Assurance Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number

Assurance Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number – Just received a call from the seller. Since he had the phone number, tracking number & copy + done, I guess my data was shared by the BMW dealership itself or the insurance company (sighhh!).

Anyway, Edel Assurance offers a 7th year warranty on my 530d for around Rs. 61,000 + VAT. Same for the 320d at around 41,000 + GST. The one year warranty is equivalent to what BMW charges for a one year coverage, but these guys offer a 7th year warranty! The car manufacturer has a warranty of up to six years and as we all know, the older the car, the higher the chance of component failure.

Assurance Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number

Assurance Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number

Apparently, Edel Assurantia is a 1.5 year old company backed by Sujit Nair (an Audi dealer) and Harjyot Manchanda (a famous car polisher). The sales guy immediately named all the major car factories (Auto Hangar, Navnit BMW, etc.) where his customer’s car went to.

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Http:// They only offer extended warranties for premium car brands – Audi, BMW, Jaguar-Land Rover & Mercedes. The Lexus was missing, but that was probably because they weren’t missing anything

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I wonder if they are allowed to use Edel Assurance as their company name. It gives an impression of the company EDELWEISS ECONOMICS.

When it comes to insurance (of any kind) or third-party warranty services, the deciding factor is TRUST. When it’s time to cry, do they wipe the bill or wash their hands for the cause? If you go there, you should be prepared to knock on your client’s courtroom door if they try to release their bail.

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They say they have 24/7 roadside assistance. To see how good their system is, call the number on a Sunday night at 9pm and see if anyone picks up the call.

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You can contact any of the service centers they mention and see if your request has actually been processed by Edel.

Assurance Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number

I would be suspicious of a company where the owner himself has 5-star Google reviews for his appearance. This is similar to starting with dreams, most likely starting with jogging. There’s something about this whole name that sounds like just another established company that makes me feel uneasy. I think you’d better keep 60,000 in your pocket.

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I called BMW to request an extended warranty and received a recall notice from Edel Assurance. It seems like the people inside BMW are passing the numbers on to their competitors. It is the best indication of the integrity of the Society.

On a related note, I recently received appointment service for my vehicle at a BMW dealership. The day my coach fell, I received this text;

Maybe I’m being completely pessimistic and skeptical, but the author’s websites and eighteen months of companionship have not instilled confidence in me.

Auto insurance, especially for luxury brands, requires high funding, where any claim can easily run into several tens of thousands, if not lakhs of Rupees . The acid test is how quickly it asserts itself and whether things still work after a few years.

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And having cell phone numbers stolen from current agents shows a lack of ethics and respect for privacy on both sides. I treat each contact as private and personal and do not sell, disclose or share with 3rd parties without explicit consent.

Bringing this topic up after seeing Edel’s Facebook post, I will steer clear and am satisfied with the 3 year warranty (2 standard and 1 year extended) offered by BMW themselves.

The extended warranty on my Mercedes GLC 220d expires next year and I was planning on extending the 7 year warranty from Edel.

Assurance Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number

I just checked Google reviews of Edel Assurance and they have a 4.9 rating. I couldn’t find a single negative review.

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I also got access to my Q3 today. They offer 76k per year as an extended warranty fee.

I’m confused and worried about two things, how can a third party warranty a product they don’t manufacture?

If they’re just there to cover the cost of parts, shouldn’t insurance be under a different banner?

Today I got a call from them about my Volvo – they seem to have the same details as my car. I’m waiting for their testimony, but I have the same thought in my mind – is this an extended warranty or some other insurance policy that covers regular breakdowns instead of accidents.

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When I tested it, the car was 7 years old, and I had never heard of anyone testing it. The Google reviews seem great but I don’t trust them.

They have just received their authorization – Rs. 1 lakh in 1 year! It was more than my annual service/repair bill for the 7 years I owned the car.

Can’t see how this kind of pricing works. And no more songs besides google reviews!

Assurance Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number

Last week I also received an extended warranty from Edel for my 4 year old E class. A two-member team (one salesperson and one technician) visited the home and performed an hour-long car diagnostic using a third-party (Bosch) diagnostic tool. They say they have large celebrity classes covered under the trust plan. They also stipulate that the vehicle will only be serviced by authorized factory companies and the program will be cashless.

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Looking at the inclusive services offered, I feel that if they honor the service then paying to cover any component failure over the up to 8 year life of the vehicle is worth it. This is obviously the highest cost compared to service and maintenance costs, and is also no substitute for comprehensive auto insurance, which covers one in case of damage and theft etc. When buying a product, the first thing to consider is the warranty. comes with it. A product warranty is a manufacturer’s assurance that a product will meet a certain level of quality and consistency. It gives customers confidence that if something goes wrong with the product, it can be fixed or repaired without having to spend extra money. The extent of product documentation cannot be underestimated as it gives consumers peace of mind and can also lend importance to purchasing decisions. In this section, we’ll explore the different reasons why product warranties are important and why you should consider them before making a purchase.

1. Protection against defects: One of the most obvious benefits of a product warranty is that it provides protection against product defects. If a defect is discovered during the warranty period, the manufacturer will usually repair or replace the product at no additional charge. This is especially important for expensive items, such as electronics, which can be expensive to repair or replace if something goes wrong.

2. Increase customer satisfaction: When manufacturers deliver, it shows they have confidence in their workmanship. This can increase customer satisfaction because they know they are purchasing a quality product. Additionally, if something goes wrong, the manufacturer will be there to help resolve the issue, which can further increase customer satisfaction.

3. Competitive advantage: providing product warranties can give a company a competitive advantage over its competitors. It is easier for customers to choose a product with a warranty than a supplement because it gives them security. This is especially true in industries with many similar products.

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4. Build trust with customers: Providing a good product can also help build trust with customers. By offering an advantage, the manufacturer is essentially saying that they stand behind their product and are willing to take any responsibility. This can help establish a strong relationship between the manufacturer and the customer, which can lead to repeat business.

5. Peace of mind: Perhaps the most important reason to pay attention to warranty products is because they provide peace of mind. Knowing that you are covered if something goes wrong with your purchase can make all the difference. For example, imagine you buy a new TV and break it a few days later. Without insurance, you’ll have to endure a broken TV and a hefty repair bill. But with a warranty, you can be sure that the item will be paid for without your consent.

Product warranties are an important aspect of any purchase.

Assurance Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number

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