American Life Assurance Company Of Columbus

American Life Assurance Company Of Columbus – The Aflac logo symbolizes the family and the key to material and financial prosperity. It is unique in conveying this idea because the company represented by the emblem specializes in family insurance. The friendly, welcoming and open sign promotes trust and confidence in the future, as it has unique features that bring hope.

Aflac is an organization founded in 1955. It provides a wide range of affordable insurance policies, protecting more than 50 million people. Its agencies and branches operate around the world, offering financial support to people in difficult situations, with its headquarters located in Columbus, Georgia. The full name of the service is American Family Life Insurance Company. The founders are the brothers John, Paul and Bill Amos.

American Life Assurance Company Of Columbus

American Life Assurance Company Of Columbus

The American Family Insurance Company of Columbus, as its founders named it, was the start of this great American insurer. In 1964, the company was renamed Columbus American Family Life Insurance Company. As a result of shortening the too long name as Aflac, which was officially approved only in 1990. The emblem uses the abbreviated version.

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The visual identity of the insurance company only reflects its main business, as the graphic symbol cannot cover all directions. Therefore, at different times, the designers proposed different versions of the logo, aligning with the principles of simplicity, clarity and good visibility. They have changed in important stages of the insurer’s development to demonstrate to customers reliability and commitment to progress in the protection of the population.

What is Aflac? Aflac is a large insurance organization from the United States with many international agencies. The full name is American Family Life Assurance Company. It was founded by the three Amos brothers (John, Paul, Bill) in 1955 and since then it has been involved in issuing insurance policies in different directions. 1955 – 1964

As a growing insurer, the company focused on providing services, so the logo took a back seat. In addition, during this period, the company adopted two different names in a row, each of them very long and, therefore, difficult to fit into the framework of the visual identity.

The main feature of the Aflac logo is people. They are represented in the middle of a vertical oval, like a medallion. The drawing is an outline, black and white, done in a realistic style. It represents the main unit of any society – a strong and happy family. Her well-being is shown through her expensive clothes; happy smile on their face, touching confident and good looks. The surrounding objects are made as backgrounds, so they are blurred and do not have a clear structure. This reaffirms that the main focus for the insurance company is family values.

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The central area is surrounded by a wide dark band with bright letters. To the right and left, it is divided by stars, which are in two parts: the phrase “American Family Life” is in the upper part, and “Assurance Company” is in the lower part. Although the fonts are different, both are sans-serif. The first half of the name uses wide, rounded letters, while the second half uses classic block letters. The most original is the “A” and “E” with unusual bars.

After shortening the name to an abbreviation, a logo appeared with a two-level inscription: “Aflac” was in one line, and “Incorporated” was in the other. The word in the top row is set in large type with large glyphs. They are semi-bold, decorative, italic, and have strong serifs. The second inscription, on the other hand, is thin. However, it matches the style of the one below and is separated by two lines.

The image of the family is now improvised: it looks like four blue figures without any details. The people in the center are taller than those on the right and left, suggesting that they are parents with children. The designers moved it from the center to the left side of the emblem, placing it directly above the capital letter “A”. For better contrast, they colored the inscription black.

American Life Assurance Company Of Columbus

The duck is the iconic mascot of the insurance company Aflac. It appeared in 1999 when Kaplan Thaler Group designed it for marketing purposes. However, it did not become part of the logo until much later, taking a prominent place in the foreground. In advertising, the duck looks friendly, attracts the attention of potential customers, and thus replaced the cheap figures of four that perfectly represent a family. Smile too – share confidence in tomorrow, radiating happiness and joy. In addition, this domestic bird embodies flexibility, success and resourcefulness. It is located in the middle, partially covering the lower case “l”.

