Assurance Dentaire

Assurance Dentaire – What is dental insurance? Normal and compulsory health insurance covers part of your medical costs. This also includes dental costs. Unfortunately, your health insurance does not cover all the expensive treatments your teeth need. Implants or visits to an orthodontist as an adult, for example, involve significant costs.

Fortunately, you can also buy dental insurance. Almost all dental treatments are covered by such insurance. In this article, you’ll learn what dental insurance is, what insurance premiums you can expect, and what you should know when comparing dental insurance.

Assurance Dentaire

Assurance Dentaire

How does dental insurance work? Initially, your mutual health insurance will cover a portion of the dental costs. What remains after the health insurance is returned to the insurance company. The latter pays (the agreed percentage share) the rest of the invoice. If there is any amount left after that, you will of course have to pay these fees yourself.

Les Personnes âgées De 65 Ans Et Plus Pourront S’inscrire Graduellement, Selon Leur Tranche D’âge, Au Régime D’assurance Dentaire Fédéral.

Preventive dental treatment, preventive consultations and many common dental treatments are mostly covered by your health insurance. However, this is not always the case, for example, for orthodontic treatment.

What your dental insurance actually covers varies from one insurance company to another. In general, you can expect your insurance company to cover the following procedures:

In Belgium you must be a member of a health insurance. Health insurance is an obligation for every Belgian. Thus, appropriate medical care is available to all residents of this country.

Health insurance covers the care and maintenance of your teeth to a certain extent. However, not all dental operations are fully covered by health insurance. But dental costs can be very high. Therefore, it is interesting to take out additional dental insurance. This dental insurance covers various more expensive treatments.

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Many dentists are not conventionally insured. This means that the scales they use do not follow the conventions. Thus, they charge more than a regular dentist. Standard dental insurance covers all costs, but not the co-pay.

For expensive dental treatments (such as root canals or custom dentures), this co-pay can be large. With additional dental insurance, these costs are covered. This is why many people continue to purchase additional dental insurance.

How much does dental insurance cost per month? As an adult between the ages of 26 and 49, dental insurance will cost you around €15 per month. This is of course an indicative price. Here is an overview of premiums by insurance company:

Assurance Dentaire

*The additional MC contribution (€8.25) includes the dental service. The dental guarantee covers large costs, for example for orthodontics and dentures.

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The size of the insurance premium depends, among other things, on your age. The age you sign up at also plays a role in pricing with most insurance companies. So, on the one hand, the younger you are, the more advantageous the premium. On the other hand, the premium is lower when you are insured as a child than when you get dental insurance later in life.

Moreover, you can also choose different plans. In general, the higher the premium, the higher the coverage percentage.

Most insurance companies offer the option to simulate the premium amount online. This will give you a realistic idea of ​​the costs before you can enter into a contract.

The waiting period is a period, which can vary from 6 months to 1 year, that many insurance companies put in place to verify the truth of the medical information you have provided to your mutual insurance company. This allows them to avoid abuse and ensure that no serious issues are reported at the time of subscription.

Assurance Dentaire: Pourquoi Et Quand La Souscrire ?

While this is beneficial for mutual insurance companies, it can often be a disadvantage for subscribers, especially when dental care needs to be provided fairly quickly. During this practice period, you can still get reimbursed for basic care, such as preventive care or unexpected dental costs.

Some mutual insurance companies allow you to take out dental insurance without going through this transition period. This means that you can therefore be covered from the moment the contract is concluded.

When you take out dental insurance, you need to be aware of the services it covers. Orthodontic or implantological treatments, for example, may require reimbursement of an additional subscription.

Assurance Dentaire

So you want to get dental insurance. What should you be looking for? A few points to consider when comparing dental insurance.

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Treatment for many dental problems is not covered by your health insurance. To cover the costs of these expensive treatments, you buy dental insurance. But… What dental procedures are covered? Not all insurance companies (and insurance plans) cover the costs of the same procedures.

In addition to the procedures covered, the coverage percentage is also important. Very expensive interventions are far from always fully covered. The coverage percentage determines the percentage that is reimbursed and varies from one insurance company to another. In addition, for many insurance companies, the nature of the procedure also determines the coverage percentage.

Which insurance companies reimburse 100% of dental costs? Which costs are fully covered and which are only partially covered depends on your insurance scheme. A distinction is made between dental treatment after an accident, preventive dental treatment and curative dental treatment.

DKV insurance schemes, for example, cover 100% of the costs of preventive dental care and dental care after an accident. Curative dental treatment (such as x-rays) is covered at 70-80%, depending on your plan.

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The annual maximum amount, also called the annual cap, plays an important role. Insurance companies generally set a limit on the amount covered each year. This limit is often linked to a waiting period. For example, you can receive a maximum compensation of €1,500 in the first year and a maximum compensation of €2,000 in the second year and so on.

The waiting period, also called the waiting period, is the time that passes from the moment you take out the insurance until you have the right to intervention.

In addition, this waiting time may vary from one procedure to another. For common procedures such as tartar removal, the delay can be 6 months. 6 months after signing the insurance, this procedure will be covered. For less common procedures, such as orthodontic treatment, for example, the waiting period can be 12 months. After these 12 months, you are sure to be covered, even for more complex procedures.

Assurance Dentaire

Who can benefit from insurance? Does the insurance apply only to the insured or to family members? A separate agreement often applies to children up to a certain age.

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Is your insurance valid only in Belgium, throughout Europe or even worldwide? Depending on your needs, it may be relevant to know if the insurer also offers interventions abroad.

Finally, the difference in the premium you pay for dental insurance is also relevant. Is it a monthly, quarterly or annual amount? Generally, an annual premium is more beneficial than a monthly payment.

However, the amount of the premium is not the most important factor to consider. Choose your dental insurance based on your specific needs.

Who has the best dental insurance? The answer to this question is very personal. The most useful dental insurance for you depends entirely on your individual needs.

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Assurance Dentaire

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