Assurance Associate Ey Job Description

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Assurance Associate Ey Job Description

Assurance Associate Ey Job Description

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Assurance Associate Ey Job Description

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Ey: 2023 Assurance Audit Staff

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Find new resume ideas by editing this EY Junior Assurance Associate resume sample. This resume helped Ernst & Young GDS hire the right person. This person has given us permission to share their resume with you. Copy and write this free resume example or edit it easily in our proven and tested resume builder.

This resume sample was helped by a real person who got hired. Create your resume now or edit this resume example.

Contribute to the development of a professionally managed organization with professional insight and a learning environment that offers opportunities for responsibility, challenges, satisfaction and personal growth.

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AI Resume Writer can create a perfect draft of your resume in seconds. Enter your job title and let artificial intelligence help you get started. Writing a good audit associate resume is important because it’s the first thing a potential employer looks at when considering a position. This is your chance to make a good impression and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

If you’re looking for inspiration when creating your own audit associate resume, look no further than the samples below. This resume will help you showcase your experience and qualifications in the most effective way, giving you the best chance of landing an audit associate role.

An effective audit associate resume is an important tool for demonstrating audit experience, relevant experience and professional qualifications. It serves as a short professional profile for employers to assess your suitability for an audit associate position. A well-designed resume should demonstrate your expertise in reviewing financial statements, regulatory compliance, and contributing to the audit process.

Assurance Associate Ey Job Description

In this guide, we’ll break down the anatomy of an audit associate resume, examine the importance of each section and what to include. Additionally, we will provide information on how to distinguish each segment.

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The contact information section is the gateway for potential employers to connect with you. The accuracy and currency of this information is paramount.

Include your full name, current address, reliable phone number, and professional email address. Professionalism extends to your email; Ideally, it should include your last name. Do not use unofficial or fictitious email addresses.

Professional networking profiles, such as LinkedIn, should be included if they provide additional information about your professional background and network.

Avoid personal details unrelated to the job application, such as marital status, age or religious affiliation, to avoid potential bias in the hiring process.

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An objective statement outlines your career goals and how they align with the potential employer’s needs. Tailor this section to your specific audit associate role to understand your position and your value proposition.

Briefly describe your relevant skills, experience and aspirations. Your statement should reflect your professional ambitions and show that you are a good fit for the team.

“Detailed financial professional seeking an audit associate role at XYZ Company to utilize my five years of audit experience, thorough knowledge of accounting principles, financial reporting integrity and strong analytical skills in compliance with regulatory standards.”

Assurance Associate Ey Job Description

The Skills and Abilities section is a showcase of your abilities that match the audit associate role. It should include technical and soft skills relevant to the post.

Technology Careers At Ey

Provide specific examples of how you have used these skills in a professional setting to clearly demonstrate your abilities to employers.

The work experience section describes your professional history, emphasizing the roles and responsibilities relevant to the audit associate position. List your experience in reverse chronological order, detailing your title, tenure, primary responsibilities, and accomplishments.

Focus on experiences that demonstrate expertise in financial document review, compliance, reporting and process improvement. Demonstrate any experience with audit programs or risk assessment.

Measure the success rate to make it more successful. For example, “Performed comprehensive financial audits for over 50 clients annually.”

Associate, Assurance Resume Samples

The goal is to provide an accurate description of your qualifications as they relate to the audit associate role.

The Education and Certifications section lists your education and professional certifications relevant to the audit associate role. Keep this section short and easy to scan.

Education: List the institution, dates attended, and degrees, starting with the highest level of education. For example:

Assurance Associate Ey Job Description

While academic credentials are important, real-world experience is invaluable, so include practical experiences that complement your education.

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The Professional Achievements section is your opportunity to highlight significant accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to add value as an audit associate.

Detailed achievements demonstrating your audit experience, such as successful audits, identifying financial anomalies, or improving financial systems.

Measure your success to provide concrete evidence of your impact. For example, “Identified and corrected a $500k discrepancy in the company’s financial statements.”

Professional achievements on your resume not only prove your skills, but also demonstrate your commitment to quality in the audit field.

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The reference section lists individuals who can attest to your professional abilities and work ethic. Include references only when requested by a job posting.

Select references who have directly observed your work, such as previous supervisors or academic advisors, and make sure they are willing to provide positive support for the role you are applying for.

Maintain a good relationship with your references, keep them updated on their career development, and thank them for their support. I am delighted to apply for the post of Trustee Associate. Please accept this letter and resume of my interest in the position.

Assurance Associate Ey Job Description

Previously, I was responsible for delivering and maintaining audit quality by ensuring compliance with internal audit policies and procedures and professional standards.

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Association responsible for leading and training IT audit professionals and corporate internal audit team members.

Engage with functional/regional risk team peers and ensure best practices ensure timely completion and submission of control deliverables such as RCC submission, risk review inventory, environmental control certification, and assurance testing.

Ensure the business continuity plan is fit for purpose and test the plan to assess recovery opportunities in the team, identify policy gaps in processes and support line managers to mitigate risks and write risk logs in accordance with group policies/guidelines.

Evaluates the effectiveness of existing SOX controls/RACA controls, through assurance tests, reports ratings and results to appropriate executives and ORM, monitors closure risk and long-term support.

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