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For its logos, the insurer chose fonts with clear and easily readable letters. For better visual contact, they are colored in contrasting colors, have thin shapes, or are highlighted in italics. In the version with the duck, the unusual font includes an “A” with a shortened diagonal and a diagonal cut. The fonts used are mainly similar to Garamont Amst SB Italic and one of the variations of the Today family. The glyphs are sharp, smooth, and sometimes round.

The color palette of the Aflac emblem is commercial and practical, intended to enhance the perception of the visual identity. The designers chose contrasting colors, classically combined with each other: black letters appear on a white background and vice versa. Later, blue (inscription), white (duck and background), and yellow-orange (beak) were added. This addition is about improving the perception of the insurance company, how it should convey happiness, well-being, reliability, carelessness and joy to customers through its identity. Help us improve it by removing promotional accounts and inappropriate external links, and adding the encyclopedia account from a neutral point of view. (April 2023) (Learn how and to whom to delete this template message)

American Family Insurance, also abbreviated as AmFam, is an American private mutual company that focuses on property, casualty and auto insurance, and offers business, life, health and homeowners insurance, as well as investment and retirement planning products. It is a Fortune 500 company and its revenue was over $9.5 billion in 2017.

Insurance salesman Herman Wittwer opened the doors of Farmers Mutual Insurance Company (not to be confused with the Farmers Insurance Group) in Madison, Wisconsin. At the time, the company’s only product was car insurance and its target market was farmers. Wittwer believed that farmers took lower risks than city drivers because they drove less often and not at all in the winter.

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Over the years, Farmers Mutual has expanded its market and product line to meet the changing needs of its customers. In 1963, Farmers Mutual changed its name to American Family Mutual Insurance Company to reflect its broader customer base.

The settlement was negotiated by the United States Department of Justice and was the first use of the federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 to combat discrimination in insurance; at the time it was the company’s most expensive insurance company in terms of discrimination charges.

In 2017, AmFam launched an ongoing campaign called DreamFearlessly. An AmFam ambassador is using this as a hashtag on social media to help promote this campaign. The campaign encourages consumers to express how to “dream without fear” through initiatives, e.g. social justice, putting women in technology, Economics Empowermt. Kathy Ireland and her team were brought in early to help with the ambassador’s work.

American Life Assurance Company Of Columbus

Blake Van Leer, a close supporter of the Wom Society of Engineers, has helped manage this campaign since its launch.

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American Family’s insurance products include: life, universal and whole life insurance; personal and commercial auto insurance, personal insurance, home insurance; Motorcycle, boat, motorhome, snowmobile and auto insurance; primary business liability policy, and commercial policy package insurance; farm and ranch liability insurance; travel, trip cancellation and global medical insurance

The company also offers a reward system to its policyholders called “Dreamkeep Rewards”, which provides small to large rewards for completing various online activities.

American Family Insurance Group is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and as of 2011 had 4 regional corporate headquarters in Minnetonka/Ed Prairie, Minnesota; St. Joseph, Missouri; Dover, Colorado; and Columbus, Ohio among others.

In 2010, the National Safety Council selected American Family Insurance as the recipient of its Hot Driver Safety Leadership Award. Through its “Safe Driving Program”, the company has provided a video feedback program (using the DriveCam system) where parts of the driving actions of their tes can be seen. Scientists at the University of Iowa validated the program to produce a 70% reduction in dangerous driving behavior.

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In 2015, American Family was recognized as the most fridly LGBT insurance company by Out Magazine because of its discounts aimed at same-sex couples.

On March 4, 2003, American Family Insurance announced a $10 million gift that began the campaign to create American Family Children’s Hospital.

At the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. Since that initial gift, the amount has grown by millions more through donations from employees, residents and additional businesses. The hospital opened for business in September 2007.

American Life Assurance Company Of Columbus

In April 2020, the company estimates that the repayments represent $ 225 million in liquidity, adding to the $ 200 million gain on personal insurance holder premiums. American Family Insurance provides an additional 10% COVID-19 pandemic mitigation premium on auto policies. The National Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies, commonly abbreviated to

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