begin below the average ground level at about Y -4. It rises steadily to Y 5, about the height of two workers. The crew can avoid the water by jumping from the large pipe that crosses the map during the ship’s docking to reach the fire exit.

Assurance Fire Exit Lethal Company

The offense produces at least 4 outs and 4 ins when it’s over. While this is very dangerous, and while the Offense has a small number of spawns throughout the months that descend, if the crew uses the hose strategy to reach the fire exit, they can avoid the outdoor facilities entirely. An extension ladder allows items to be dropped as close to the ship as possible, reducing time spent on land.

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Thumpers and Bunker Spiders are the most common items within the Offense. It is recommended to bring a shovel if they are looking to attack as it is a great defense against any of them. It is worth noting that although their chances of spawning were not very high, in all months, reelheads spend here a lot.

The most common threats to Crime are eyeless dogs and chimp hawks. They may often fight while exploring the moon. While their animosity towards each other can be a good distraction for organizations to get employees to sneak past them, it can lead to dangerous situations if employees get caught in the crossfire.

The crime does not support any kind of insects, so honey bees cannot breed here. The atmosphere is believed to have killed beetles and insects this month. It is not certain how other organisms, such as eyeless dogs, are able to survive in such conditions.

In Crime, foreign bodies begin spawning around 3 p.m. After that, the chance of spawning increases significantly, up to 12 hours. The reproduction of diurnal waves gradually decreases over time after the initial wave-like curve. Oath is a month in Lethal Company. It belongs to the category of Bright Moons, and Trials and Confirmations. The Vow has one fire exit and two bridges, one of which can collapse under extreme pressure. Unlike the other two simple moons, Vow is not a dry desert, but a green forest. It has a “C” risk level, but it is more difficult than a “B” risk level experiment.

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The small amount of loot here compared to the danger presented by Vow makes it an unpleasant choice compared to other moons in the same category, Test and Confirmation, which have more or less dangerous loot.

HISTORY: The Vow seem to be inhabited by many colonies on their continents, but now there is no sign of life and they have become a mystery.

Vow’s landscape is a vast forest full of hills and trees. The area where the ship lands appears to be a high area surrounded by a deep canal.

Assurance Fire Exit Lethal Company

The central part is connected to the main entrance by two bridges. The bridge on the left is a solid concrete bridge that goes all the way down. At the bottom of this bridge is a fire exit. The bridge on the right is damaged. It makes cracking sounds when it does and collapses under great pressure.

Assurance Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

A fragile bridge has a strength, and when that strength reaches 0,

Exit assurance realty

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