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Assurance Associate Blossom Possible – Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management (SuMi TRUST), one of Japan’s largest asset managers with assets under management (AUM) of US$623 billion*, has appointed Roian Doi to its board of directors as an independent non-executive director. Following Ms. Doi’s appointment, independent directors will constitute half of SuMi TRUST’s board of directors.

Ms. Doi is a US citizen with extensive legal and global business experience in the United States and Japan. She is well versed in international compliance, corporate ethics and corporate governance for global and Japanese financial institutions. In addition to serving as Chief International Insurance Compliance Officer and Head of Corporate Ethics at Prudential Financial Inc., she served as Senior Regional Advisor in the Asia-Pacific region for State Street Investor Services and served as CIGNA’s Legal/Government Affairs Representative. Ms. Doi is currently the Chairman of the Nomination Committee of Accident and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. and external director of Gojo & Company.

Assurance Associate Blossom Possible

Assurance Associate Blossom Possible

Ms. Doi’s appointment is part of SuMi TRUST’s efforts to improve corporate governance. Her addition will further diversify the Board and help broaden our perspectives.

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David Semaya, Executive Chairman and Representative Director, said: “We are delighted to welcome Royann to the Board of Directors. Her extensive experience in the global financial industry and expertise in global compliance and ethics will help us fulfill our mission of continuing leadership in corporate governance, governance and inclusive leadership. We believe that increasing the diversity of our board is an important part of our commitment to ensure that we are a welcoming and inclusive place to work.”

Ms. Doi is also active in many areas outside of the business world. Most recently, she served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the American-Japan Council (Japan) and was specially appointed Adjunct Professor at the Hitotsubashi University School of Business.

Ms. Doy is a member of the California Bar (active) and the Hawaii Bar (inactive). Has a bachelor’s degree. in philosophy (with honors and a member of Phi Beta Kappa) from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and a J.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law. She lives in Tokyo, her native English and business Japanese.

SuMi TRUST is one of the largest asset managers in Japan and Asia with assets under management of over US$623 billion*. As a responsible institutional investor whose corporate vision is to “seize today’s opportunities and ensure sustainable prosperity tomorrow”, SuMi TRUST is committed to constructive dialogue with its portfolio companies and international stakeholders, promoting ESG efforts. Organizations collaborate to address ESG issues in different industries from a global perspective. By introducing new forms of asset management that meet the times, contributing to the prosperity and sustainable development of society, we will strive to maximize medium and long-term returns on our clients’ investments. Delaware Flower Market Art Print, Peach Blossom Flower Wall Art, Floral Artwork Decor For Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Natural Pastel Color Poster (11×14 Inches (unframed)): Posters & Prints

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Assurance Associate Blossom Possible

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